Saturday, December 13, 2008

Phone verus Cam

Which do I prefer?

Often I get this question. They are both so different for me, and honestly the experiences I share with my callers are on a completely different wave length with each. Perhaps I should back up and give you a little Niteflirt primer first, just in case you have stumbled upon this blog from other places. Niteflirt is the “platform” I use for accepting phone calls. (More about Niteflirt Here) I work for myself and set everything up myself there. I have no boss. Niteflirt has certain rules, which I adamantly stick to. One of which is that you can not accept outside payment processing services. So the only way to play with me is to go through Niteflirt. At Niteflirt you can buy my messenger ID’s, see pictures, purchase recordings and check out my listings. There are two basic types of calls to choose from.

The first is phone only. This is where you are connected directly with me. (Both of our personal information is always kept completely anonymous). If you call my listings, you will never be put in contact with another woman. I am the only one you reach. People often think of phone sex companies as putting up a few pictures of some models and then connecting you with whomever is available. I am sure this is true for some companies and maybe even some of the listings at Niteflirt, but NEVER MINE! I only log on when I am available to chat and if you call me you will get my undivided attention.

The second type of listing is phone with cam. At Niteflirt it is against the terms of service to do cam shows without a phone call. There are many reasons why someone may want to watch someone on cam without calling, the major one is secrecy. I am sorry you are in that situation, but in the age of mute buttons, silent ringers and cell phones, this doesn’t have to be an issue. I often do calls where the other party is completely silent or whispers. In this case it helps to have my IM window up to explain your interest. Interests??? What does she mean by that? Well, I aim to please. I like to have a little dialogue with new callers, before we play so that I can understand what turns them on. This is especially good for cam calls, because if someone wants something, outside of my scope of expertise it’s good to know. For instance, I really would rather not play with the type of guy who connects with me and says right off “grab your biggest toy.” I find that type of man, generally disrespectful and unrealistic about women and definitely clueless about what is sexy.

I am best at seduction. I use my eyes, my voice and subtle gestures (and nudity)to bring both of us to the point of no return. Generally for cam shows I wear lingerie, black, hot pink, red tend to be my colors. I sometimes wear corsets, or garters, or stockings or even pantyhose on special request. Some guys like me in glasses, some like pigtails, some like high boots, and others like super high pumps or strappy sandals. And in the end, a lot of that comes off. Like I said, I aim to please.

So now you get that cam shows have to include phone. I don’t usually use a head set, I hold my phone in my hand, and purr at you as if you were my boy friend. Sure it’s not “professional” but it’s personal and for me much much more sexy. I build up, as you do, and I always get turned on by showing off on cam. Whether or not it’s a Domination call or a Submission Call or a Cam to Cam Mutual Masturbation, I get off on you getting off. Cam shows are like a personal strip show but without the pesky rules about full nudity or using toys. Yes I have toys.

Toys… many are within a reach from where I cam. I keep certain things handy. (pun intended) I have a couple of dildos, I have some plugs, a strap on cock, a crop, clothes pins, lube, a paddle, a ball gag and more. See I do aim to please.

Back to my original question, which do I prefer…
I am not always in the mood to cam, it can be stressful to be behind the camera and lose yourself in the rush of sexual adrenaline. I get very very turned on by some of my cam calls (greg …). So I don’t cam that often, you can usually catch me camming on weekends and sometimes during the week if I am feeling like I need some exhibitionism. But I am often in the mood to explore people’s fantasies on the phone. I love for guys to say to me, I have a fantasy about a boss and his secretary, or I have a fantasy about my wife meeting other men, or I have a fantasy about being taken control of by a strong woman, I have a fantasy about an anonymous blowjob, or I have a fantasy about being forced to do dirty things, ETC. In fact these men’s ideas permeate my days even when I am away from Niteflirt. I love it. And to admit it I am quite a skill story teller and love to weave a detail oriented seductive story that pulls a caller completely into that world. The people who have called me for this are very pleased with how I handle their fantasizes, if you don’t believe me, check out my Niteflirt Feedback (click here).

