Wednesday, July 25, 2007


It’s a love hate thing with me and porn. I watch it all the time, but I always wish for it to be better. Don’t we all? I get most of my titles from the local smut shop, and to be honest, sometimes just the trip down to the hood and into the neon illuminated hole in the wall is the highlight of my porn watching experience. As is predicted by you at this moment… I dress kind of provocatively and go in knowing that 99% of the time I go in I will be the only woman in the joint… it’s a thrill, most of the time. But lately, I have gotten a hankering for porn around 11:30 at night and have twice made the 20 minute drive to find the place closed. And yes it says open 24 hours right up front. That sucks. And it's frustrating.
I know I should figure out how to download the movies from the internet, I’ll put that on my to-do list but I just haven’t gotten to it. In the meantime I was chatting with someone and told them my sad tale of porn-less woe. Included in this conversation was the fact that I wish porn was better… I hate when it seems like acting, I want to feel the arousal of the women involved… I mean dammit, why don’t the women ever cum in porns. And to be honest, I can only watch so many throat fuckings and so many anal poundings until they all start looking the same. A gaping ass is a gaping ass huh?
But what I really like it the BDSM related scenes, I like pornos like the Fashionista’s Series (of course), The Dark Side of Suzan (oh that bathroom fucking scene!!!), Riot Sluts II (that tattooed chick gets me all wet) … movies that have a D/s element, fetishes, kink…
Well, anyhow, the good news it... this guy I was chatting with surprised me and bought me a membership to So, not only am I knee deep in porn again, it’s the kind I like most… Bondage scenes, verbal Dominance, Spanking all jumbled up with anal sex, face fucking and double penetration. It’s really the best of all worlds. Yeah for me!

xxoo mia

PS All projected onto a 91 inch screen!

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Anonymous said...

Yea you! Glad you've solved your porn fix problem for the time being, albeit, the trip to the porn shop does seem like a fun adventure (and your don't really expect it to be open 24 hours IN A ROW, do you?). Be sure to share your favorites with us curious folk.