Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Inked Slut's Holiday Gift Guide

I might be a little lazy because i created this gift guide by merely perusing the pages of one website and picking what i liked. Or maybe i just really really like JT's Stockroom....
But basically they do seem to have many many items that i would imprint with the Inked Sluts Approval Stamp. So do you have a loved one and you have no idea what to get them this holiday season... look no further, i have just the gift for them... and with that i give you...

The Inked Slut's Holiday Gift Guide!

It's sleek and shiny, it could be art on your coffee table.


A real clothespin with a strong bite & made from metal.. oh how useful!
Let's get a couple dozen!


A low fit leather dildo harness, sturdy and elegant. How about a little role-reversal?

(psst..the low rise fit promises maximum clitoral stimulation) yea!


A very sexy leather harness designed to highlight the female form

and present numerous possibilities for bondage scenarios.

Let your imagination go with this one.


Simple, stylish, shiny, stretchy, black spandex hood with a well shaped mouth hole. Sensory depreviation anyone?


Pony Play and Anal Fun! yeehaw!!!


Do you have a wayward sled dog around the house that needs some training?

Or maybe you just want to scare the hell out of your playmate?
This well made kangaroo signal whip is just the thing for you!


Have a Merry Merry Christmas with this Metal Genital Whip!

Beautifully made and well constructed and it looks so good poking out of a ...
Christmas stocking. (what did you think i was going to say???)


Your puppy need some training?

Try this inescapable portable prison!


Feminine, curvy and so deliciously tight.
A very sexy waist cinching heavy duty 25 gauge latex dress!


A flirty super short design that shows off womanly assets!

Made from high quality 14 gauge latex and available in many colors.


A classic curve hugging Mistress very short Dress with a long zipper up the back.

Don't you wanna help me put this one on?


A fashionable latex fetish piece. A highly detailed & elegant top.


Leather garters to accentuate the curves...

I might need help with these clasps!


Excuse me while i drool here....

Oh those O-rings...

The Ophelia Corset


Tuesday, December 04, 2007


I love getting messages from people who appreciate what i do. It's flattering that people "get" me. I also enjoy the many questions people ask me. There seems to be a lot of people out there who have a lot of questions about sexuality. I guess it's understandable because so many sexual topics are taboo. There are a lot of places to find answers on the Internet but i think sometimes people just want to ask a real live human sexual being about their experiences. Or maybe they just want to hear so they can have some jerk off material... hahaha, either way I am always happy to try and help, although i can only speak from my own experiences. I haven't been formally educated about sexuality but sometimes i think it would be cool to go back to school and get a degree that would make me an "official" sexual expert. OK, so here are some of the questions i get and my answers...


Q - "i read in your blog that you have used a strap- on on a guy. Me and my significant other are interesting in trying this. What should we do?"

Slut Says - Firstly for a virgin ass, i would begin training it to loosen. Use your fingers in the shower every day, until you can slip three soapy fingers in that hole with minimal discomfort. (Not no discomfort, minimal) Then while playing with your partner, start some anal play, use lube and rub circles around that tight ring until you feel it relax... In all likely hood the little fuckslut will be ready for more and will start humping his ass back toward your fingers. Give him what he wants... fuck him with your fingers for a while. You will feel him open and you'll know he's ready for the dildo... Strap it on and have at that ass.


Q - "You mentioned DP in one of your posts. I hate to sound dumb, but what is it?"

Slut Says - This is shocking to me, but I guess there are people out there who have no idea what DP is because I've been asked for clarification more than once. DP stands for double penetration, aka two hole whore. Get it? Vag & Anal at once? Need a clearer picture... My ass on a guys hips while he sits on a chair, my thighs wide, his cock buried in my back end, my feet on his knees and a second cock slipping in & out of my pussy. Get it now????


Q - I got a message from a woman asking why after anal sex she always had an overwhelming urgency to go and even said she had an accident once.

Slut Says - This seemed like a no-brainer to me, but this is what i told her...I would assume it is because the the cum he's left in your ass, any liquid up there, including just straight plain water makes me need to go. If you are using a condom, then perhaps it is the lube your using, if a large quantity is getting squished inside that might cause it. I honestly take a break and clean up a bit afterward to keep this sort of thing from happening. Also, since the bacteria that lives in your ass is not something you want anywhere near your pussy or urinary tract, cleaning up afterward is always good advice. For this same reason, anal to pussy is unsafe, and only works in the movies...Good luck..


Q - I read some of your feedback on the site where you do phone sex. It seems you must be really good at it. So i was hoping you might be able to help me. My boyfriend has moved to a city far from me. He calls every night and wants to talk dirty. I don't know how to "get into it". I feel insecure and embarrassed when he starts... "

Slut Says -

*Prepare yourself for the "date". I get dressed in something i feel sexy in. Whether it is a miniskirt and cowboy boots or a thong and a tank top, i make sure i feel good.

*Get comfy.. i like to get into a comfy chair or my bed. Nothing feels sexier than my good smelling sheets against my bare skin.