A word about Niteflirt feedback; I love it. Please take a second to leave me some, and let other knows a little bit about our call or how I handled our call. I always try to send a personal thank you to everyone who gives me written feedback. If I have missed you, sorry, let me know and I will make it up to you. You can go back and leave written feedback for a couple of months, so please go back and write me some!

Lastly, it’s nearing the holiday season. I know some of you are inclined to spoil me with gifts. I haven’t updated my wishlists in a while and I know they are pretty picked through, but don’t fret, I will update them soon! See My wishlists by visiting my Niteflirt Page

xxoo mia

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Just a lil Tease.

I listened to the story he was telling me and I laughed and smiled quietly to myself. The way he treated those women, the way he knew just how to take them to the edge and leave them there… His dominant skills were undeniable. I never much gave into men’s claims that they were Dominant or that they knew how to treat a sub. I doubted them, anyone who had to claim those things, I believed, didn’t really possess them. But this man was quite the opposite; he always claimed he was still learning. But when He told me that night about what he had done – all my doubts were washed away. I found myself slipping silently into that delicious hypnotic place as I imagined his hands touching me in the way he described. I closed my eyes and my hand slipped into my panties as I put myself in her place in his story, feeling my face pressed into the pillow muffling a cry as his hand met, over and over with the flesh of my backside. How badly I ached for his body pressed against mine as he insistently took what I knew was already his… me.

xxoo mia

Saturday, September 06, 2008


This is a topic I have to readdress time and time again. I think that for some it must be very hard to put your head around because of their own limited experiences. It says on my Niteflirt page...

Part Vixen,
Part Slut,
Part Goddess,
Part Whore.
I get off on getting you off.
I do things...
What do I like? I like it ALL.
I am not interested in labels,
like submissive or dominant,
I do what feels good.
Cuckold, cumslut or crossdressing?
GFE, gang bang or gloryholes?
Bukkake, buggering or bondage?
Fetish, facesitting or fucking?

Challenge me with your Roleplay.

Let me hear your twisted Fantasy.

Now to me this seems makes perfect sense. Sometimes I feel like a sponge, ready to respond to whatever I am faced with. What this means sexually is that I find myself responding to the other(s) whom I share sexual experiences with. That doesn't mean I am always compatible with every person out there, but what it means is that if our sexual energy is a match, my body, mind and emotions react. Sometimes it only takes a person's tone of voice or their body language to cue my responses. It's not something I think a lot about, it just sort of happens. I find myself intuitively responding to others. Of course there are those whose personalities I just plain don't like. For instance, cocky and arrogant mixed with disrespectful and selfish, is not a person I want to know. I actually know a guy like that, and he calls himself submissive. I call him passive aggressive. Trying to engage in D/s with him is like going into rural Mississippi and trying to get a cup of Earl Grey with milk and turbinado sugar. I have tried that by the way, it's futile. It's not that I couldn't dominate this guy, but to what ends? I am at a certain age where I simply do not want to bother with people who can't see past their own nose (cock) or people who want to try and make themselves feel important at the expense of others. And especially when I can fulfill my own needs to Dominate by playing with men who know how to treat me like a Goddess. I am not mean spirited, I am not a Sadist, I am not a user. What I enjoy as a Top is feeling treasured, having bottoms who want to please and worship. I want to be with submissive people who need my firm hand and gentle guidance to fulfill their deepest desires. I want to be the sweet seductive voice in their ear and they find themselves on the brink of bliss over and over again.

Questions about my diverse sexual interests? Check out my recordings and short stories available through Niteflirt. I have a very hot story about having a stranger sneak into my bedroom one night with his hand over my mouth, fills me in unexpected ways. I have another story that guides my reader through forced face sitting. I have recording, made live of my mouth being used deep and hard with lots of choking. I even have tiny dick humiliation and cuckold stories. All of my recordings and stories are rated five stars and have tons of feedback from listeners/readers raving about their creativity, authenticity or just plain old hotness. And because you have taken the time to read this far into my blog, here is a little sample…

