Friday, October 27, 2006

Oidhche Shamhna

What's that mean? On the Cectic calender it's Samhain Eve, it's the festival of the final harvest. We call it Halloween and it is and always has been my favorite holiday. We can thank the Irish, Scots and Welsh and other immigrants for bringing this wicked holiday here. I love to dress up and prance around, I go nuts with the costumes! This year I have a BIG party to go to and I am an un-dead vampire bride. I have a torn up wedding gown, that I cut the bottom off of, and died grey and ripped the edges scraggly and wearing with my dark purple corset, breast prominantly displayed. I wonder if I will get any treats? or will I be giving out tricks??? Maybe next year you'll be invited to My party... what will you dress as????

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Fine Lines

A few months back, a friend, who is a submissive was asking my advise about how to handle her current Dom. This man, was, in my opinion, overly controlling to the point of emotional abuse. She is known for her lovely long flowing hair, and within their short relationship, he had demanded she cut six inches off, which she did, then he demanded another six inches, which she also did. Another thing he demanded was that she keep her cam on in her house at all times. This demand particularly creeped me out because she has a young teenage daughter who uses the computer. Anyhow, my reaction was strong and knee jerk. Another aquaintance who was also asked for advise, came from a different perspective, and actually didn't see those demands as over the top. I was reminded that within the power exchange there are many different was to express/practice or celebrate power, and that it is really impossible to understand fully what is "over the fine line" for another person or people.
So now, that fine line, is something that I have been walking alongside more often. I find myself thinking back to that situation and the advise I gave when I make demand from my submissives. I go farther, and remember to look to them for the signs that point to nearing boundries, not within myself but within the sub-self.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Blown Off

Sorry for a less intellectual post here, but I am feeling so blown off that I just have to share. I feel like such a guy right now... Grrrrrrr! So this is what happened...
I went to a stuffy ole boring wedding reception tonight, and there was this one bridesmaid who was my absolute vision of beauty. She had long brown hair with little bangs like bettie page, her body was tight and curvy and the definition of fuckable. And I guess I just ooze sluttiness because there was that chemetry thing going on, she glancing at me, me glancing at her. Hours of it, my parts were a-tingle. I could almost imagine what our private encounter would be like... who am I kidding it would have been a total fuckfest. Anyhow, even with the hideous powder blue bridesmaid gown on, she was quite the clit-throbber. Finally after she downed a half dozen champagne glasses, she came over, raising her eyes to meet mine, stepping close, inches away and then breathlessly whispering "i think your beautiful". I grined a cocky grin at her and toyed with a little bit of loose thread just along side her cleavage. I met her gaze and said "oh really?" and she gave me a school girl smile and nodded. Then I said, "you know what I think?" and she shook her pretty face no and I hestitated, took a deep breath and said "i think we should fuck." I saw her face flush and she shifted, obviously grinding her thighs together. I felt like I had just won the lottery. And just then her meat-headed boyfriend came over and gave her a what-the-fuck look and sneared at me, then dragged her off. He didn't let her near me for the rest of the night and she didn't even raise her eyes to meet mine. He was a total party pooper! If her was even a little bit nicer I would have let him watch.