*Relax. I like to have a glass of wine, lower the lights, put on music that makes me feel sultry. *Get sexy. I like to put on a porno or read a sexy story. Since i am a writer, sometimes i like to work on a short story i am writing, totally getting into my fantasy.

*Get into it. After the phone rings, i close my eyes and imagine the scenario. I take a deep breath, i see myself in the position i describe, i try to hear the sounds of wet slurping, or a juicy pussy, or balls slapping. I try to smell the smells, i try to feel the fingernails, mouth, penetration...


So if you have a question for me, fire it off.

xxoo mia

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Trying not to make assumptions..

Hi! I see you out there, looking at me. I like being looked at. I really do. I am a tried and true exhibitionist. But that isn't the only reason i do what i do... Once a long time ago some said about me.."that i have a voracious appetite for diverse personalities". And that assessment was right. I love to get to know new people. I like to hear about what makes them unique, i like to hear about how they feel but mostly i like to hear about what turns them on. Mostly. Today i heard from a fetishist who likes to watch women swallow whole live goldfish. I really don't even want to think about that, and it's not just cause I'm a vegetarian. By the way, i am not kidding, he really did contact me, but perhaps it was a joke. Anyhow, i do mostly want to hear about all the things that get you swollen, throbbing and juicy.

I have met some very special people through Niteflirt, but i am not so naive or optimistic to think we are actual friends, but on the other hand, i don't want to seem aloof. Mostly, if i have you on my messenger lists, i won't contact you. I will wait for you to contact me, and wait and wait. I won't even interrupt your life to say a brief hello. I know my place. But on other hand... if i am online and available, please feel free to say hi if you want, and to tell me all about what turns you on. (psst... i hope it's me!)

xxoo mia

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why I'm Not a Suicide Girl...

I get asked why I’m not a SuicideGirl about once a week. It’s not a new idea, I first learned about the SuicideGirls about four years ago. I thought the concept was amazing when I initially heard of it. I loved the idea that someone was celebrating alternative beauty. But the fledgling idea has turned into something much greater… as some people pointed out to me; The SuicideGirls have a special on Showtime right now. I’ll gladly ride on the coattails of the publicity this huge production is drawing toward alterna-beauty, but I never wanted to be a SuicideGirl.
There are a lot of things I have read and that have been written criticizing the management of the SuicideGirls website, but it’s not the alleged mistreatment of models, or self censorship or the dispute about the gender of the owners nor the subtle display of Nazi images on some models shoot that are my reasons. My reason is because I want control of me. To be a SuicideGirl you must sign agreements limiting the way you can use your own image and you have to sign exclusivity agreements and basically relinquish your rights to control how your image is used. I really don’t think $500.00 for 60-80 images is really a fair deal for pics that SuicideGirls will be using endlessly. It’s just not worth it in my opinion, especially when I see women at Niteflirt selling three photos for 7-10 dollars or more, over and over… Not that I sell my images… I don’t. Again I guess I’m just a control freak, because I hate the idea of someone using those pictures for purposes I am not aware of.
So that is why I am not a SuicideGirl.

Also briefly, I have noticed a lot of hits to my website that are being trafficked from a MySpace profile page. As much as I love the publicity, I would really like to see the context in which my link is being displayed. I do not currently do any promotion through MySpace because it is not an age verified site. The content of my site (and me in general) is not all-ages friendly. So, if you are one of those people who found me through a MySpace profile link, please send me a message at with the link to that profile, just so I can check it out. Thanks in advance for that.

As always, I do enjoying hearing from fans, so feel free to drop me a message anytime

xxoo mia

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have hesitated to make my availability concrete... i tend to follow my whims and didn't want to be tied down. But some of you have asked when i am available for phone calls and cam shows and although it doesn't follow hard fast rules, i am fairly predictable.

Basically I am available from midnight - 3 am eastern wednesday - sunday.

I give myself monday and tuesday nights off so that i can get some things done on tuesday and wednesday mornings. On weekends however i may log on a little bit later, in case i go out, and i may stay on later than 3 am. And on weekends, if you do catch me after i have been out, you may have quite a handful of Mia - partying can make me quiet feisty, which more fun for all! So to sum it up (are you writing this down?) call me wednesday - sunday midnite to 3 am. You can always email me to ask when i will be around or to make a special appointment or request.

Now that that's out of the way, how about a little more business. If you want a special outfit for a cam show, please email me at least one day before hand so that i can be prepared. You would not believe how many guys send me messages while i am in the middle of taking calls and ask for special outfits. Guys, realistically, i dress sexy every night. Sometimes it's a simple negligee, sometimes its bras, thongs and stockings other times i might have pig tails and miniskirts, other times i might have the punk rock Domme thing going. I try to always have on heels, patent leather 5 inch pumps, heeled maryjanes or knee high leather boots. These outfits often change with my moods. (Not to say i can't switch gears... as many of you know). So anyhow, please don't send me a message at 2 am asking me to go change clothes. Thanks!