“Dear?” The husband called to his wife through the bathroom door. She was dressing; earlier in the day he had told her he had special plans for her birthday. She opened the door and he smelled the lavender of her perfume. She had on a clingy black shirt dress that buttoned down the front, the top three buttons open and her cleavage rose up and offered it to his eyes. Even after all the years, the image of her curvy body displayed in clingy fabrics made his cock begin to rise. She sat at the end of the bed with her stockings in one hand and leaned forward and began rolling one up her leg… “Tom did you have something you wanted to tell me?” His eyes enjoyed the visual feast of her careful and conscious preparation of her body. He stammered a bit trying to find the right words…”well dear…I wanted to do something special for you, this is an important birthday.” She smiled warmly up at him and she lifted the hem of her dress and attached the top of her stockings to her garters. He watched her, his arousal increasing and continued…” I made some arrangements, um… I have been trying to set something special up for you... and um… well…” He lowered his eyes, landing on the vintage styled five inch pumps she was slipping on her perfect little feet. His cock was not only fully erect in his pants but beginning to leak a little pre-cum now. She leaned back on the bed, her stocking clad legs stretched out before him. “Go on Tom”.

Tom had placed an ad in the college paper two months before. He wanted to find just the right type. He wanted to give her a very special gift. Most of the responses’ he received were far from ideal. Tom and his wife had talked about this during their love making time and time again. Each time he quaked with thunderous orgasms as she described to him just how it would be…

He didn’t know how to admit what he desired. He wondered how others would react if they found out. If his golfing buddies knew, oh god, he didn’t even want to think about that. Even the word “cuckold” sounded dirty. But she would sometimes ask him to say it while his face was buried between her legs, “say it Tom”. He would open his eyes and look up into her face, age had not obscured her beauty, her eyes would wickedly sparkle at him waiting to hear him say it. He would hesitate, inhale her scent then say, directly into her pussy “I want to be a cuckold”. He could cum at the sound of his voice saying those words.

Of course their is more to this story, much more. If you want to read it, click here.

Just to hit the point home, I have started working on another story, this one is about having a boyfriend take me to hotel room and hand me over to a group of men he knows and tell me "Be a good girl."

Hope you enjoy my wicked mind.

xxoo mia

Friday, August 22, 2008

yeah.. well

In a few days it will be my birthday. I suddenly find myself nearer 40 than 30 at the age of 35. I never thought of myself a a sex symbol. Who would have predicted this for me? I promise you no one. See, you know me as The Inked Slut. That person is pretty damn different than the mia of everyday life. I keep everyday mia mostly underwraps to you inkedslut fans, just as I keep the inkedslut underwraps in my everyday world. I wonder is the everyday mia a buzz-kill for fans of the inkedslut? I wake up and throw on a Johnny Cash t-shirt and a pair of cut offs and converse lowtop sneakers and think, what would Robert think, what would Greg think, what would Chuck think, what would Tom think,
what would Chris, Mark, Mike, Brian, John.. think?
I didn't expect to stay at Niteflirt this long.. it's not only my birthday but it's also nearly my two year anniversary here. I think, oh, i am too old to be doing this ... I expected a year maximum. But guys seem to like me, so what's is the deal? Is the media just plain wrong when they glorify thin, young and unblemished or am I just offering guys something different? Who knows for sure... but I enjoy it alot. It's a wonderful ego boost, as so many of my friends lament lost youth, i feel like I have finally found a place/way to affirm my unique maturing beauty.

xxoo mia

My birthday is August 28th, wanna spoil me?

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Meeting Him - a fantasy

I received a card in the mail. An invitation. On one side it had one of those black and white art photos, the other side of the postcard had the date and time and that sort of information. It was an art opening. Handwritten in very masculine block letters were the words "come slut". I smiled to myself. I imagined his voice saying those words. I found my breath increasing. I was torn, should I or shouldn't I. This voice was familiar to me, but I had never met this man. He had spoken to me numerous times, and his tone, his vocal strength, his ability to control me with words was unparalleled. Gentle but firm, with his experience and intelligence he employed both humor and passion and he tapped into an ache deep inside me.

