Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Inked Slut's Holiday Gift Guide

I might be a little lazy because i created this gift guide by merely perusing the pages of one website and picking what i liked. Or maybe i just really really like JT's Stockroom....
But basically they do seem to have many many items that i would imprint with the Inked Sluts Approval Stamp. So do you have a loved one and you have no idea what to get them this holiday season... look no further, i have just the gift for them... and with that i give you...

The Inked Slut's Holiday Gift Guide!

It's sleek and shiny, it could be art on your coffee table.


A real clothespin with a strong bite & made from metal.. oh how useful!
Let's get a couple dozen!


A low fit leather dildo harness, sturdy and elegant. How about a little role-reversal?

(psst..the low rise fit promises maximum clitoral stimulation) yea!


A very sexy leather harness designed to highlight the female form

and present numerous possibilities for bondage scenarios.

Let your imagination go with this one.


Simple, stylish, shiny, stretchy, black spandex hood with a well shaped mouth hole. Sensory depreviation anyone?


Pony Play and Anal Fun! yeehaw!!!


Do you have a wayward sled dog around the house that needs some training?

Or maybe you just want to scare the hell out of your playmate?
This well made kangaroo signal whip is just the thing for you!


Have a Merry Merry Christmas with this Metal Genital Whip!

Beautifully made and well constructed and it looks so good poking out of a ...
Christmas stocking. (what did you think i was going to say???)


Your puppy need some training?

Try this inescapable portable prison!


Feminine, curvy and so deliciously tight.
A very sexy waist cinching heavy duty 25 gauge latex dress!


A flirty super short design that shows off womanly assets!

Made from high quality 14 gauge latex and available in many colors.


A classic curve hugging Mistress very short Dress with a long zipper up the back.

Don't you wanna help me put this one on?


A fashionable latex fetish piece. A highly detailed & elegant top.


Leather garters to accentuate the curves...

I might need help with these clasps!


Excuse me while i drool here....

Oh those O-rings...

The Ophelia Corset



Anonymous said...

Thanks Mia! Great ideas for that "girl who has everything," especially the corsets. I guess the toaster I got her just won't cut it, eh?

Anonymous said...

So what did Santa bring you for Christmas, Little Girl?