Wednesday, October 26, 2016


Every time we went out, after a couple of drinks my husband would say, “Do you think he is hung?”
This question evolved from a game we always played.  Looking around the room I would say to him, “Ok, pick one woman for you to fuck.  You have to pick one!”  This happened in all sorts of places, waiting in the dentist’s office, in the DMV line, even in the emergency room.  He always picked his type, a curvy woman with experience, like me.  I always picked a guy whom would turn him on the most. I knew my man. I picked a burly manly man.  He would perk up and we would start talking about how much cum I would be covered with, which holes he would fuck and in what order and whether or not the guy would invite his friends along.  My husband loved to hear about me being a slut for cock. 

One day he brought home a big thick dildo and soon after every time we had sex that dildo, affectionately known as Frank, became our second guy.  I was spit-roasted by Frank and double penetrated by Frank.  I learned to beg for Frank and gag on Frank.  I even squirted all over Frank.  I have to be honest though, I loved these games. It wasn’t just for my husband that I played along.  I needed Frank to be part of our fucking, he made everything hotter for me. Plus big ole thick Frank hit me inside just where I needed to be hit, and over and over and he never softened.  As the garage door would close and my husband would drive off to work I was opening my nightstand drawer and pulling out Frank.  This became a daily ritual and as I would fuck myself hard I began thinking about how good a thick, hot, pulsating real cock would feel.  Truth is, I was the slut for cock my husband fantasized about. 

My dreams started to come true the day I set up a profile on a “strictly hook ups” dating site.  It turned out that there were plenty of manly men would wanted to give a curvy mature woman the cock she needed.  The challenge was to find one that reminded me of Frank.  The good thing was these guys were not shy and my inbox was quickly filled with photos and video clips of guys dicks. One day I received the email that I needed.  This guy was an ex-jock who coached part time.  He was a competitive power lifter.  He had a big beard and his powerful arms were covered with colorful tattoos.  But most importantly he sent a video of his decorated arm slowly stroking a heavy, lengthy thickly veined cock with fat hairless balls.  That cock became my obsession.  I ran late to work every day because I found it hard to stop watching that video and masturbating. I soon started returning the favor and sending the guy videos of myself, legs spread and pounding my pussy with my replica.  Then we started skyping together. He was in his pickup truck, parked and stroking while watching me suck and fuck his doppelganger.  I was so inflamed by the thought of his cock that I started becoming careless, before the garage door even closed I was making the skype call.  I was fingering myself on cam in my car during my lunch breaks, I even called in sick work on multiple occasions because making myself come four, five and sometimes as much as eight times in a day takes time. 

One day everything changed though.  I was in the throes of my first orgasm, loudly crying out while staring intently at my laptop screen at my hot tattooed muscleman shoot a thick wad of creamy cum when, unnoticed by me, my husband had come back home and hearing the sounds of my passion, snuck into the bedroom to investigate.  He had listened and watched from the hallway for long enough to realize I was on cam with someone.  When I finally noticed him standing in the doorway, his cock was out and he was stroking.  He put his finger to his lips and make a silent shhhhh then pointed to the screen as he crept closer to the bed and positioned himself off camera but where he could see the screen. When he saw what I was looking at he made a choked groaning noise, part pain and part ball tightening excitement. Both the men’s hands never stopped rubbing their shafts.  I rolled over and put my ass in the air and reached between my legs and started shoving the rubber cock in and out of my dipping hole.  My clit was throbbing as I glanced between the two hard dicks.  A second orgasm washed over me as my husband’s hot jizz splashed across my calves.  The cam session lasted for another hour, I came harder than I ever remembered cumming and my husband hot a second load halfway across the room staring at that big dick and imagining me taking it in every hole. 
I shut the laptop and looked at my spent husband.  He sat on the bed and took a deep breath. 

Finally he looked at me and said “You have to invite him over”.  I nodded. 
“What’s his name?” he continued. I replied “Frank”.

xo mia
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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


As many of you have noticed I am back on Niteflirt and in full force. In May I started regularly taking calls again.  I quickly learned that many of you have missed me over the last couple of years and am really enjoying connecting again and rediscovering your kinks.  Thank you to all of you who have already called and we've had a chance to catch up.  Thank you to Rob, Tom, Michael, Stu, Brian and those of you who have already re-made me your habit.  Please remember, it's not fair of you to keep me to yourselves, leave me feedback so that others can hear about the great experiences we have shared.