Talking about thanks... Lately i have been getting some superb feedback. I really really appreciate this and wanted to thank all of you who have taken the time to publicly sing my praises. And of course, encourage you to keep it up! Here's some of the recent ones...

10/13/2007 scotta2005 beautiful, smart, creative, and very fun to play with.

10/13/2007 XXXovesAnal Another Awesome call with Mia. She is so willing to please that she pushes her limits more and more with every call. She is a rare find. Give her a call and you will be in amazed at what Mia can do for you.

10/12/2007 XXXi333nity sexy, fun, willing to change roles at the drop of a hat. You are so beautiful, thank you..

10/3/2007 XXXris1576 A cam session with this Girl is an unforgettable experience! Hauntingly beautiful...

10/11/2007 XXXky Mnt Dude Excellent! Worthy of attention.

10/11/2007 XXXeyorbit78 so sexy .. my goodness.

10/11/2007 XXXDUDE What an absolutely wonderful call! Mia has a voice that will seduce you and make you do things you never thought you could:) I'd recommend giving her a call on her cam listing to enjoy the full show....she's amazing! Beautiful and very attentive to your needs...Fella's a must call on keen...I only wished i met her sooner! Cheers Mia!

10/8/2007 XXXovesAnal Excellent Cam/Call. Mia is enchanting and seductive. A very Obedient Good Girl. Give her a call and you too will be very satisfied.

10/8/2007 XXXew2077 she was great was a lot of fun

10/6/2007 XXXovesAnal Excellent Cam Call! Mia has an incredible personality, sexy voice, hot body and so much sexual energy that you will not want your call to end. A very good girl and a rare find.

10/2/2007 XXXhty8s Absolutely the best. Read my previous feedback, there's little I can add to what I already said. She's totally into it.

10/4/2007 XXXlesB818 Hot, Dirty and Sexy as Hell. Mia is a stunning sweetness wrapped around a luxuriant, decadent core of nasty. It is devastating in the best possible way and I already want more. 5 Stars...without a moment's hesitation.

10/3/2007 XXXovesAnal Playing with Mia is a truly unique experience. She is a very Good Girl and is very willing to please. Highly Recommend.

10/1/2007 XXXhty8s Outstanding!! Totally devoted to turning me on. She aimed straight for the heart of my perversions and stroked my twisted dominant sexual psyche with a professional precision that bordered on telepathy. What a voice, too! When she gets heated to the boiling point and starts breathing like an animal in heat while trying to talk it's impossible not to be right there with her. Highly, highly recommended.

To read more of my excellent feedback click here. WHAT A GREAT OCTOBER (so far) ! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!

XXOO mia

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

another little fantasy

You came home from work, it had been a long tedious night on the third shift. Driving home, although exhausted, the birds were singing and the summer warmth was just beginning to radiate. You couldn't help but smile a wide grin...
The house was very quiet when you entered, which wasn't unusual, often your wife was sleeping when you entered and you would silently slip into the bed next to her and drift off. But this time things seemed different in the house... The lights were left on in the kitchen and sitting on the dining room table was an empty bottle of tequila. You lightly stepped down the hallway toward the bedroom door and as you approached the cracked door you heard the joints of the bed creaking. You paused right outside the door, and took a deep breath, fear and dread as well as excitement swelled in your chest. You put your palm against the door and pushed it a crack and put your eye near the crack. There in the slanted morning light beaming through the blinds you saw a naked woman on your bed. She was bound tightly, spread wide, gagged with one of your ripped t-shirts, her ripe curvy body adorned with tattoos, and her eyes were locked on yours...
You knew this woman... but how did she end up here, in your bed? Your wife and you had met her once at a party but she had filled many nights fantasies that you had shared with each other.
The tattooed woman's eye's were glistening with lust as she watched you. Your wife was oblivious to your entry, too busy buried between this woman's legs, noisily lapping at an obviously very aroused juicy pussy. Along with the sounds of slurping, you could hear the soft moans of your wife mixed with the husky growls of tattooed woman's impending orgasm...
Your cock throbbed in your pants front and you felt the spreading wetness of pre-cum gathering against your zipper. Without hesitating you unzipped your pants and let them drop and stepped toward your wife's curvy exposed ass. You gripped her hips and simultaneously drove your cock between her dripping pussy lips.. your eyes still on the face of tattooed slut bound to your bed.
You felt your wife's entire body freeze and tighten underneath you as took her suddenly. She tried to wheel around to address you, her face glistening with girl juices, wanting to explain herself but you took your large palm and gripped the back of her neck and shoved her face back down into the pink open pussy spread before her. You hunched over her body, your torso against her back, your fingers digging into the back of her neck as you watched over her shoulder as she slurped on the cunt. You rammed your cock into her, each thrust deep and hard, burying into her warmth until your cock head could go no deeper, and pulling out the length, then slamming back in. You fucked with the passion & lust of animals...

xxoo mia

Sunday, September 09, 2007

On One Year...

