Wednesday, January 10, 2007

new years

It feels different this one, more than i remember then in the past... weird. Anyhow many people have asked me how my new years celebration went. On my website i had mentioned that i had three party options for the night. The first was a party i have attended for many years. I have an older female friend who is a rich lawyer and she throws this big fancy catered party (hired bands and Dj's, etc.) every year... the place is packed with playwrights, judges, Hollywood types, artists, and mostly rich corporate types. She has a gorgeous house, nestled in the wood and her back room is all windows overlooking a big pool and deck with a hot tub. The second party i was invited to was a smaller, more intimate party, about a dozen friends, lots of ... "fun stuff" and people I know well, some might say.. intimately. This party would definitely turn into a fuck fest. The third party was an unknown. It was a a new trendy restaurant, on the roof top, invite only... exclusive.
So what did i do? I got a lot of different suggestions for people i talked to in the weeks leading up to it, but what I decided to do is start with the restaurant roof top. Maybe I went too early, but it was just, sort of dry. It seemed like the people that went were more interested in being seen than having fun. I did eat some yummy food, but in the end left around 11 pm. I drove past the second party and the lights were low and seemed like my "intimate friends" didn't wait for me to begin the party. I didn't want to walk in and feel like the third wheel, so drove past, hoping to come back later. I ended up at the first party, came in right before midnight, everyone was having a great time dancing and partying, and i was welcomed with warm embraces all around. I jumped right in on the dance floor , found a pretty little tramp to dirty dance with, made quite a spectacle and loved all the attention. I stayed until dawn, along with a group of about 20 (yes, the trampy girl too). We made good use of the hot tub.. and the dance floor, and the bathroom floor, and the kitchen floor, and the dining room table, and the pool table too. We had.. a very good time.
Hope you had a wicked New Years celebration too!!!

xxoo mia

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