Sunday, December 31, 2006

Up and Running

I made a website!!! Yeah!

I had this idea in my head, to create a website that reflected me. I wanted to create a site that has a certain pro-sex attitude. Anyhow, it's up and it's called . Please visit it and tell me what you think.

Lots of phone sex operators have websites but I wanted mine to be different. I do phone sex true, but for me doing it is also about promoting sexual expression. I see so many people in the world living unhappily or repressed or ashamed. Sometimes I want to scream when I see others passing judgement about another adult's freely chosen sexuality. So, back to my point, I want to help people feel OK about themselves and the things that turn them on. I also want to promote the idea of alternative beauty in women. Lastly, I wanted to meet other women like me... So InkedSlut was born. I hope you like it, please feel free to comment here or email me about any thoughts you have about the site.

One last thing. Best wishes for 2007 and may your New Years Eve be half as dirty as I am planning on mine being!

xxoo Mia

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rolls, Parts and Places

I have been in this BDSM world for about nine years. I don't make it my public identity, I infrequently participate in my local scene, I have my kinky friends, some I have met here at munches, some I have met through the Community, some I have met through my on-line presence and others I have met through cyber communities. It's been quite a journey.
This is how it evolved. I had a kinky streak quite early on. I liked leather, wore dog collars, practiced a poly life, experimented with toys, found myself in groups, menage trios, in sex clubs, etc. I had girlfriends who I instinctually Dominated. I had boyfriends who naturally tied me up. I had a few of those humiliating experiences, which at the time I thought made me weird or wrong, but now I recognize as something that fulfills something deep inside of me. To sum it all up, I was attracted to the extremes of sexuality. I was a dirty girl. Some times I would meet a person who recognized this within me, we had our fling, and both walked away smiling. Other times I would meet a person who tried to change me. One day I found myself married, trying to live a traditionally monogamous life. I was very dissatisfied, but thought, this is life... I felt trapped and alone. I began taking steps to find my happiness. I moved on.
Then I met a Man. He took me as His own. He Dominated me completely. He nurtured the sexual slave in me. Our relationship has evolved over the years but what He recognized in me fit completely with His own needs.
This was years before I knew a thing about a BDSM community. Our power exchange came naturally.
Year later I ran across the BDSM online community with their contrived "rolls and parts". Capital letters to signify Dominance, and all the rigid ideas about what makes a good sub. For you who haven't had the opportunity to experience real life D/s or BDSM or whatever initials you want to use... those strict etiquette and protocol is not how it really is. We are talking about human beings here... confining ideas about how one should be and act within their sexual identities just can not apply realistically. In my opinion, it is just like sexuality, there is a continuum of where everyone lies... there aren't just two options... gay or straight. Most of us have a little of one and a bit of the other. And with BDSM, it's the same, there is Dominance and Submission, true, but most of us have a bit of the other in us too. In my local BDSM scene, seems 90% of the participants are switches. And switches make the best subbies and Dom(mes) anyhow, cause they know a little about how it might feel to be the other.

xxoo mia

Saturday, November 25, 2006

sex positive ideas

I try to live authentically. What this means is be honest about who i am. I am a freedom loving strong intelligent woman. But i also happen to be a sexual being.. very sexual. I want to see a future with respect toward individual choices. I know this mean sacrifices have to be made, and it's fear of difference that drives the sexual oppression that is running rampant in our society now. Why am i thinking about such a serious topic right now... well, it all goes along with the fact that right now i am trying to develop my own web based business that celebrates and promotes ideas like mine and women like me. All i want is to build a site where sexually free (and kinky) ideas and images can be shared. Apparently this is a problem. I need to think about indecency laws, i need to think about record keeping, i need to think about minors, i need to think about tax issues, i need to think about disclaimers, i need to think about 2257 laws, model release forms, etc... *sighs* All i want is to build a website for sex positive pictures of kinky tattooed women...