Work spares us from three evils: boredom, vice, and need. -Voltaire

Except in my case... the vice is encouraged! - Mia

Today I celebrate a year at Niteflirt. The word anniversary lacks the exact feeling of this day for me. What i feel is more like reaching a goal, hitting a milestone, or better yet, discovering a treasured item on a quest. I don't mean to make working in phone sex to sound more lofty than it is... but for me, this year has brought a lot of self discovery. These discoveries come from many different levels, my own self awareness, my knowledge, my experiences, even my own confidence has grown.

Perhaps i need to back up and give you a little background. I hesitate to get very personal in my blogs... other than from a sexual perspective, but i am thinking now is the time to let you all in a bit. I am what i am, and that is a very sexual person. Some people have really appreciated that about me... and others seemed a little scared of my overtness. Either way, this side of me has bloomed or wilted depending on my situation in life. Of course in college, with new found freedom and lots of partying, i awoke. Then after college i found myself in a loveless marriage, and my soul suffered. My husband was not a sexual person, the marriage was a disaster. He responded to my sexuality with anger and fear, he attempted to repress it within me. I spent a lot of time with my girlfriends, which he saw as innocent, but in reality much of that time was spent between each others thighs. Happily free from that marriage, i continued on my journey of sexual awakening and this is when i discovered the world of BDSM. But because of my education (a double major, one of which was Women's Studies), admitting to my submissive desires made me feel like a traitor to my gender. I kept my kinks hidden and private but continued to explore that world with trusted and discrete partners. By day, though, my youth behind me, a more serious, industrious, professional Mia was forefront. Most of those around me were clueless about the extent of my desires, other than giving them a glimpse of the darker side of me from time to time when certain kinky subjects would come up in conversation, and i happened to know all about them. I remember i used to watch those HBO sex specials and they'd interview people who cammed, or people who worked in sex positive adult industries, developing sex toys or making fetish wear would be interviewed always made me feel like i was missing my calling.

So a year ago, i made the leap toward Niteflirt. Sure the first few months were a huge struggle.. i have never even had phone sex before, i was never a stripper, all i was was a woman who "did things". Luckily, early on i got some calls from people who knew how to draw out the side of me that ended up flourishing in this environment. (Thank You!) Six months into it, i got brave enough to cam... me, who had "skills" but always sort of thought of myself as unique but not beautiful. Camming and the positive response that has brought from so many has really made me have a much more healthy and affirmative view of myself and of aging. Our society doesn't, as a rule, make women feel too good about their bodies and appearance after they leave their twenties... But camming at Niteflirt has truly done that for me!

So, in case there are any doubts, i love doing what i do at Niteflirt. I love playing with each and every one of you and appreciate the time and resources you have diverted toward me. But i also want to thank each of you who have spent time with me on the phone for the opportunity to explore my own desires, for the encouraging words you've shared and for helping me to take myself even further into my sexual awakening!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Finally - A WISHLIST

hello. Some of you have asked about why i don't have a wish list, especially those who know that my birthday is next week. I have felt shy about having a wish list, i don't want to come off as greedy! But thanks to a certain amount of encouragement, i have gone ahead and set one up. I created a list of retailers and links to their e - gift certificate pages. Feel free to pick out an item and i will purchase it to your specifications and have it sent directly to me. That way you don't have to worry about shipping, sizes or any of that. All you need is my email address! ( And please make sure your egift certificate include all shipping fees :-)
As you can see by perusing this list, naughty and nice items are included, but shopping for the naughty ones sure got my mind racing! Thanks so much for your generosity and kindness, and most of all dirty thoughts!

xxoo mia - For a wide selection of Shoes
JT's Stockroom - For Fetish Wear, Toys and Much More!
Victoria's Secret Everyones Favorite Lingerie
Macy's For jewelry, Bedding, Housewares and More.
Sterling Silver Jewelry Check out their locking chains.
Circuit City Computers, Webcams, IPOD's, Cameras and More.

Cam Show Issues

I try to keep my blogs as interesting as possible and not just drone on about phone sex or niteflirt business, but i need to devote a few sentences to cam show issues that have been plagueing me and ruining some of my fun! Eyeball Chat used to be the most reliable messenger type service out there for cam shows... but that is not the case anymore. I have tried all the tricks and so far i am still unable to connect my cam for anyone. On the Niteflirt forums, many many other pso's are having the same issues as i am. I have added the phrase "sorry no eyeball" to my listings and have noticed this is discouraging many of you from initiating cam shows. It is a waste of your time & mine to spend fruitless minutes trying to make eyeball work for us, so just save yourself the frustration and headache and download Skype. It's easy to use and FREE. I would be happy to walk you through it if you send me a message. So far, Skype has proven to be reliable. It does not freeze like yahoo, and rarely does a cam need resending. Best of all you can get full screen images.

