Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bye Bye!

In two days i leave for a much wanted vacation. I am headed to Puerto Rico for some time at the beach. I am really looking forward to it. So anyhow, i won't be around or available for about two weeks. I am staying near Old San Juan and hope to do some site seeing, eat at all the good restaurants, do some snorkeling, boating, see the Rain Forest and tour the Bacardi factory! I promise to come back with some naughty tales of a horny slut far from home!

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xxoo mia

Monday, May 14, 2007


i love this... Click Here.

And those who left it for me. I love my work. And since i only do it a few hours a week... you can be sured i am totally into it.

Just wanted to say Thanks!

xxoo mia

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Worshipping the Cock - Beltane

I am not a pagan, but I like any and all celebrations of sexuality; So every year, a group of friends and I get together to celebrate the Celtic festival of Beltane. If you aren’t familiar with Beltane, you may know it as MayDay. In the past, it was the beginning of spring, and the celebration of fertility. Some myths say that the young people of the villages would go picking flowers in the forest and find one another and fuck anonymously under the stars. Of course the maypole itself is a phallic symbol and dancing around any huge penis sounds like fun to me! Whatever people used to do in the past, my friends and I have a special way of celebrating.
For the past four years we take an afternoon drive out to my friend Beth’s little farm. She lives on 60 acres of forest, lake and fields. We all come with food to share (I brought three homemade cakes) and plan on spending the night. Beth house has a “playroom”, completely stocked with dungeon equipment and my favorite thing is a full sized slut punishment cage! At dusk, we build a blazing bonfire and watch the sun set as the partying begins! When we are surrounded by darkness and lit up by stars (and many of us are enveloped by a warm tequila glow) the fun begins. A few of my guy friends are musician and the guitars come out. The other women and I begin to dance around the fire, slowly stripping off our clothes. As the partying takes over, the woman all begin kissing, touching and falling into each others arms… putting on quite a show as the men yell out directions for our play… From that point… much of the night becomes a bit blurry but we played a very adult version of truth or dare that involved a cocksucking contest that I won! (no surprise huh?) I can tell you for sure I got all my holes filled and woke up quite messy the next morning. It took a full day for me to recover, so if you’ve missed being able to contact me, now you know why!

xxoo mia