Now, one more thing, thank you to that man, that special man who i recently called me who made that "real" connection. I want to hear from you again...
xxoo Mia

Friday, October 27, 2006

Oidhche Shamhna

What's that mean? On the Cectic calender it's Samhain Eve, it's the festival of the final harvest. We call it Halloween and it is and always has been my favorite holiday. We can thank the Irish, Scots and Welsh and other immigrants for bringing this wicked holiday here. I love to dress up and prance around, I go nuts with the costumes! This year I have a BIG party to go to and I am an un-dead vampire bride. I have a torn up wedding gown, that I cut the bottom off of, and died grey and ripped the edges scraggly and wearing with my dark purple corset, breast prominantly displayed. I wonder if I will get any treats? or will I be giving out tricks??? Maybe next year you'll be invited to My party... what will you dress as????

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fine Lines

A few months back, a friend, who is a submissive was asking my advise about how to handle her current Dom. This man, was, in my opinion, overly controlling to the point of emotional abuse. She is known for her lovely long flowing hair, and within their short relationship, he had demanded she cut six inches off, which she did, then he demanded another six inches, which she also did. Another thing he demanded was that she keep her cam on in her house at all times. This demand particularly creeped me out because she has a young teenage daughter who uses the computer. Anyhow, my reaction was strong and knee jerk. Another aquaintance who was also asked for advise, came from a different perspective, and actually didn't see those demands as over the top. I was reminded that within the power exchange there are many different was to express/practice or celebrate power, and that it is really impossible to understand fully what is "over the fine line" for another person or people.
So now, that fine line, is something that I have been walking alongside more often. I find myself thinking back to that situation and the advise I gave when I make demand from my submissives. I go farther, and remember to look to them for the signs that point to nearing boundries, not within myself but within the sub-self.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blown Off

Sorry for a less intellectual post here, but I am feeling so blown off that I just have to share. I feel like such a guy right now... Grrrrrrr! So this is what happened...
I went to a stuffy ole boring wedding reception tonight, and there was this one bridesmaid who was my absolute vision of beauty. She had long brown hair with little bangs like bettie page, her body was tight and curvy and the definition of fuckable. And I guess I just ooze sluttiness because there was that chemetry thing going on, she glancing at me, me glancing at her. Hours of it, my parts were a-tingle. I could almost imagine what our private encounter would be like... who am I kidding it would have been a total fuckfest. Anyhow, even with the hideous powder blue bridesmaid gown on, she was quite the clit-throbber. Finally after she downed a half dozen champagne glasses, she came over, raising her eyes to meet mine, stepping close, inches away and then breathlessly whispering "i think your beautiful". I grined a cocky grin at her and toyed with a little bit of loose thread just along side her cleavage. I met her gaze and said "oh really?" and she gave me a school girl smile and nodded. Then I said, "you know what I think?" and she shook her pretty face no and I hestitated, took a deep breath and said "i think we should fuck." I saw her face flush and she shifted, obviously grinding her thighs together. I felt like I had just won the lottery. And just then her meat-headed boyfriend came over and gave her a what-the-fuck look and sneared at me, then dragged her off. He didn't let her near me for the rest of the night and she didn't even raise her eyes to meet mine. He was a total party pooper! If her was even a little bit nicer I would have let him watch.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Sex for Stress

I don't think people really realize the power of release. Some people have a bad day at work, or get stressed out by family or money issues and they have a drink (or two or thirty) or they drive too fast or (unfortunately) beat their dog. But in choices like that, there is always a loser. My solution is this, and this is how I will save the world, you can quote me on this... go cum! Go home, and get in your soft comfy bed and jerk off or give it a rub or grab your partner and take him or her (or both of them at the same time) for a ride. There are no losers in orgasm, only winners! The end... off to release some stress!