xxoo mia

Friday, August 17, 2007


My birthday is August 28th and I am planning a huge blow out party. I have friends flying in from all over the country and you can count on many nights of partying. I won’t be available much on Niteflirt during this time, so what I have decided to do is share some of the birthday treats with you… for the next week, I am going to be available every night during my usual hours of about midnight – 3 am eastern. But along with my cam listings I will also log onto a special birthday phone only listing at a reduced per minute rate… that way if you just want to call and say hi, or if you haven’t given me a call yet and want to give me a try or if you just haven’t had a chance to call in a while you will be able to at a reduced rate. I am dropping my per minute 50cents from 1.99 to 1.49 a minute, but only on one listing, so you need to go to my homepage and scroll down to the listings and look for the one at the reduced rate. If you are interested in Domination, I know you know better than to call this listing right? This would be a good opportunity to call if you want information on how to set things in motion for a cam show or to discuss with me your fantasy or any special requests you might have.
Are you newbie to cam shows and phone sex… are you an aural sex virgin? I know you have thought about what it would be like to have me show off just for you, well now is the time to make that happen. If you have never used Niteflirt and want to call me for either a chat or a cam show, send me a message at and I can send you Three Free Minutes to get you started. Just say.. i wanna use the slut!
And lastly about my birthday, some of you have asked about why I don’t have a wishlist. I while back a created a wishlist, but somehow felt a little greedy about letting people who call buy me stuff, so I never have made it available. But I know some of you want to get me something for my birthday, so I will be posting my wishlist shortly. Please look for it here or at niteflirt.

xxoo mia

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It’s a love hate thing with me and porn. I watch it all the time, but I always wish for it to be better. Don’t we all? I get most of my titles from the local smut shop, and to be honest, sometimes just the trip down to the hood and into the neon illuminated hole in the wall is the highlight of my porn watching experience. As is predicted by you at this moment… I dress kind of provocatively and go in knowing that 99% of the time I go in I will be the only woman in the joint… it’s a thrill, most of the time. But lately, I have gotten a hankering for porn around 11:30 at night and have twice made the 20 minute drive to find the place closed. And yes it says open 24 hours right up front. That sucks. And it's frustrating.
I know I should figure out how to download the movies from the internet, I’ll put that on my to-do list but I just haven’t gotten to it. In the meantime I was chatting with someone and told them my sad tale of porn-less woe. Included in this conversation was the fact that I wish porn was better… I hate when it seems like acting, I want to feel the arousal of the women involved… I mean dammit, why don’t the women ever cum in porns. And to be honest, I can only watch so many throat fuckings and so many anal poundings until they all start looking the same. A gaping ass is a gaping ass huh?
But what I really like it the BDSM related scenes, I like pornos like the Fashionista’s Series (of course), The Dark Side of Suzan (oh that bathroom fucking scene!!!), Riot Sluts II (that tattooed chick gets me all wet) … movies that have a D/s element, fetishes, kink…
Well, anyhow, the good news it... this guy I was chatting with surprised me and bought me a membership to So, not only am I knee deep in porn again, it’s the kind I like most… Bondage scenes, verbal Dominance, Spanking all jumbled up with anal sex, face fucking and double penetration. It’s really the best of all worlds. Yeah for me!

xxoo mia

PS All projected onto a 91 inch screen!

Monday, June 25, 2007


I have been thinking about making some changes to my listings at Niteflirt. For one i am considering changing my member name. I have been using "i am ready" for most of the time i have been there (coming up on a year soon), but most everyone knows me as mia or knows me as the inked slut. Being "ready" confuses people and it's difficult to do a member search for my name. I am playing with a few ideas, one being "mmmMia". I would like to work "the inked slut" into it somehow but the word "slut" isn't allowed the way it's spelled, so... Anyhow, if you have any ideas for me, please feel free to drop me a message at Niteflirt or at
Things have been pretty dead lately, as it always is during the end of the month, so feel free to say hi, make a special request or CALL ME... As always, i look forward to getting and being dirty for you!
Thank you to those who've commented here and those who've messaged me privately about this blog!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

i do stuff...

I know you are a pervert, and i mean that in the best possible sense. Of course you are, why else would you be reading my blog? I know a lot of people go there whole life without confessing, admitting or facing their own kink. It wasn't that many years ago when i was in the same boat. I came into my womanhood with a clear idea of the type of woman i wanted to be, and it had nothing to do with serving a man on my knees. In fact i embraced a very one dimensional view of feminism, straight down the line, thinking that women had to reject any and all forms of submission to men. Silly me forgot the part about freedom to choose your own path, freedom to explore all sides of the feminine self. When i first admitted to myself that being a sexual sub turned me on, i felt like a failure of some sort. But the more i found like minded people, the more i looked into the kinky culture the more i realized that what i like, what personally turns me on is OK. I knew my desires were not hurting anyone and that the only damaging part of it was the negativity i had associated with submission to men. So, here we are years later and i am a confident woman who liked to serve men (and women) on her knees.

So what about you? What is your kink that you keep hidden and locked up deep inside? You have found that accepting person you can confess to. Is it feet? Is it leather? Is it dressing up? Is it your own submission? Do you have a fetish? Just let me know...

xxoo mia

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bye Bye!

