Friday, September 29, 2006

Sex for Stress

I don't think people really realize the power of release. Some people have a bad day at work, or get stressed out by family or money issues and they have a drink (or two or thirty) or they drive too fast or (unfortunately) beat their dog. But in choices like that, there is always a loser. My solution is this, and this is how I will save the world, you can quote me on this... go cum! Go home, and get in your soft comfy bed and jerk off or give it a rub or grab your partner and take him or her (or both of them at the same time) for a ride. There are no losers in orgasm, only winners! The end... off to release some stress!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

True - sex is the best drug! It's free (typically), it's healthy, the "crash" afterwards is usually just cuddling, eating ice-cream and sleeping, and: you burn calories! 8-)

Friends with benefits is the best! - Oh Yes! 8-)

The small print: Avoid unwanted pregnancy - take the magical pill and/or use protection! Thank you.