The day arrived and I fluctuated back and forth trying decide if I should go. That evening i found myself in the shower, taking care to shave my pussy as if preparing for a date. My fingertips squeezed my nipples as I finally decided, yes I am going to that opening tonight. I cut the tags off a super sexy black and red satin bra and thong set that I had purchased the week before and slipped it on. I picked a classic but sexy, simple but low cut black dress and heels that had a touch of kink just below the surface. With a spritz of perfume on the back of my neck, i glanced at myself in the mirror and wondered.. would it please him?

I pulled open the gallery's heavy glass door and stepped into a busy and noisy artsy scene. I looked around the room. Now I had to figure out which one he was. I had no idea how to handle the situation, would he approach me, would wait for me to figure it out, would he toy with me? I knew the answer right away.. he would make me suffer. He would absolutely play games with me, he would stand back and watch me struggle and twist. I moved to the bar and ordered a glass of Shiraz and began the search. I knew very little about his appearance, but i knew enough about how he thought that I looked for signs in the men's behaviors.

He was strong and driven. Men who came off as weak were quickly ruled out. I also ruled out all the men who were obviously attached. Then I ruled out those men who were of the wrong age. Then I began looking for eye contact. I knew he would be watching me. I found strength in wine... and soon found myself finishing off my third glass. My face was flushed, I was frustrated, new men arrived while others left. I continued making the rounds of the room, looking into the men's faces.

Finally I went to the powder room, and sat in a vintage velvet chair in one corner, trying to decide how to proceed. Finally I grabbed my bag and headed back through the crowd toward the door. The artist whose exhibit it was, stood by himself near the door. Before leaving I felt I should say something to him about the exhibit before walking out the door. I smiled and began telling him how fond I was of one of the pieces toward the back wall. He proceeded to tell me about the inspiration behind the work, something about his travels in Bolivia. I could barely hear his words, my mind was foggy and I felt so disappointed. Then, within his dialog I hear the name Jon...

I tuned back into the artist and tried to make sense of what he was telling me. The photograph I was complimenting... a favorite of his friend Jon. I asked him to clarify... was it the one I was referring to, on the back wall? The artist and I begin to stroll back to the photograph, as he tells me that he wasn't even going to include this picture in the show, but his friend Jon insisted... We stood before it and gazed... the frame included the back of a woman in close up, her right shoulder and her hair falling down the porcelain of her back. Her face was not visible. But a mans hand griped the back of her neck. The artist asked me.. " you are really fond of it?" I stared at it and contemplated. I saw the tension in the fingertips of the man's hand. I saw the slight indentation of his pressure into the tender flesh of her shoulder. I stared quietly. Then I turned to the artist and said... "yes, i like it. I like it very much. There is clearly a power exchange behind the image." He smiled at me.

"Well that shows how much I know, I felt nothing regarding this photo. I thought it was meaningless. I couldn't even give it a title". "Really?" I inquired, "it seems so full of meaning to me". I took a step forward to read the title plate just below the right lower corner of the frame. My eyes widened as I heard the artist say, "yeah, in fact, I wanted to call it "Untitled 7", my friend Jon had to give it a title. I read the word "mia".

I felt hot, even feverish. I wanted to sit down. I felt like a small part of a big play. I was a pawn of sorts. I felt like i had no control over my own life. I'm wanted to give in to the wave that was pulling me out toward the vast ocean but i also felt an intense need to tightly grip all i knew and held familiar. The artist looked into my face and asked if i was ok. I told him perhaps I had one too many glasses of wine. I took a step backwards and plopped onto a divan. In a far away voice I heard the artist said "awwww - there he is." My mind reeled. I found myself outside my body as i watched the artist shake the hand of a man.

He stood over me as i sat on the divan, my knees pressed tightly together. The artist, taking to his friend, began retelling the events of the last few minutes.... Me approaching him to compliment the photo, us walking back to the photo, him telling me of the naming of the piece... The stranger turned toward me and said "it's for you mia... I've purchased it as a gift for you, my sweet slut...."