If you are discovering me for the first time let me introduce myself.  I am Mia and I am a sexual adventurer. I am not easy to define. I have had many sexual experiences that range the gamut from D/s, to Femme Domme to tender seduction, Cuckolding, forced bi and exhibitionism, from teaching scenarios to being taught a lesson, from threesomes to groups, to punishment, DD/lg and spanking.  I can take control or be helpless. I truly am a switch. My body and mind intuitively responds to the sexual energy of the scene.  It's this intense sexual energy that keeps me coming back.  It is easier to describe what I am not, I am not a pain-slut but I do enjoy degradation, intensity and rough play, I am not mean and I am not exactly cruel.  I do like to tease and I enjoy some cbt and I like to push lovers to their extreme limits but it is done with the deep down utmost respect for you and your sexual self.

I am always open to messages and comments.  You can leave me comments here at Sexual Anarchism or through Niteflirt or you can send me an email if you want to know more about how to share a phone fantasy with me.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2016


He is pathetic, Jane told her friend. I can’t stand being around him.  Yes, I hate him for cheating on me but I swear it’s even worse now that he is sorry about it, he acts so miserable and pathetic.  I don’t know what happened to the man I married.  This apologetic Michael is even worse than the cheating Michael. 

Jane’s friend Missy listened while they sipped glasses of white wine.  Jane described the deteriorating state of her marriage.  Finally Jane paused and asked “What do I do?  This is the father of my kids, I can’t just dump him.  I mean, I believe the guy I feel in love with is somewhere inside this piece of shit.” Missy set down her wine glass and looked into Jane's face with understanding.  After many minutes and a deep sigh she said “He needs to be punished”.

A second bottle of wine was consumed as the women hatched a plan.  After a few google searches and a half dozen online purchases (that were covertly shipped to Missy’s home address) the women were ready. 

Michael felt like shit. He fucked up big time. He was seduced by the thrill and the shallow ego stroke of an affair.  It was the worst mistake of his life.  He regretted it immediately, almost the minute after ejaculating on the woman’s face.  He thought, Jane won’t let me do that then abruptly… JANE?!? What have I done?!  He was riddled with guilt.  He figured he would just pretend it didn’t happen but he couldn’t stop thinking about his own stupidity.  He broke his sacred vow, he was a liar and a cheat and had became the type of guy he hated most, a hypocrite.  By the third day after his indiscretion he was sick with guilt. He hadn’t eaten or slept, and at night he tossed and turned next to his wife in their marital bed. Every time he closed his eyes the movie reel of his affair played in his head.  He had rationalized the foreplay, the flirting and teasing as harmless and without merit but then why was he deleting his ipad’s history constantly?  He never liked going to parties at Samuel’s house but he knew she would be there and he accepted the invitation, also knowing it was a weekend when Jane was at her mother’s house.  Then on the day of the party, while he showered, he shaved his balls, put on cologne and primped in front of the mirror.  He rarely drank but in preparation for the party he had poured himself a scotch.  A Scotch?! He never drank brown liquors.  But looking back he knew, he was summoning up liquid courage, he wanted to taste the forbidden fruit.  Before leaving for the party he was rock hard. He had to jerk off to relieve his nerves and while wanking like a zoo monkey he imagined the seductive vixen on her knees sucking him off, exactly like the way she had described in one her many texts. Harmless my ass, he thought.  I am a fucking idiot!


The day came, Jane headed over to Missy’s house early.  They worked on a basic script, they role played the scenarios, they unpacked their purchases and played with each of them to make sure they knew exactly how each worked. They had everything planned and both women plopped down on the couch.  “Are you sure about this?”  Missy asked Jane.  “Ab-soooo-lutely!” Jane replied, drawing out the syllables. “I am so sick of his shit, and honestly if this doesn’t fix things, nothing will!”  Jane smiled at Missy, “Seriously thank you, I mean it, fuck marriage counseling, and therapists, and priests who think they know it all!” 

Missy walked over to the bar cart and picked up a bottle of Fireball “I’ll drink to that!” then both women took a chug directly from the bottle. “See you at nine.”

