Thursday, November 01, 2007

Why I'm Not a Suicide Girl...

I get asked why I’m not a SuicideGirl about once a week. It’s not a new idea, I first learned about the SuicideGirls about four years ago. I thought the concept was amazing when I initially heard of it. I loved the idea that someone was celebrating alternative beauty. But the fledgling idea has turned into something much greater… as some people pointed out to me; The SuicideGirls have a special on Showtime right now. I’ll gladly ride on the coattails of the publicity this huge production is drawing toward alterna-beauty, but I never wanted to be a SuicideGirl.
There are a lot of things I have read and that have been written criticizing the management of the SuicideGirls website, but it’s not the alleged mistreatment of models, or self censorship or the dispute about the gender of the owners nor the subtle display of Nazi images on some models shoot that are my reasons. My reason is because I want control of me. To be a SuicideGirl you must sign agreements limiting the way you can use your own image and you have to sign exclusivity agreements and basically relinquish your rights to control how your image is used. I really don’t think $500.00 for 60-80 images is really a fair deal for pics that SuicideGirls will be using endlessly. It’s just not worth it in my opinion, especially when I see women at Niteflirt selling three photos for 7-10 dollars or more, over and over… Not that I sell my images… I don’t. Again I guess I’m just a control freak, because I hate the idea of someone using those pictures for purposes I am not aware of.
So that is why I am not a SuicideGirl.

Also briefly, I have noticed a lot of hits to my website that are being trafficked from a MySpace profile page. As much as I love the publicity, I would really like to see the context in which my link is being displayed. I do not currently do any promotion through MySpace because it is not an age verified site. The content of my site (and me in general) is not all-ages friendly. So, if you are one of those people who found me through a MySpace profile link, please send me a message at with the link to that profile, just so I can check it out. Thanks in advance for that.

As always, I do enjoying hearing from fans, so feel free to drop me a message anytime

xxoo mia


Anonymous said...

You are your own woman.

dusio said...

I love your blog, and you!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok... so I go onto SG for the first time in a long time and remember why I stopped. The new girls are just models who happen to be pierced or have ink, not the true SGs of the past. Before they were raw and dirty and looked like your roommate's ex-girlfriend or like a girl you'd see at the local rock club - who you'd (read: I'd) try to pick up but she'd tell me to fuck off and then leave with some dude's gf.

That's a Suicide Girl. It's more attitude than look.