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sexual Anarchism

People have this very distorted or one dimensional view of what Anarchism is. Anarchism is not chaos. And for me it isn’t just some anthem I choose to espouse because my middle class white American upbringing didn’t give me anything substantial to hold on to. Sure, it has been the fashionable battle cry for disenfranchised youth, but for me it is a much more thoughtful philosophy. I am not saying we need an Anarchistic government or anything like that, but I do think it would make an excellent philosophy for many more of us to embrace. I am talking social not political here.
I studied and read a lot of anarchist philosophy of the earliest 20th century while writing a college thesis comparing turn of the century American women anarchists. What I believe is that Anarchism means is, basically, do whatever you want as long as you do not intentionally hurt any one in the process. That hurt no one includes yourself. So you see, this is a philosophy many of us could and should embrace. It’s live and let live. And when we are discussing sexuality, especially, I believe this should absolutely be the modus operandi.
So what this means is that for me, your strange kinky fetish is OK. You tell me you want to dress like a baby and have your diaper changed… cool. (although it’s a no-no at Niteflirt). If you say to me, “I want you to step on cupcakes while I jerk off”, then I say, “did you bring cupcakes?”. If you let me know that you are all about spanking, or pantyhose, or exhibitionism or dressing like a girl… I say “right on!”, as long as you are not intentionally hurting anyone in the process. So that means keep your exhibitionism out of the eyes of unwitting, underage and non consensual others.
I am strictly against legislating moral issues, especially when it comes down to sexual choices. Freedom of speech is something I hold dear. I am passionate about the rights of people to love differently. I think gay and lesbians should have equal access to rights that hetero couples have. I cringe when I read about someone being arrested for hurting another and s&m is part of the sensational media coverage. I think Kink Aware Professionals are heroic. I applaud those among us who stand up for and fight for all the sexual rights we take for granted.
Does this seem obvious to you because you’ve seen my website
InkedSlut? Or because you have read my other blog posts here at Sexual Anarchism? Or because you have seen my listings at Niteflirt? Or because you know I work as a phone sex operator or cam girl? You would think that wouldn’t you... But I know there are women out there that profit off of the adult industries who wrap themselves in a cloak of patriotism and claim that people like Max Hardcore deserves to be prosecuted. What Hardcore does may be misogynistic, what he does may seem brutal, he may be a sadist, but should adults be denied access to his pornography just because you can’t handle it? There are women out there who make a living showing off their bodies or talking dirty for money who think that it’s ok for the United States Government to restrict the freedoms of people like Max Hardcore. I promise you Max Hardcore would not be producing those movies if there wasn’t an audience who purchased them. Well then why not blame capitalism instead!
Statistics can always go both ways. People on both sides can dig up facts and reports to support their beliefs, but is there any conclusive evidence that pornography is linked with violence? Or is porn conclusively linked with pedophilia? I find it unbelievable that people who don’t like porn could just make the choice not to buy it; Or people who are against strippers or alcohol or sex shops or adult websites could just choose not to visit, support or buy it. But instead they attack my rights to buy, choose or visit these adult privileges and it pisses me off.
So that is why I try to practice my live and let live form of sexuality, which I coined “Sexual Anarchism”. Happy Independence Day Perverts!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sex as Catharsis