Jane said she wanted to go out that night.  Michael felt like she had been avoiding him for weeks so he was quite surprised and excited about Jane’s request for a night out.  He leaned toward her to give her a hug and she twisted away from him. Michael slumped his shoulders and spewed at Jane as she wandered down the hallway, “Ok fine, we can go out but I don’t know why you are asking me, you don’t want anything to do with me, you hate me!”  Jane rolled her eyes and headed to the shower, before disappearing through the doorway she called back “I definitely want to do something to you…”

Michael clinched jaw and sighed loudly throughout the car ride.  Jane drove, annoyed by his pitiful gestures.  As she pulled into Missy’s long driveway she detachedly commented “Missy’s invited us.”  Michael cocked his brow and frowned before asking “For dinner…?”  Jane didn’t answer him but instead jumped out of the car and started walking up to the house.  Michael lingered in the driveway  and when he finally entered and found the two women sitting together casually waiting for him.  Michael stood between the entry and the living room bewildered.  He noticed that Missy was wearing more makeup then usual and her hair was long and loose down her back. He also noticed that she was wearing an exceptionally sexy and tight red dress with very high heeled shiny black shoes.  Then he saw that his wife was wearing a similar dress but in emerald green and her shoes were also sexy.  Earlier Michael was too busy sulking and dawdling to have noticed how his wife had dressed.  Both the woman sat side by side on the couch.  Jane patted the area between them.  Michael’s stopped thinking with his brain, finally, she wants to have a threesome! His dick came to immediate attention.

Michael sat on the couch and put his hand on his wife’s thigh and glanced between the two women. His face was hungry with lust.  Jane took his hand in hers and started to pet his arm, Michael smiled lovingly at her and then Missy reached for his other hand which was sitting idly on his lap.  Both women glanced at each other and grinned.  Michael’s pants tightened in anticipation.  Out of nowhere Jane was holding handcuffs and a second later Michael’s wrists were locked up tight.  Before he was even able to formulate the question Missy was on the floor pulling a rope out from under the couch and wrapping it around his ankles.  Michael was not quite able to fathom this situation, he glanced down at his feet and at his hands then at his wife, as she sat on the edge of the cushion watching her friend.  Jane had  a hopeful and blissful smirk on her face.  Michael thought to himself, she is glowing, she looks so beautiful.  Missy finished securing his legs and both woman rose and stood, looking at Michael with their hands on their hips.  Michael squirmed slightly, his jeans were now pinching his substantial erection. The women rolled their eyes and exchanged knowing glances, they had spotted Michaels bulge and growing wet spot. 

“What is this all about?”  Michael broke the silence.
“It’s about you being my husband, about you being the father of my children, AND  it’s about you being a liar and a cheater, and it’s about you being ashamed and pathetic and perpetually sorry.  I can’t live like this with you groveling and simpering all the time. I didn’t marry a sycophant! So, Missy and I are going to try something different with you… “

At the mention of his cheating, Michael bowed his head.  When Jane finished he looked up at her with pleading eyes.  “I don’t understand Jane, but I am so sorry and I will do anything you say.  I am a pig and you deserve better. I regret it every minute of every…”

“Shut UP!” Jane screamed. “I am so fucking sick of hearing this shit from you. Your constant apologies are not making me feel better! I want to feel better!  Missy helped me see just what I need. I need to punish you, hurt you, humiliate you, debase you, betray you… I want you to feel what I felt … what I FEEL!” 

The room was suddenly silent.  Jane she stomped out of the room fuming.  Missy and Michael could hear her open a cabinet and start filling a glass. 

“Look Michael” Missy spoke in a soft and soothing voice. “Jane deserve better, you didn’t ask her permission when you choose to lie and cheat. So tonight, we aren’t asking for your permission either.” Missy lowered her voice to a whisper and leaned into Michael’s ear “You have to pay.” With that Missy gagged Michael with a scarf. 

Jane reentered, with brown liquid and ice cubes clinking in her glass.  She sipped and watched as Missy cut away her husband’s clothing.  His wide eyes darted from his wife’s face to Missy kneeling beside him as she worked at removing his pants.  Each time she sawed the scissors on the thick denim fabric her breasts jiggled beneath the front of her tight dress.  Jane grabbed Michael’s jaw and twisted his face toward hers, “You’re like a fucking dog, you think with your fucking dick!  What the hell is the matter with you, I am RIGHT HERE and you’re looking at Missy’s tits while your cock leaks!” Michael looked down, partially out of deference but also to see what his betraying dick had done.  Sure enough, he saw a puddle of ooze that had dribbled onto his thigh. Suddenly his head was jerked back and Jane was behind him with something around his throat. It was cold and metal and grew increasingly tight until he coughed a choke.  Missy spoke “Jane, I believe we have his attention now.”

Missy held the metal choke collar tight, Michael soon realized as long as he didn’t fight it, he had enough space to breathe.  Jane moved around the room, Michael could only catch glimpses of her, out of his periphery.  Missy looked down into Michael’s troubled face then she glanced down at his crotch “The fucking pig still has a hard-on!” Missy laughed deviously “But not for long!”