In two days i leave for a much wanted vacation. I am headed to Puerto Rico for some time at the beach. I am really looking forward to it. So anyhow, i won't be around or available for about two weeks. I am staying near Old San Juan and hope to do some site seeing, eat at all the good restaurants, do some snorkeling, boating, see the Rain Forest and tour the Bacardi factory! I promise to come back with some naughty tales of a horny slut far from home!

As always feel free to drop a message to me anytime at

xxoo mia

Monday, May 14, 2007


i love this... Click Here.

And those who left it for me. I love my work. And since i only do it a few hours a week... you can be sured i am totally into it.

Just wanted to say Thanks!

xxoo mia

Click Here for Three Free minutes

Friday, May 04, 2007

Worshipping the Cock - Beltane

I am not a pagan, but I like any and all celebrations of sexuality; So every year, a group of friends and I get together to celebrate the Celtic festival of Beltane. If you aren’t familiar with Beltane, you may know it as MayDay. In the past, it was the beginning of spring, and the celebration of fertility. Some myths say that the young people of the villages would go picking flowers in the forest and find one another and fuck anonymously under the stars. Of course the maypole itself is a phallic symbol and dancing around any huge penis sounds like fun to me! Whatever people used to do in the past, my friends and I have a special way of celebrating.
For the past four years we take an afternoon drive out to my friend Beth’s little farm. She lives on 60 acres of forest, lake and fields. We all come with food to share (I brought three homemade cakes) and plan on spending the night. Beth house has a “playroom”, completely stocked with dungeon equipment and my favorite thing is a full sized slut punishment cage! At dusk, we build a blazing bonfire and watch the sun set as the partying begins! When we are surrounded by darkness and lit up by stars (and many of us are enveloped by a warm tequila glow) the fun begins. A few of my guy friends are musician and the guitars come out. The other women and I begin to dance around the fire, slowly stripping off our clothes. As the partying takes over, the woman all begin kissing, touching and falling into each others arms… putting on quite a show as the men yell out directions for our play… From that point… much of the night becomes a bit blurry but we played a very adult version of truth or dare that involved a cocksucking contest that I won! (no surprise huh?) I can tell you for sure I got all my holes filled and woke up quite messy the next morning. It took a full day for me to recover, so if you’ve missed being able to contact me, now you know why!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Night at the Symphony...

The huge dramatic choral singing rose up through the cavernous hall... I thought back to the afternoon and His call. Instructions to be clean, no panties, dress to impress. The sounds in the room were overwhelming... the symphonic music was lifted in praise, the opratic elements washed over me. Joy was overwhelming. His fingernails dug into my neck. His hand reached up my stocking clad thigh. In the darkened box no one else existed. It was as if the 125 member chorus, the three opera singers and the 70 piece symphony was playing only for us. As the music creshindoed He firmly encouraged my neck downward, forcing my head into His lap. My skin tingled as i felt His command deep in my soul. I opened my thighs slightly to release the heat. His eyes were locked on the stage as i fumbled with the zipper of His black jeans. I basked in my own joy that matched the joy of the music. My lips parted instinctually. His warm hardness met my mouth, like a magnet my tongue reached out for the salty slit.

There in the darkness of the box seat, surrounded by the pristine beauty of the symphony, i sucked.. my eyes closed in pure bliss. His fingers wound in my hair as He gripped a tuft, pulling firmly as His passion rose. In the magic of the music His cock slithered down my throat, deeper than i ever remembered, without struggle it nestled within my submissive soul...

Monday, March 26, 2007


I have one. No kidding. I used to visit the website, the porn site, i think called f* I thought it was hot. It just took the depersonalization a step further. It was a bit of a turn on to think of being attached to a machine, like cow being milked or something... so dehumanizing or something. Well, i shared my dirty little secret with a very handy Friend of mine and guess what... He loved the challenge and built me one. SO i have a f*ck machine! I know you want more details... first let me say he made it out of an old Kitchen Aide Mixer that my mother used to use to bake all the family Christmas cookies on growing up! It's has the beautiful 1970's color of harvest gold too! Since i am just a dumb slut and don't have the capabilities of telling you the intricacies of the mechanism, i can tell you how it works. It f*cks me. Slow and fast and every speed in between. It has a vacu-lock attachment end and He got me three attachments. Regular, big and double (for dp). I have pictures... hehehe.

Also, some have been asking my availability for calls. Usually expect me around 12 midnight-2 am eastern time on Sundays -Thursdays. I usually go out on Fridays and Saturdays but may log on if i get home at a decent hour and a fairly sober state. For cam, i usually only cam on nights where someone has set up an appointment in advance. Me camming is usually by request, so, make sure you contact me in advance and i would be happy to set something up!