I always hesitate to blog too much about my personal life. Part of it is my own hang ups, my own walls, etc. I worry if i put too much of the deep personal me out there someone may tap into a protected, hidden side of me that I dread exposing. The other thing about blogging about deeply personal topics is that I work in the fantasy world and I hate to ruin someones fantasy ideal of me. But the truth of me as Sex worker is, I only do it because I want to. I really don't need to work as a PSO or cam girl, I just do it because I get off on it. You might be into pantyhose, or you might be into dangling, or you might be into me being Your girl, or you might be into Female Superiority, but I am into Selling Fantasies. In case you don't understand, what I mean is, I get off on working to get you off. I ache to hear the phone ring. I get wet knowing that I am getting into your head and you enjoy my wicked mind so much you are willing to compensate me financially. I guess you might say I have a Whore "thing". And I am really really into it.
Back to my personal life. Many of you have been sending me messages asking where I have been lately. I haven't replied because I really didn't know what to say. Part of me wanted to keep the fantasy alive, I want put forth the image that I am the idealize Woman you have grown to know and lust. But the truth is I am just a mere human like you, except my ass is way nicer than yours...
I have been gone three separate weeks in the last month, traveling out of state to help a very ill family member. And the traveling will probably continue for the rest of the summer. Words like cancer, life support, sepsis, ICU, ventilator, white blood cell count, central lines, paralysis are words that were not a regular part of my vocabulary before May. Now they are. This reality is a major bummer, I know. It's not sexy at all, but... I find myself even needier for sexual interaction.
This is what happened... I had spent a long sleepless night in a hospital waiting room. I had family around but also a dear old friend was close by my side. As morning rolled around we went back to the hotel to shower and clean up. The door shut behind us and this man immediately pulled me close and made demands of me. It was the absolute best thing as a friend he could offer me at that moment. Even facing grief and life & death decisions, he knew how to support me. Sex is cathartic, sex can be healing, and sex is a huge stress relief.
I wondered at one point how I would ever just turn off my mind, log on again at Niteflirt and be the Vixen Mia again. But what I realized is it was just what I needed. I needed my fantasy fulfilled as it always is when I take calls. I knew I needed the escapism of the roleplays I enjoy as I play with my callers. So here I am back at being a phone sex operator and feeling even better about life because of it.

xxoo mia

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bad mia.......

Ok before you get the rolled up newspaper out... I'm bad. I know it. I am the worst blogger ever. I write blogs, Great Blogs, in my head almost every day. But then when I have the time to put fingers to keystroke, it all sounds so lame. I could promise to do better, but I won't, so why lie. It's like all the times I have sworn up and down that I would send out birthday cards or gifts and never get around to it. I have a birthday gift for my friend Keith that has sat in my closet for 2 years. See... I am bad.

So here is an interesting blog. I love sex books. I really do. Whether it's erotica or informative non-fiction.. I love it. I even buy crappy sex books from the local Borders. I have a fantasy of going back to school and getting yet another degree, this time in Sexual Education. Yes, there is such a thing.

So I decided to start writing a little about some of the sex books I own and have read. (As opposed to those non-sex book I keep on my shelf to make me seem smart but I have never read, i.e. James Joyce, Ayn Rand, Dickens).

The Best American Erotica Series - I own 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. Out of the three books, one story stands out in my mind... of course I can't remember which of the books it's in or what the title is, and to be honest it's 4 am right now ~ but it's about a young man working roomservice in a fancy hotel who delivers, with much excitement, to a notorious gangster's room. They young man ended up getting abused, I remember a plug taped in his ass after an enema and then him getting force fed cock. Nice.... I will come back with the title after I have a chance to dig it up.

The Story of M - Maria Isabel Pita - It's supposed to be a true memoir about meeting a Dom and embarking on a journey of D/s. Really, it has a lot of swinger elements and the protagonist turns herself into a mindless sex object. It's ok for a D/s fantasy, if you can get over the fact that she calls her partner Stinger.

You Know You Love It - Ilona Paris - This is basically a how to be a Pro-Dom book. I actually liked this book more than I expected. I wonder though, if she left it all behind, why did she write a book about it?

The Loving Dominant - John Warren - Just read it already! You don't really know it all! (Even though the picture of the author makes me want to run & hide).

Delta of Venus - Anais Nin - I love Anais with her flowery words and her euphemisms. She is a classic. And I love the idea of her being a skilled writer who has to whore herself to make money and get recognition. Hahaha, I can relate. Also, do yourself a favor and see the movie Henry and June if you haven't already.

Female Dominance, Rituals and Practices- Claudia Varrin - Ok, honestly, not a favorite, but informative. I really hate how sexuality has to be dissected and classified. I tend to just respond to other people's sexual desires through intuition. Having the "how to" books seems to take away from discovering peoples unique desires. That's just me...

Nine and A Half Weeks - Elizabeth McNeill - A classic. Enjoy.

Erotic Bondage Handbook - Jay Wiseman - If you are truly involved in the BDSM scene in real life, then you know Jay Wiseman. He tours, he lectures, he does workshops. Basically he is a BDSM rock star. If you have an interest in bondage this is The book to check out.