Jane ordered Michael to roll over with his knees on the hardwood floor and his chest on the surface of the couch cushion.  He watched as both women put on black medical gloves.  Jane ordered him to put his cuffed wrists between his legs underneath him.  He heard the women whispering.  He couldn’t help it, being at their mercy was hot, and his dick was pinched underneath him but continued to leak. He tried to shift his hips ease the pinch.  Missy noticed and asked him if he was humping her couch and both woman laughed.  Michael whimpered.  Missy said she would help him out with that and reach between his legs from behind and gripped his dick and balls and started tugging them back between his legs. His whimpering turned to whining.  “Told ya.”  Jane said.  Missy tightened her grip on his balls.  Missy grabbed something from the cardboard box and showed it to Michael.  Fear widened his eyes. It was a cock and ball harness.

Michael was unsure about how much time had passed but his ass was burning hot.  The women had been taking turns spanking him.  His cock and balls were in the pinching harness and attached to the wrist cuffs which were attached to the rope around his ankles.  Trussed up was the phrase Michael kept thinking. He was miserable. Missy taught Jane about how to rub the skin first then to give gentle spanks then how to build the intensity. She taught her to vary the sensation by giving  then light caresses followed by hard spanks.  She also showed her how the reaction received varied depending on whether the blow landed on the cheek flesh or the thigh flesh.  And how to use not just her bare hand but the crop and the paddle.  Jane was happier then she had been in weeks, maybe years. She was enjoying herself.  Michael wasn’t whining much anymore.  Missy and Jane decided that Michael was handling his punishment just fine and they could proceed…

When the women returned their dresses were gone, but they still wore their bras and panties.  Around their hips were leather harnesses and from the front of each hardness dangled a dildo.  Michael began whining again and thought… Please no… Jane's smile told him definitely yes.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


