Friday, January 19, 2007

the oral reaming

yes, i have a new recording at Niteflirt... called deep and hard .. her face F*CKED! It was made by special request. Basically what I was asked to do was make a recording of me orally servicing a real life cock. Tough Request, poor me, the thing is, i am a rare species of woman who really gets off on performing oral... i totally like it, especially when it's a bit on the rough side. So anyhow, i arranged for a real life warm one to come and let me at it... So I told the guy i was shooting for five minutes or so, but of course he took it farther (past eight), and really really gave it to me. It was tough work, i gagged and choked and panted, ... and i really gagged. I finished him off and got a face full. Very nice. Then i went to convert it from wav to mp3 ( I am pretty technologically inept) I couldn't get it to work right, finally I asked a subbie boy who knows audio to look at it for me, and guess what, the damn thing never recorded. Meanwhile, I had the horny guy who request the recording waiting... so even with a sore throat, i went at it again and did an even better "job"! Anyhow that is the story behind the recording, listen to it, so far five people have and all of them LOVED it!

xxoo mia

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