Ok, that's it for now... more to come during a decent hour.

xxoo mia

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just go do it.

Guess what, CBS News says we should all go have sex. Let me remind you that Mia "the inked slut" has been telling you the same thing all along. OK, say it with me.. "if it feels good it is good." Now CBS is saying sex is good for your health.. reducing stress (check my blog entry called.. Sex for Stress), boosting your immunity, improving your cardiovascular system, self esteem, burning calories... etc. So, no more excuses... just go do it. You can thank me later. Read the article here... Top 10 Reasons To Have Sex Tonight

A couple of things are new in Mia's twisted world... one is that i added a new page to called Mia Mania. Yeah i know that's kind of a dumb name but it's the best i could come up with. For about two years I have had a couple of artists use me for inspiration for their creations. I kept promising them i would share their work with the world, so i set this page up as a fan art gallery. I have only had time to add a few that i have received, but i am hoping it can expand over time. I am really flattered and honored to be an inspiration in this way. I am the type of geek that enjoys going to museums and galleries so please, don't be shy... share! Check our Mia Mania by clicking here.

My Niteflirt listings have changed. Did you notice? Apparently Photobucket finally cracked down on everyone from Niteflirt that were using their services. All my cute tattoo style buttons were lost, many of my pictures, etc... so I had to rework my Niteflirt pages. Please don't be alarmed, it's the same extra wicked and slutty mia, just a new look to the listings. The design is simple and direct (amatuerish?). I haven't ever paid a designer to make my pages professional and flashy like many women at Niteflirt do, I wonder does it really make a difference to you guys? I would love to get some feedback and opinions on this. Check my Niteflirt listings here.

One more thing, keep a look out for a "special" I will be running in the next couple of weeks. I am going to drop my prices and see if i can play more, harder and kinkier for a few days!

xxoo mia

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Vacation for me...Yeah for Texas! Too bad for Alabama...

Ban on Sex Toys Is Overturned in Texas

Published: February 14, 2008

A federal appeals court has overturned a Texas statute outlawing sales of sex toys, essentially leaving Alabama as the only state with such a ban. The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit ruled that the Texas law making it illegal to sell or promote obscene devices, punishable by up to two years in jail, violated the right to privacy guaranteed by the 14th Amendment.

I used to live in Texas but thank goodness i had bought my Jeff Striker dong in New Jersey before i moved there. I had a friend who worked in a porn shop and she had told me that they weren't allowed to sell realistic dildos... so now you know the reason i left Texas.

Talking about dildos...
I have been M.I.A. for about a week, that is because i was in San Francisco. What a great city! I hadn't been there in years and not since my real sexual awakening... Anyhow some of the sexual related highlights of the trip were... going to Good Vibrations. Good Vibrations was opened three decades ago as a woman focused (owned and opened by a woman) sex positive retailer. They also state "Good Vibrations strives to be an agent for social change, through the lenses of sexuality, diversity and alternative business practices." Check them out at . While there my traveling companion purchased for me both the Njoy Stainless Steel Plug and the Njoy Stainless Steel double ended Wand. I know you can't wait to see them in action!!! Haha - if you still haven't had a chance to catch one of my cam shows... here is a link that includes three free minutes...

Also in San Francisco i stopped by to visit The Power Exchange. I had read a lot of stuff about this place and to be quite honest, many of the reviews i had read made me a bit scared to go check it out. In the end i felt like i had to go and see what all the fuss was about and i am soooo glad i did. Most of the negative feedback i had read talked about it being sticky, dirty and disgusting. I think that the people who had written those reviews are probably people who see sex in general as sticky, dirty and disgusting! Anyhow, i thought it was a great venue for a free exchange of sexuality and kink... But I haven't even told you what it is... The Power Exchange is an adult sexual play space catering to all sexual & gender preferences and erotic sensibilities. From it's website it describes itself as "fostering a sense of okay ness with any and all carnal options" and i would have to see from what i observed that definately was the case. It was three stories (some where i read 10,000 sq feet, somewhere else 30,000 sq feet) of every kind of sexual space you'd ever desire. The bottom floor included a large dungeon with equipment that riveled anything i have ever seen. The second floor had social rooms, dance floors, poles, and lots of dark fuck spaces. The third floor (which is usually couples only but was open to all this night) had a variety of spaces including one large room with about 8-10 beds. Throughout the spaces were pirate themed rooms, jungle rooms, egyptian themes, spanking areas, a white room, medievel, prison, animal prints, cages, crosses, glory holes, many many video screens with a variety of porn, a variety of sexy music.. etc. It's definately not a place for the faint of heart, there were a lot men masturbating "at you", lots of cock sucking tranny's, lots of naked flesh and many random acts of perversion. The dungeon had probably close to a dozen "scenes" going on at any one time. I did witness an anonymous gang bang as well. The woman getting used seemed very into it, hot little latina, and i have to respect her adult choices, but the men she was with, at least two of them were strangers, were not wearing condoms.. and try as i might, it ruined the hotness for me.