     One day as she was leaving, after having spent the whole party making flirty gestures toward me, I asked her outright, “are you into women?”  She giggled, a giggle I would get to know well, and said, “no, oh no, I can’t.”  I didn’t know what that meant exactly but being cryptic was one of her specialties.  I learned later that it wasn’t that she was being purposefully cryptic, rather, she was cryptic because she really didn’t know, was truly unsure and often questioned herself. And she changed her mind often.  Later I would refer to her as The Rollercoaster. 
     An entire year later at another one of my parties her husband had enough partying and left her at my house.  There were a bunch of people crashing after a night of live music and a lot of drinking.  She looked at me and said she needed a “nappie”.  It was 2:45 am.  I was spread out on my couch watching the band load up their equipment.  She curled up on the couch with me, her head against my chest. I gently petted her hair and she slept.  When I was ready to crash I untwined myself from her and snuck up to my room.  After all, she told me that she wasn’t into women, that she “can’t”.
     I knew her husband for about a year before I met her.  He and I were buds.  We joked sarcastically and I admired him.  He was a toweringly tall well respected musician and I secretly always thought he would be a great fuck. But alas he was exceedingly happily married, something I respected.  I noticed on her Facebook page one of their frequent check-ins was at a lesbian bar near their house.  That made me wonder. Maybe she just didn’t like me. 
     We agreed to meet at a Mexican restaurant known for its amazing tequila selection and lethal margaritas. He was alone and well ahead of me.  I attempted to catch up by ordering two margaritas as soon as I sat down.  Soon we were freely talking and I asked him about those trips to the lesbian bar.  He answered with a shrug.  “She likes lesbians.” “So she is bi?”  I asked confused.  He didn’t know the answer to that; “she thinks maybe but she always chickens out when it comes down to it”.  “Do you want me to show her the ropes?” I asked jokingly.  “Yeah” he said “but she’s scared, maybe if she was drunk or something but you scare the shit outta her!”  “Me?”  I asked?  “Yeah you, a bad ass, tattooed, rock and roll bombshell!  Yeah, she is terrified of you.” Shortly after that she arrived and I was looking at her in a totally different light. After another round her husband patted my back and kissed her goodbye and said he had some work at home to take care of then left us alone at the bar.  As soon as he left she got very shy and was barely able to make eye contact with me.  “What’s the matter?”  I asked her.  “Dunno" she said, "it’s just… you … you know… I don’t know what to do.” 
“What do you want to do?” 
She giggled and downturned her eyes.  “Dunno, um….” And she started giggling again. 
     Her giggling was making me crazy, it sounded so vulnerable and innocent and feminine.  She was small.  She was barely five feet tall and had a perfect petite body, small full breasts and an athletic toned ass.  I ordered two shots and even though she protested that she doesn’t do shots she dutifully drank it.  “Now” I continued “what do you want?” She chewed her lip and gazed up at me.  She made a little sighing noise before hesitatingly saying “I want to kiss you”.  Sitting next to each other on barstools I leaned in and kissed her lips and she cooed into my mouth and pulled my bottom lip in between hers and gave it a nibble.  I pulled back and slid my arm around her waist and tugged her bar stool closer to mine with my other hand.  She looked into my face and smiled an impish smile and Mmmmmm-ed.  “I like that!” she exclaimed.  We kissed between sips of our margaritas before she suggested we head back to her house. 
     At her house her husband was watching football on TV.  I plopped on their couch like I had a million times.  She lowered her ass on my knee and her husband looked over, raising his eye brow at us.  “Is this ok?” I questioned him. After all this was my friend’s wife.  As the words came out, she leaned in and started kissing my neck.  He knowingly smirked as he responded “Good luck, she's only playing though. She won’t, it never gets further than this” he explained as she made little breathy exhales against my neck. “Take her out back to the studio if you want, you’ll see” he said as he turned the swiveling chair toward the football game once again.  She hopped up and ran into the kitchen, proudly bringing out a box of wine. I laughed, the only person I knew who drank boxed wine was my mom.  She was clearly drunk as she attempted to push the spigot button.  The sweet wine was sloshing in the solo cup as we made our way down a stone path toward the studio in the back of the house.  Once inside I pulled her toward me and kissed her. This was a real kiss, tender and passionate.  When we parted she melted against me.  I began kissing her neck. I tugged her shirt down and kissed the top of her breasts.  I lowered to my knees and lifted her shirt and kissed her smooth flat belly.  Her jeans were low rise and I kissed along her waist.  That’s when she pulled me up to my feet and kissed my lips.  She pulled back to nibble on my lower lip again.  “I can’t" she murmurred, "I'm not clean, I haven’t showered today.” I ignored her and focused on her breasts, lowering the cup of her bra to take her perky breast into my mouth.  She made a purring moaning sound and her body undulated against me.  “I can’t” She panted then continued “I wish Eric was here”. Eric was her husband’s name. I pulled back and nodded.  I was pretty drunk anyhow. 
     Once back in the house her husband had just gotten back from the corner liquor store with a bottle of vodka and sprite.  He was fixing a drink, the football game was over.  He gave me the told-ya-so look then shrugged.  “She says she is dirty” I explained.  He leaned over and kissed her. “Is that the problem baby?” he asked.  “Uhhuh Dadda”.  I had never heard her call him "Dadda" and honestly I found it sexy as hell.  He slapped her ass “easily remedied, off to the shower then”. 
     He and I walked back down to the bar. Over another margarita he explained that he and she had done some swinging but never with another woman.  “With guys it’s no problem but with a woman, she chickens out every time, I don’t get it, she wants it so bad, even fantasizes about women, she’s thought about you…” He trailed off. I hesitated and replied “I can take control, I mean...”  This was weird for me. I had never conspired with a friend to fuck their partner.  “She wants you there” I told him.  He looked at me, his eyes piercingly blue, and grinned “And how do you feel about that?”  I told him I was all for it.

     Back at their house she was waiting for us fresh and pretty from the shower.  He and I were very drunk. I plopped down on the couch again and he slurringly told her to “go on, sit with her”.  She came and sat with me and we started kissing. I had been imagining a threesome with them for the last hour and was overripe with lust.  He watched from his swiveling chair as I guided her down on her back on the couch and raised her tee-shirt and kissed and nibbled her chest.  He drunkenly muttered “That’s hot baby” as I licked down her belly.  He knelt and began taking off her shoes then helping her wiggle out of her jeans. She had light pink panties with tiny flowers.  This whole scenario was blowing my mind.  I pulled her panties down off one hip bone and nibbled as she hungrily sighed. I slipped to my knees on the floor as she scooched her ass to the edge of the couch.  I pull her panties down her legs.  Her husband moved beside her on the couch and they kissed.  I parted her thighs and she whimpered against his mouth “Oh dadda.” She had sparse reddish pubic hair dusting her mound and a lean pink pussy that glistened ready for me.  I used my finger tip, and traced her flesh while I lightly tickled the edged of her lips until she lifted her hip and groaned for more.  She was looked down her body and stared into my face.  Her husband had removed her top and bra so she was naked. I loved the way her body looked so girlish and feminine.  I felt my insides do a leap at the sight of her.  With my eyes locked on hers I lowered my face and planted a kiss on her pussy. I glanced at her husband who was hypnotized by the sight of us before him.  His eyes were glassy with lust.  “So hot…” he trailed off.  I licked one long stroke from taint to clit then mumbled “I think she’s doing this ...” He nodded.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


"But girlfriends share everything!" she exclaimed. 
I rolled my eyes. 
"Keri, not boyfriends!"

