Monday, January 29, 2007

Twisted Fantasy

When i was younger, i didn't think i had fantasies, because if i desired a scenario, i did it. But the truth was i hadn't developed enough of a creative and imaginative sexual vantage point. But now i know that there are things that many might not ever see as sexy are or can be very... very sexy. Trips to the grocery store, car trips, visits to friends of your parents, doctors appointments, time spent weeding a garden can turn into fantastic fantasy scenarios. Anyhow, here is a brief synopsis of one of my fantasies...

I wake up groggy, last thing i remember i was listening to instructions from my humorless older boss. I am on a table, cold metal, strapped down. I test the binds and find myself tightly strapped down. My hair feels stiff and smells like hairspray, i realize it's been "done". My lips are slippery with lipstick, my eyelids heavy with dramatic eye make-up. I am covered with a sheet, hospital style. I can hear far off voices, monotone, droning. Finally i hear clapping, applause then i am being wheeled onto a stage, the lights blaring, warm, harsh. I am surrounded by men, in white coats, like scientists. They undo the straps and nudge me to my feet, the table is wheeled away and then the sheet is yanked from me. I am naked on the bare stage, harsh light illuminates me. In front of me is a sea of cold faced men. Suddenly out of a mic i hear the monotone voice, they are taking about me, describing me in a detached way, a detached way but very graphically. It reminds me of a slave auction but more sterile. Two men approach me and hold me and twist me into certain positions, bent over.. my ass spread so it can be seen. One puts an arm around my neck and pulls my head back, the crook of his elbow pressing against my trachea, I am balancing up on my tip toes, my chest thrust forward. The second pinches and slaps my nipples over and over. I look at his face, it is passionless, removed and methodical. The whole time this cold voice drones on about my assets. Mechanically the orator takes me apart, part by part, nipple by nipple, flesh by flesh, bit by bit. The entire time i feel ashamed, panicked.. or humiliated, because throughout this dehumanizing experience my pussy is heated and throbbing and i know the men are going to pull my legs apart, spreading me to the eyes of the men in the audience watching and they will see, how abundantly juicy i am.

So wouldn't you agree, i am a twisted and naughty girl. OK, i shared mine, your turn!

xxoo mia

Friday, January 19, 2007

the oral reaming

yes, i have a new recording at Niteflirt... called deep and hard .. her face F*CKED! It was made by special request. Basically what I was asked to do was make a recording of me orally servicing a real life cock. Tough Request, poor me, the thing is, i am a rare species of woman who really gets off on performing oral... i totally like it, especially when it's a bit on the rough side. So anyhow, i arranged for a real life warm one to come and let me at it... So I told the guy i was shooting for five minutes or so, but of course he took it farther (past eight), and really really gave it to me. It was tough work, i gagged and choked and panted, ... and i really gagged. I finished him off and got a face full. Very nice. Then i went to convert it from wav to mp3 ( I am pretty technologically inept) I couldn't get it to work right, finally I asked a subbie boy who knows audio to look at it for me, and guess what, the damn thing never recorded. Meanwhile, I had the horny guy who request the recording waiting... so even with a sore throat, i went at it again and did an even better "job"! Anyhow that is the story behind the recording, listen to it, so far five people have and all of them LOVED it!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new years

It feels different this one, more than i remember then in the past... weird. Anyhow many people have asked me how my new years celebration went. On my website i had mentioned that i had three party options for the night. The first was a party i have attended for many years. I have an older female friend who is a rich lawyer and she throws this big fancy catered party (hired bands and Dj's, etc.) every year... the place is packed with playwrights, judges, Hollywood types, artists, and mostly rich corporate types. She has a gorgeous house, nestled in the wood and her back room is all windows overlooking a big pool and deck with a hot tub. The second party i was invited to was a smaller, more intimate party, about a dozen friends, lots of ... "fun stuff" and people I know well, some might say.. intimately. This party would definitely turn into a fuck fest. The third party was an unknown. It was a a new trendy restaurant, on the roof top, invite only... exclusive.
So what did i do? I got a lot of different suggestions for people i talked to in the weeks leading up to it, but what I decided to do is start with the restaurant roof top. Maybe I went too early, but it was just, sort of dry. It seemed like the people that went were more interested in being seen than having fun. I did eat some yummy food, but in the end left around 11 pm. I drove past the second party and the lights were low and seemed like my "intimate friends" didn't wait for me to begin the party. I didn't want to walk in and feel like the third wheel, so drove past, hoping to come back later. I ended up at the first party, came in right before midnight, everyone was having a great time dancing and partying, and i was welcomed with warm embraces all around. I jumped right in on the dance floor , found a pretty little tramp to dirty dance with, made quite a spectacle and loved all the attention. I stayed until dawn, along with a group of about 20 (yes, the trampy girl too). We made good use of the hot tub.. and the dance floor, and the bathroom floor, and the kitchen floor, and the dining room table, and the pool table too. We had.. a very good time.
Hope you had a wicked New Years celebration too!!!

xxoo mia