Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tonight I am tired of it. What you might ask? Those dang needy soul vampires, who try to take take take.. and don't give. During my attempt to live an authentic and exciting life, I stumbled upon the BDSM scene. And within my involvement in my local scene, going to munches, play parties and dungeon visits, I have been approached by many a malesub who longed for my attention. Most of these guys are truly pathetic sorts, who remind me of convenience store employees, late night security guards or counter help at the local porn store. Occasionally I stumble across a male sub, whose gift of submission is a real treat... it is rare, but i have found it on occasion. Who brings the FemDom out in me? Well, the sub can not come from a place of totally powerlessness in the real world. Having a malesub serve me, having him surrender has to be a leap. I want an otherwise powerful man to drop to his knees for me and become my pet. That is something that will absolutely make me want to pull out the paddle and put him over my knee, or bend him over and let him meet Frank (a friendly dildo i own... for another story). These boys turn me into a passion-filled cruel and demanding sexual demon. I love them for it! When I do take on the huge task of mentoring, dominating and training one of these boys, it can not be a one sided gift. Being a Domme is a lot of work. It's management, and in a worse case scenario, it can turn into micromanagement, where my attention is constantly needed. This gets tiresome if the boy turns out to be less than he first seemed. The thing that steams Me, is that they sometimes think (and i tell them, not to think that is my job) that every little thing they do for me is some type of wonderful gift. They don't understand that each correction I give them, each assignment they complete, each task they accomplish brings them to their ultimate goal of embracing and fulfilling their own submissive soul. Submitting to Me is not a gift to Me, it is a gift to yourself. What I am trying to say is, boys, and you know who you are, grow some balls, do the right thing, and honor Me... Your Goddess Mia the way I deserve. No more whining, no more worrying, no more question Me. Surrender, it'll make all of us feel a lot better in the end.


Principal Quattrano said...

And no more making your Goddess work hard, either, boys!

Anonymous said...

Yep. There are so few good men out there. It's sad. They are all little boys.