Keri was the wild woman of our friends group. I was the laid back non-judgmental type, therefore I was lucky enough to hear all the torrid particulars of her escapades. She confessed every small detail to me, out of earshot of our other friends.  I was supposed to listen supportively or even be slightly titillated by her revelations. I was often aroused by her admissions but tried hard to seem disinterested. The truth was that I loved her stories and secretly longed to be the one who was completely uninhibited. It wasn’t that I was a prude or anything like that, I had my fun, but it was nothing like what Keri experienced.  Lately every time we were together she would bring up this new boyfriend she was dating.  She called him The Fucker more often then she used his name.  Out with our girlfriends she and I would wander off to the bathroom or up to the bar together and she would say something like “Damn I can barely walk.” To which I was supposed to feign concern and ask, “Why Keri? What happened?”  Then she would begin telling me about the previous night’s session with The Fucker. 
He didn't get his nickname because he was a bad guy or anything but instead, she swore that he was the best fuck she ever had, and Keri had a lot of fucks. 
“So last night we came to pick me up,” she began “and as soon as I got into the car he reached across the seat and gripped my mound in his palm and said, ' I couldn’t stop thinking about your pussy all day.  I don’t want to wait, I need you here.'  And I…” 
  I interrupted, “Wait, didn't he pick you up at work?”
Keri nodded proudly at me, grinning.  I arched my brow and urged her storytelling forward with a raise of my chin.  
“So the feeling of his hand cupping me there, though the fabric of my pants... I swear I could feel his calluses, it made me instantly needy and...” 
  I interrupted again “When aren’t you horny? I swear!” 
She continued “Good point. So we both started looking around, and the only think I could come up with is the stairwell of the parking garage.”
 I interrupted again “Ew Keri, they smell like piss!”
She clarified for me, “No no, this one is nice, carpeted and stuff, it has doors to the main building on each floor.  It has potted plants and you have to use a key card for each floor.  Anyhow, so in we went, opting to just utilize the steps right at the ground floor where he picked me up. In no time my pants were around my ankles, I was bent forward up the steps and he was behind me with one hand on the railing, drilling me deep. His rhythm was speeding up and was doing that dipping thing with his hips and his dick was going up tapping my insides, right in that spot! I was thinking, I am going to explode and make a puddle on this carpet… then, the door opened.”
 I nodded. 
As Keri rambled I was thinking about The Fucker and his amazing cock hitting me right up in The Spot.  Keri paused for a second and looked into my face. No doubt she could read my expression perfectly. Then she continued on with her story. 
“I started to raise up and tried to glance back at who had just come in but The Fucker grabbed my ponytail and said, 'no, I am not done'.  He just kept fucking me, now even deeper and harder like he liked being watched! I heard a male voice clear his throat behind me and The Fucker thrust even harder before telling the guy, 'one sec bro'. I hated when he talked like that but shit he fucked so well that I forgave him.  So I feel his body tremble and then, I swear, it felt like his dick grew an inch inside me. He let go of my pony tail, but at this point I didn’t want to look who it was, I was, like out of my body or something, and he slides his palm across my ass cheek and rests his thumb on my asshole, I felt a gob of spit dribble down my crack and...”
“Geezus Keri, it could have been your boss or whatever!” my eyes widened but my panties dampened thinking about getting bred like a bitch in public view. 
Keri just smirked at me, “So he pushes his thumb into my ass and I feel him twist his hand so that his thumb is rubbing his dick as he thrusts.  That’s it, I erupt and juices pour down my leg.  I can’t help but start making noises as I cum and ... “
“Noooo Keri, not the grunting, not the pig noises!” I exclaimed laughing. 
She smiled and took a sip of her cocktail before going on with the story.  I could see she was enjoying drawing this out and "bothering" me. 
  “Well, they aren’t exactly like, pig noises, I told you that’s just what one guy said.  Anyhow, The Fucker started swearing, that's when I know he is close, he said 'You fucking cum gobbling slut, goddamn, your cunt is going to…' and he was practically yelling when he said 'turn around and eat my load!'  And I spun around, still in my work blouse but my pants were wet around my ankles and locked my lips onto his dick, slurped down a thick hot load. At the exact moment I felt the first spray of jizz, my eyes looked up to see the guy who works at the smoothie shop in lobby of the building. I get a smoothie from him practically every day! “
She continued "And The Fucker empties in my mouth and I open wide and show him the cum on my tongue.” 
“What the hell Keri?! The smoothie guy is watching and you decide now is the perfect time to pull out the porno moves?”
Keri laughed at me and said “Girl, every time is the perfect time to pull out the porno moves!”
She went back to sipping her drink and turned her body away from me and rested her elbow on the bar.  I stepped back, wrinkled my forehead and I shook my head at her, but she wasn't looking at me anymore.  I disn't want to ask but I was dying to know what happened next.  I was quiet for about five minutes then I gave up, leaned toward her and said, “I am going to pee.” Once I was out of earshot I said "Tease."
 I was wet with need.  I was horny as hell and was thinking about being fucked deep while the smoothie guy watched.  Once in the stall I fingered my pussy and rubbed my throbbing clit.  In passing I thought I can’t remember the last time I came. The orgasm came quickly but brought little relief.  I needed a Fucker in my life. 