By the way... i love my fans!!!!!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More computer Stuff

So, i did mention that i am completely new at this web stuff right? Never wrote html, never had my own website, never made graphics, etc... Well, i have to say, although i am experiencing a lot of trial and error i have been at it again, and i made a new profile page at Niteflirt and new mouse over buttons. I went with a cute traditional tattoo them and kind of ran with it. Anyhow, please check it out and let me know what you think! MY NEW PROFILE PAGE
I still have a lot to learn but i am still trying to figure out it all out, for example i still am not really sure about tables, style sheets, meta tags, search engine optimization and a million other things... I am always open to suggestions/help/criticism (gentle criticism)!

One more thing... an interesting thing happened the other morning...

He had a key to my house, he had pet sat for me last time i went on vacation. We had gone out a couple of times and connected but both our lives were very busy. I hadn't heard from him in a while. I awoke last week from a deep sleep with a tickle on my lips. I opened my eyes to see him before me, his cock out, in his fist and pressed to my lips... i opened wide as any good slut would. A very very pleasant way to wake up.....

Remember.. check out my new page

xxoo mia

Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am new to camming. I have taken a total of about a dozen cam calls but i have to say, what fun! At first i was really nervous and i am still learning to ropes a bit, but everyone has been really nice. This the problem, i kind of have to psyche myself into it... i need to feel prepared, i guess i get a little stage fright, and so i kept screwing up. I would log on for my phone only calls and forget to logg off my cam listing and then someone would call for my cam listing and a couple of times i didn't take the call (while my belly is in knots) then i realized that i was getting rating points deducted. At Niteflirt, the platform i use for taking calls, you get rating, callers can give you points and feedback, but if you don't accept a call and you are logged on you get two points taken away. oh well, my bad... oh by the way, feel free to take a minute to read
my feedback here. I love my callers they are all so cool and sexy... thanks to all of you who've called and rated me!
So back to camming, i was never a stripper or anything like that, i am really a regular woman, totally amateur and new to all this. The only things that qualifies me for being any good at this is the fact that i love showing off and that i know how to please a man. Apparently that is all it takes! So i have tried a few different outfits, and realized my heels don't really show... that corsets are a pain to take off on your own and that it helps to have someone else here to help with technical difficulties (ie... lighting, zooming, spanking and fucking). Anyhow, so if you have considered calling my cam listing but noticed i rarely turn it on, please drop me a message and i would be happy to arrange something with you. I am planning on camming one or two nights a week. I am also considering making a second cam listing that is a bit lower priced that would be for cam with phone but no naughty bits. That listing would be for callers who want to see who they are speaking with but don't expect a show. That would also be a listing for those who want to get "check out" the quality of what i am offering. Anyhow, interested in phone with cam... click here...

xxoo mia

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Questions Questions

I get a lot of questions; people want to know what I like, what I am into, who I am. Here are some of the most common questions answered…

Where do you live?
I live on the East Coast, NJ specifically.

How many tattoos do you have?
I don't really count them since some are connected and stuff, but I have my back covered, my upper left arm has a band, my upper right arm is sleeved, one on my belly, one on my lower back, one on my wrist, one on my hand, one in my mouth... that's it for now.

Where did you get your tattoos?
From all over, where ever my life has taken me I have tried to collect a token reminder.

Are you submissive or Dominant?
I switch, I am naturally a sexual submissive but a Dominant Woman (does that make sense?)

Are you more into guys or chicks?
Depends on the person behind the dick and cunt...

What type of erotica do you write?
Most of my writing is BDSM themed stuff. I write both short stories and some poetry. I also love making custom erotica and recordings.

Are you looking for a Master? Are you looking for a boyfriend? Are you looking for a girlfriend? Are you looking for a hook-up?
The truth about the internet is that it is very impersonal and untrustworthy. I have a brain and use it. I am not making any promises about what I am looking for... it would take a hell of a lot of trust for me to move from internet/phone/cyber to real life. Having said that, I have been pleasantly surprised by people. I have met strangers who have become great fuck buddies and friends! What I can tell you is that I love meeting people, getting to know people, getting turned on by people and getting into peoples heads. Those people become the fuel of my fantasies... so, how about we just get to know each other and see what happens...

What do you look for in a partner?
I like people to make me feel special, don’t we all. I want someone who is my equal in many ways. I want someone who wants me. I want someone who is passionate. . I want someone who is an awesome fuck. I want someone who is willing to experiment, try new kinky things, get dirty.

Do you like younger/older guys/girls?

What is the deal with the phone sex line?
It's safe, it's fun and it's one way to move it to the next level without revealing my identity. It's a place for me to get off for guys and get guys off. Sorry if it’s not your thing, but I LOVE it.

Do you play on line?
Yes... when I can find time.

When was the last time you got laid?
Last night.

When was the time before that?
Night before that.

How many times do you like to cum during sex?
Three or more times ideally.

Do you squirt?
On occasion

Do you really like anal?