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tonight I am tired of it. What you might ask? Those dang needy soul vampires, who try to take take take.. and don't give. During my attempt to live an authentic and exciting life, I stumbled upon the BDSM scene. And within my involvement in my local scene, going to munches, play parties and dungeon visits, I have been approached by many a malesub who longed for my attention. Most of these guys are truly pathetic sorts, who remind me of convenience store employees, late night security guards or counter help at the local porn store. Occasionally I stumble across a male sub, whose gift of submission is a real treat... it is rare, but i have found it on occasion. Who brings the FemDom out in me? Well, the sub can not come from a place of totally powerlessness in the real world. Having a malesub serve me, having him surrender has to be a leap. I want an otherwise powerful man to drop to his knees for me and become my pet. That is something that will absolutely make me want to pull out the paddle and put him over my knee, or bend him over and let him meet Frank (a friendly dildo i own... for another story). These boys turn me into a passion-filled cruel and demanding sexual demon. I love them for it! When I do take on the huge task of mentoring, dominating and training one of these boys, it can not be a one sided gift. Being a Domme is a lot of work. It's management, and in a worse case scenario, it can turn into micromanagement, where my attention is constantly needed. This gets tiresome if the boy turns out to be less than he first seemed. The thing that steams Me, is that they sometimes think (and i tell them, not to think that is my job) that every little thing they do for me is some type of wonderful gift. They don't understand that each correction I give them, each assignment they complete, each task they accomplish brings them to their ultimate goal of embracing and fulfilling their own submissive soul. Submitting to Me is not a gift to Me, it is a gift to yourself. What I am trying to say is, boys, and you know who you are, grow some balls, do the right thing, and honor Me... Your Goddess Mia the way I deserve. No more whining, no more worrying, no more question Me. Surrender, it'll make all of us feel a lot better in the end.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

vibe supplier

I went to Florida with six girlfriends, these women are dear long time friends of mine, they are from all walks of life, different careers and experiences. It's an annual trip, a chance to reconnect, and to be honest, get naughty. We stay up all night, late into the night, drinking wine and getting silly with each other. We drink champagne on the beach and bask in our bikini's. During this trip, late one night, it was reveled that one of my girlfriend doesn't own a vibrator. All eyes turned toward me... guess my friends know me. hehehe . The truth is I love feeling good. I don't have many vices, but one definately is orgasm addiction. I like to cum ... everyday, multiple times. Getting off is like my coffee in the morning, it get me in the right frame of mind to begin the day. I have been at this orgasm addiction for many years, so i have some exerience on how to make it happen. Sometimes (and yes, it is rare) i have to go at it on my own, so i have aquired many toys to play with. Some of my friends know about my collection of toys, so suddenly it was up to me to inform and teach this vibe-less friend. We all piled in the car and went in search of a sex shop. I brought my giggling friends in and showed them all the different type of vibes and dildos, taking about the pro's and con's of each. I am sure ever guy in that place had a raging hard-on eaves dropping on us. Of course I loved the stares we got, knowing that all these men were rock hard watching seven gorgeous women talk about rubber dicks. Finally it was time for her to pick a vibe, and she couldn't pick just one! She walked out with two, we headed back to the condo then the fun really started because it was up to me to show her how they worked!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Sexual anarchism

My first post here, and i thought i should introduce myself. I am a sexual adventurer. Oh wait, maybe i need to back up... I am an upper middle class woman, in her thirties, with a graduate degree in Education who is spoiled and privledged. Having said that, i also reject the trapping of my societal position. What i am trying to say is i am a no holds barred slut! I love sex and all things sexual. I see no problem in expressing your sexual self, if it feels good, it is good, as long no one is getting hurt because of your choices. Call it sexual anarchism...
So what does this look like in real life? Well, pretty darn good, for me. It's safe sane and consentual pleasure. I have a BDSM bent in my life. I am mostly private about what my sexual life is like, i function in a vanilla world and have a few select people whom i share this side of my life with, people whom i can trust with my life. Otherwise it's all anonymous. Even though i function in the regular world, those who know me, know that i am a very sexual being, they respect me for it. I am the type of person, freedom-loving, that many wish they could be. I celebrate sexuality, exude it, value it, i display it. So I will happily share anonymously with you all what it is that i do, and i hope you read and enjoy it.