I stepped out of the stall to find Keri leaning on the bathroom wall waiting for me.  I thought, oh god, what did she hear?  Her arms were crossed and she was smiling, “So, how bout it? Do you want to help me fuck him?”  

Thursday, August 13, 2015


She was 47 years old, her husband of 20 years was 50.  She read in one of her women’s magazines that she was at her sexual peak.  She thought about this a lot.  She believed it because every day she woke up horny and throughout the day she had difficulty pushing the dirty thoughts from her mind.  She fantasized as she drove to work, she visualized the Starbucks barrista naked, she imaged her coworkers hitting on her, she thought about quickies during lunch breaks.  She had gotten into the habit of masturbating while she drove in the car, her Bluetooth hooked up to the Audible app on her phone.  The Actors voices, recounting erotic stories, could be faintly heard by other drivers as she sat at red lights, one hand buried up under her wool suit skirt. 

At home her hunger was insatiable and her husband tried to satisfy her desires.  Sometimes felt bad for him because as he worked from home, her demands cut into his work time and he ended up having to work late into the night.  Every morning she woke up wet with need and turned to her husband and gently guided his head under the covers. While she got ready for work, sliding on stockings, heels tight pencil skirts and clingy blouses made her feel even more need and she called him away from his desk.  Some days she begged for him to deliver her lunch at work, just so she could have lunch time release.  After dinner and a glass of wine she ached to be filled and seduced him at the dining room table. He had been taking Viagra like a daily vitamin since she reached this sexual peak. 

On their anniversary she brought home a dildo and asked her husband to facilitate double penetration. The cock was 10 inches and dark in skin tone.  She knelt, doggie style, in front of him and pushed her wide ass into the air. He noticed she had the red satin panties and bra he had bought her for the previous anniversary, He looked down at the most recent anniversary gift in his hand.  He was very hard. He pulled the panties down but left them bunched around her thighs. He knew she liked this feeling of being restricted by pulled down panties.  He thought about her getting fucked by a stranger in a public place, skirt up, and panties down, and he wondered if she was thinking the same thing. Her ass cheeks were alabaster and smooth and the crevice of her ass was a glorious landscape he ached to explore. He dragged on finger down her ass crack barely parting the fatty flesh. She arched and pushed against him.  She widened her stance and with her curved back, her thick cunt lips were visible and slightly parted.  He dragged his finger down lower and pressed into her folds and found her ready and damp. He dipped two fingers into her with little resistance.  He raised the black dildo and pressed its thick head to her slickness and began to push.  Her lips drew in and he found resistance.  Watching, so closely, her flesh stretch for another cock, rubber or not, made him ache.  His free hand clasped his shaft and began to slowly stroke himself. He pulled the dildo back and saw that her juices clung to the end of the rubber cock.  He repeated his movement, pushing the thick head into her slickness and it started to enter.  Her folds stretched around it, her skin taunt and she let out a guttural moan. He wanted her filled.  She wanted to be filled.  He pulled it out and back in until all ten inches had disappeared into her body.  His mouth was agape as he saw the dildo’s wrinkly balls pressed up against her swollen cunt.  He never remembered being this turned on.  She rocked pushing back, spurring him on.  She wanted it hard and fast. He began pistoning the dildo into her sopping hole as she was making grunting animal-like noises.  Her animal side had taken over.  He raised up on one foot and aimed his cock for her asshole.  He leaned his body over her thrashing body, pinning her to still her and pushed his hips into her, gliding his cock, wet with his own desire, into her snug cavity.  It squeezed around him, pinching his dick in a way that made his head spin.  He had never fucked such tightness.  She was both unyielding and completely accessible. She reached between her legs and grasped the base of the dildo and began rocking it in and out of her drenched hole.  She began her wail again and he felt her inside spasm and the rubber dick moving in the adjacent void.  Her tightening milked him and he emptied into her asshole at the moment that he felt a torrent of her juices erupt onto his thigh and foot planted onto the bed underneath her heaving body.

