Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I have hesitated to make my availability concrete... i tend to follow my whims and didn't want to be tied down. But some of you have asked when i am available for phone calls and cam shows and although it doesn't follow hard fast rules, i am fairly predictable.

Basically I am available from midnight - 3 am eastern wednesday - sunday.

I give myself monday and tuesday nights off so that i can get some things done on tuesday and wednesday mornings. On weekends however i may log on a little bit later, in case i go out, and i may stay on later than 3 am. And on weekends, if you do catch me after i have been out, you may have quite a handful of Mia - partying can make me quiet feisty, which more fun for all! So to sum it up (are you writing this down?) call me wednesday - sunday midnite to 3 am. You can always email me to ask when i will be around or to make a special appointment or request.

Now that that's out of the way, how about a little more business. If you want a special outfit for a cam show, please email me at least one day before hand so that i can be prepared. You would not believe how many guys send me messages while i am in the middle of taking calls and ask for special outfits. Guys, realistically, i dress sexy every night. Sometimes it's a simple negligee, sometimes its bras, thongs and stockings other times i might have pig tails and miniskirts, other times i might have the punk rock Domme thing going. I try to always have on heels, patent leather 5 inch pumps, heeled maryjanes or knee high leather boots. These outfits often change with my moods. (Not to say i can't switch gears... as many of you know). So anyhow, please don't send me a message at 2 am asking me to go change clothes. Thanks!

Talking about thanks... Lately i have been getting some superb feedback. I really really appreciate this and wanted to thank all of you who have taken the time to publicly sing my praises. And of course, encourage you to keep it up! Here's some of the recent ones...

10/13/2007 scotta2005 beautiful, smart, creative, and very fun to play with.

10/13/2007 XXXovesAnal Another Awesome call with Mia. She is so willing to please that she pushes her limits more and more with every call. She is a rare find. Give her a call and you will be in amazed at what Mia can do for you.

10/12/2007 XXXi333nity sexy, fun, willing to change roles at the drop of a hat. You are so beautiful, thank you..

10/3/2007 XXXris1576 A cam session with this Girl is an unforgettable experience! Hauntingly beautiful...

10/11/2007 XXXky Mnt Dude Excellent! Worthy of attention.

10/11/2007 XXXeyorbit78 so sexy .. my goodness.

10/11/2007 XXXDUDE What an absolutely wonderful call! Mia has a voice that will seduce you and make you do things you never thought you could:) I'd recommend giving her a call on her cam listing to enjoy the full show....she's amazing! Beautiful and very attentive to your needs...Fella's a must call on keen...I only wished i met her sooner! Cheers Mia!

10/8/2007 XXXovesAnal Excellent Cam/Call. Mia is enchanting and seductive. A very Obedient Good Girl. Give her a call and you too will be very satisfied.

10/8/2007 XXXew2077 she was great was a lot of fun

10/6/2007 XXXovesAnal Excellent Cam Call! Mia has an incredible personality, sexy voice, hot body and so much sexual energy that you will not want your call to end. A very good girl and a rare find.

10/2/2007 XXXhty8s Absolutely the best. Read my previous feedback, there's little I can add to what I already said. She's totally into it.

10/4/2007 XXXlesB818 Hot, Dirty and Sexy as Hell. Mia is a stunning sweetness wrapped around a luxuriant, decadent core of nasty. It is devastating in the best possible way and I already want more. 5 Stars...without a moment's hesitation.

10/3/2007 XXXovesAnal Playing with Mia is a truly unique experience. She is a very Good Girl and is very willing to please. Highly Recommend.

10/1/2007 XXXhty8s Outstanding!! Totally devoted to turning me on. She aimed straight for the heart of my perversions and stroked my twisted dominant sexual psyche with a professional precision that bordered on telepathy. What a voice, too! When she gets heated to the boiling point and starts breathing like an animal in heat while trying to talk it's impossible not to be right there with her. Highly, highly recommended.

To read more of my excellent feedback click here. WHAT A GREAT OCTOBER (so far) ! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS!

XXOO mia

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

another little fantasy

You came home from work, it had been a long tedious night on the third shift. Driving home, although exhausted, the birds were singing and the summer warmth was just beginning to radiate. You couldn't help but smile a wide grin...
The house was very quiet when you entered, which wasn't unusual, often your wife was sleeping when you entered and you would silently slip into the bed next to her and drift off. But this time things seemed different in the house... The lights were left on in the kitchen and sitting on the dining room table was an empty bottle of tequila. You lightly stepped down the hallway toward the bedroom door and as you approached the cracked door you heard the joints of the bed creaking. You paused right outside the door, and took a deep breath, fear and dread as well as excitement swelled in your chest. You put your palm against the door and pushed it a crack and put your eye near the crack. There in the slanted morning light beaming through the blinds you saw a naked woman on your bed. She was bound tightly, spread wide, gagged with one of your ripped t-shirts, her ripe curvy body adorned with tattoos, and her eyes were locked on yours...
You knew this woman... but how did she end up here, in your bed? Your wife and you had met her once at a party but she had filled many nights fantasies that you had shared with each other.
The tattooed woman's eye's were glistening with lust as she watched you. Your wife was oblivious to your entry, too busy buried between this woman's legs, noisily lapping at an obviously very aroused juicy pussy. Along with the sounds of slurping, you could hear the soft moans of your wife mixed with the husky growls of tattooed woman's impending orgasm...
Your cock throbbed in your pants front and you felt the spreading wetness of pre-cum gathering against your zipper. Without hesitating you unzipped your pants and let them drop and stepped toward your wife's curvy exposed ass. You gripped her hips and simultaneously drove your cock between her dripping pussy lips.. your eyes still on the face of tattooed slut bound to your bed.
You felt your wife's entire body freeze and tighten underneath you as took her suddenly. She tried to wheel around to address you, her face glistening with girl juices, wanting to explain herself but you took your large palm and gripped the back of her neck and shoved her face back down into the pink open pussy spread before her. You hunched over her body, your torso against her back, your fingers digging into the back of her neck as you watched over her shoulder as she slurped on the cunt. You rammed your cock into her, each thrust deep and hard, burying into her warmth until your cock head could go no deeper, and pulling out the length, then slamming back in. You fucked with the passion & lust of animals...

xxoo mia