Do you do threesomes?
oh yesssss

Do you do gangbangs?
I have

What really turns you on?
double penetration

little dirty sluts
Shaved heads

strong forearms
fuck machines


do you have a day job?
yes… slut.
Honestly I have a regular life. I think sexuality is a private thing. I think most people who know me casually would be surprised about my sexual appetite. Outside of my sluttiness, i am pretty much a regular woman.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Twisted Fantasy

When i was younger, i didn't think i had fantasies, because if i desired a scenario, i did it. But the truth was i hadn't developed enough of a creative and imaginative sexual vantage point. But now i know that there are things that many might not ever see as sexy are or can be very... very sexy. Trips to the grocery store, car trips, visits to friends of your parents, doctors appointments, time spent weeding a garden can turn into fantastic fantasy scenarios. Anyhow, here is a brief synopsis of one of my fantasies...

I wake up groggy, last thing i remember i was listening to instructions from my humorless older boss. I am on a table, cold metal, strapped down. I test the binds and find myself tightly strapped down. My hair feels stiff and smells like hairspray, i realize it's been "done". My lips are slippery with lipstick, my eyelids heavy with dramatic eye make-up. I am covered with a sheet, hospital style. I can hear far off voices, monotone, droning. Finally i hear clapping, applause then i am being wheeled onto a stage, the lights blaring, warm, harsh. I am surrounded by men, in white coats, like scientists. They undo the straps and nudge me to my feet, the table is wheeled away and then the sheet is yanked from me. I am naked on the bare stage, harsh light illuminates me. In front of me is a sea of cold faced men. Suddenly out of a mic i hear the monotone voice, they are taking about me, describing me in a detached way, a detached way but very graphically. It reminds me of a slave auction but more sterile. Two men approach me and hold me and twist me into certain positions, bent over.. my ass spread so it can be seen. One puts an arm around my neck and pulls my head back, the crook of his elbow pressing against my trachea, I am balancing up on my tip toes, my chest thrust forward. The second pinches and slaps my nipples over and over. I look at his face, it is passionless, removed and methodical. The whole time this cold voice drones on about my assets. Mechanically the orator takes me apart, part by part, nipple by nipple, flesh by flesh, bit by bit. The entire time i feel ashamed, panicked.. or humiliated, because throughout this dehumanizing experience my pussy is heated and throbbing and i know the men are going to pull my legs apart, spreading me to the eyes of the men in the audience watching and they will see, how abundantly juicy i am.

So wouldn't you agree, i am a twisted and naughty girl. OK, i shared mine, your turn!

xxoo mia

Friday, January 19, 2007

the oral reaming

yes, i have a new recording at Niteflirt... called deep and hard .. her face F*CKED! It was made by special request. Basically what I was asked to do was make a recording of me orally servicing a real life cock. Tough Request, poor me, the thing is, i am a rare species of woman who really gets off on performing oral... i totally like it, especially when it's a bit on the rough side. So anyhow, i arranged for a real life warm one to come and let me at it... So I told the guy i was shooting for five minutes or so, but of course he took it farther (past eight), and really really gave it to me. It was tough work, i gagged and choked and panted, ... and i really gagged. I finished him off and got a face full. Very nice. Then i went to convert it from wav to mp3 ( I am pretty technologically inept) I couldn't get it to work right, finally I asked a subbie boy who knows audio to look at it for me, and guess what, the damn thing never recorded. Meanwhile, I had the horny guy who request the recording waiting... so even with a sore throat, i went at it again and did an even better "job"! Anyhow that is the story behind the recording, listen to it, so far five people have and all of them LOVED it!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new years

It feels different this one, more than i remember then in the past... weird. Anyhow many people have asked me how my new years celebration went. On my website i had mentioned that i had three party options for the night. The first was a party i have attended for many years. I have an older female friend who is a rich lawyer and she throws this big fancy catered party (hired bands and Dj's, etc.) every year... the place is packed with playwrights, judges, Hollywood types, artists, and mostly rich corporate types. She has a gorgeous house, nestled in the wood and her back room is all windows overlooking a big pool and deck with a hot tub. The second party i was invited to was a smaller, more intimate party, about a dozen friends, lots of ... "fun stuff" and people I know well, some might say.. intimately. This party would definitely turn into a fuck fest. The third party was an unknown. It was a a new trendy restaurant, on the roof top, invite only... exclusive.
So what did i do? I got a lot of different suggestions for people i talked to in the weeks leading up to it, but what I decided to do is start with the restaurant roof top. Maybe I went too early, but it was just, sort of dry. It seemed like the people that went were more interested in being seen than having fun. I did eat some yummy food, but in the end left around 11 pm. I drove past the second party and the lights were low and seemed like my "intimate friends" didn't wait for me to begin the party. I didn't want to walk in and feel like the third wheel, so drove past, hoping to come back later. I ended up at the first party, came in right before midnight, everyone was having a great time dancing and partying, and i was welcomed with warm embraces all around. I jumped right in on the dance floor , found a pretty little tramp to dirty dance with, made quite a spectacle and loved all the attention. I stayed until dawn, along with a group of about 20 (yes, the trampy girl too). We made good use of the hot tub.. and the dance floor, and the bathroom floor, and the kitchen floor, and the dining room table, and the pool table too. We had.. a very good time.
Hope you had a wicked New Years celebration too!!!

xxoo mia