This became their standard husband and wife love making ritual.  During one occasion, he pulled the dildo out of her pussy with a wet sucking noise and buried his face into her swollen, hot, well fucked hole.  He feasted on the meaty flesh and tenderly kissed her raw lips, tasting his own juices as they dribbled down along her taint.  He discovered that their mingled flavors and her thick used cunt in his mouth instantly returned his desire and without thinking he came again, into the sheets as he humped his hips in the rhythm of his sucking mouth. She smiled at him. “I want it honey. I want it for real.”  He was spent but he looked up at her and he said “I want it too.”

Sunday, August 02, 2015


"It's embarrassing." he said, turning his face away from me.  I laughed out loud and took a sip from my straw.  "Mmmmm, this place has excellent margaritas."
"I told ya" he replied.
"Ok, I'm here, just tell me."  I looked directly in his eyes and cocked a brow waiting.
He began his story, hesitating after every few words. His face was beet red and his leg was rocking against the bar stool. When he finished I laughed again.  "Fucking panties?  She broke up with you over fucking panties!?"
Rick was a regular guy, he was ruggedly handsome but thin and wiry. We worked together but didn't really get too personal usually.  He had been in a committed, hetero, seemingly boring relationship since I first met him.  This was our first time letting our guard down with each other. He was sad and more than distracted at work earlier and I had offered to grab a drink with him.  
He nodded. "Fucking panties!" I leaned in and gave him a hug.
"You don't think it's weird, you don't think I'm weird?" he asked.
I raised my face after another deep suck on the straw, pulling the last few drops of the delicious drink into my mouth.  I shook my head no.
"Look Rick, I don't know if you know this about me but I am a very kinky girl."  I sang the last three words.
He finished the sentence "The kind you don't take home to mother?"
"Exactly." I confirmed.

Some boyfriends play in a band during their free time, others have time consuming hobbies, some surf porn but Rick always insisted on doing him and his girlfriend's laundry.  He always did it while she was not home or late at night while she was sleeping.  Sometimes he woke up really early and did it while she was still sleeping.  He enjoyed doing laundry.  One morning she woke up early and found Rick in the laundry room, he was sitting on the warm dryer.  He was naked except for a pair of her dirty panties, he had his feet propped on the wall opposite the dryer and he was masturbating.  Specifically he was rubbing the silky panty fabric against his asshole with one hand and was tugging on his cock which was dangling out the side of the elastic leg hole with the other.  I didn't find out the specifics until later when I insisted on he reenact the scene.
Rick enjoyed sexual relationships with women but this masturbation ritual was his ultimate release. Or he thought it was his ultimate release until he realized that with the right, (kinky) woman he could have both. Rick began at an early age, using his mothers panties first.  At college he couldn't sit on the dryer but stole panties from the basement laundry room, trying to grab a pair out of a recently started washer before they got too wet, and headed to a dorm room shower stall. He liked the dirty panties the best but found that the wet soapy ones he stole in college worked out well too.
As we talked about his fetish I grew more and more eager, gesticulating with my hands and my voice rising and falling in excitement.  After the third margarita I asked him to come home with me. Once there I slipped off my jeans so he could see my panties. They were lacy and cherry red with ribbons across the ass giving you a glimpse of my substantial ass cleavage.
"You've been wearing them all day?" He questioned. I nodded and smiled.  He reached down and re-positioned himself.  I grinned at him.  I paraded around the house, giving him a quick tour and shaking my ass, teasing him along the way.  I ended the tour in the laundry room.  My dryer did not face a wall, but a sink, and I pointed out, the perfect distance for a tall man to place his feet against while sitting on the dryer.  I reached over and turned it on. It began humming its rotating tune. Rick groaned.  I giggled.  I slipped my ass up onto the counter next to the sink, pressing my thighs tight, then opening them.  I dragged a finger up my thigh and across the crotch of my panties.
"Oh god" he croaked.
"Want 'em?" I teased.
"Oh yes, fuck yeah... you are so hot, I swear, did i die and go to heaven?"
"Corny!" I giggled again.
"I don't mean to be" he explained,"but honestly, before tonight I have never even told anyone about what I like, and here I am, totally accepted, but more than that, I am sharing this with someone! I am so excited right now Mia, you have no idea."
I began wiggling the panties down my thighs.  "How about you show me then..."