Sunday, February 25, 2007


I am new to camming. I have taken a total of about a dozen cam calls but i have to say, what fun! At first i was really nervous and i am still learning to ropes a bit, but everyone has been really nice. This the problem, i kind of have to psyche myself into it... i need to feel prepared, i guess i get a little stage fright, and so i kept screwing up. I would log on for my phone only calls and forget to logg off my cam listing and then someone would call for my cam listing and a couple of times i didn't take the call (while my belly is in knots) then i realized that i was getting rating points deducted. At Niteflirt, the platform i use for taking calls, you get rating, callers can give you points and feedback, but if you don't accept a call and you are logged on you get two points taken away. oh well, my bad... oh by the way, feel free to take a minute to read
my feedback here. I love my callers they are all so cool and sexy... thanks to all of you who've called and rated me!
So back to camming, i was never a stripper or anything like that, i am really a regular woman, totally amateur and new to all this. The only things that qualifies me for being any good at this is the fact that i love showing off and that i know how to please a man. Apparently that is all it takes! So i have tried a few different outfits, and realized my heels don't really show... that corsets are a pain to take off on your own and that it helps to have someone else here to help with technical difficulties (ie... lighting, zooming, spanking and fucking). Anyhow, so if you have considered calling my cam listing but noticed i rarely turn it on, please drop me a message and i would be happy to arrange something with you. I am planning on camming one or two nights a week. I am also considering making a second cam listing that is a bit lower priced that would be for cam with phone but no naughty bits. That listing would be for callers who want to see who they are speaking with but don't expect a show. That would also be a listing for those who want to get "check out" the quality of what i am offering. Anyhow, interested in phone with cam... click here...

xxoo mia

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Unknown said...

Funny, just yesterday I read this article by the Internet sex columnist at Wired, all about how to look your best on a webcam.

I'm confident you look ravishing, but here's a link if you'd like to read it.