Monday, March 26, 2007


I have one. No kidding. I used to visit the website, the porn site, i think called f* I thought it was hot. It just took the depersonalization a step further. It was a bit of a turn on to think of being attached to a machine, like cow being milked or something... so dehumanizing or something. Well, i shared my dirty little secret with a very handy Friend of mine and guess what... He loved the challenge and built me one. SO i have a f*ck machine! I know you want more details... first let me say he made it out of an old Kitchen Aide Mixer that my mother used to use to bake all the family Christmas cookies on growing up! It's has the beautiful 1970's color of harvest gold too! Since i am just a dumb slut and don't have the capabilities of telling you the intricacies of the mechanism, i can tell you how it works. It f*cks me. Slow and fast and every speed in between. It has a vacu-lock attachment end and He got me three attachments. Regular, big and double (for dp). I have pictures... hehehe.

Also, some have been asking my availability for calls. Usually expect me around 12 midnight-2 am eastern time on Sundays -Thursdays. I usually go out on Fridays and Saturdays but may log on if i get home at a decent hour and a fairly sober state. For cam, i usually only cam on nights where someone has set up an appointment in advance. Me camming is usually by request, so, make sure you contact me in advance and i would be happy to set something up!

By the way... i love my fans!!!!!

xxoo mia

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