One more bit of Mia news... I have bugun making custom MP3 recordings, so if you have a special request for me, please don't hesitate to send me a message. Remember, a custom MP3's is yours to listen to over & over again... here is what one recent purchaser said about the recording I made for him...

"I've been a fan of Mia for some time now, and just commissioned her to develop a custom recording for me. It is great - 11 1/2 minutes long, with the kind of delicious detail that is one of Mia's unique strengths. Since I can listen to it whenever I want (and I do), this is something I will do again and again. Give it a try. "

xxoo mia

Friday, February 08, 2008

A Surprise!

Today i went to the mail box and found gifts! I have heard that there are generous men out there who shower their favorite phone & cam slut's with gifts, but it hasn't really happened for me.. until today! True i didn't have a mail box or a wishlist until about two weeks ago, but still, not even many had asked about gift giving. I finally broke down and did some research and found a way to get a secure mailbox. See, i know one of the things you all like about me is that i have smarts. I had to make sure it was safe first. It's taken me over a year at Niteflirt for me to feel confident enough to look into secure mailboxes. I kept thinking, someone should start a business where they collect peoples mail at their address then forward the mail to whereever they live in the country. Guess what, all the Mailbox stores do that!
Back to my gifts... today i received cloverleaf nipple clamps off of my
JT's wishlist. I also got an Ipod Nano thank goodness cause i can't standing working out without my music going and my other Ipod was starting to give out on me. I also received a variety of lingerie, including a nice black garter belt and some red fishnet thigh highs... yeah me!

Thank you Tony, Mark and Raul for the gifts! I promise to show you just how much i appreciate it the first chance i get!

xxoo mia

Monday, January 14, 2008


The pussy is an amazing thing. It’s attractive, responsive, friendly (most of the time), and can make a person feel really good. I guess with pussy’s you either really love them or you can sort of, do without. I love the pussy intelligence… or maybe it’s just mine. It never lets me down, it knows just what I want, when I want it and it either gets it for me or give it right away. Sometimes I will be in a sexy situation where I may be questioning my next move… all I have to do is ask pussy, and there she is, either juicing right up and preparing for an encounter, or too busy minding her own business. We are pals, me & my pussy. It doesn’t matter what kind of curve ball I through her, she is already ready to go to bat for me… here is an example.
Last Saturday Night, A date with a very Dominant Man. He had big plans for me, which I was unaware of. This night, it was all about stretching. Now, that’s not always the type of thing a girl is prepared for. He sat back in His leather armchair and told me to undress for Him. Being the coy seductress that I think I am, I slow undressed and swayed all sultry. I dropped my clothes off my shoulder and teased as I peeled down my panties and gave Him a glimpse of my baldness. He grew impatient and growled at me to “stop acting like some type of primadonna and to strip and spread my legs wide like the slut that you are”. In case you don’t know me well… a comment like that will instantly get me and my pussy throbbing hotly. So, I sucked in my breath, checked in with the butterflies in my stomach and readjusted my attitude. I lowered my gaze and mechanically undressed and kneeled before him humble and naked. I stole a glance up at him and he was adjusting himself in his chair. On the side of the room opposite from where he sat was a loveseat. He gestured me toward it and reminded me “keep them spread wide”. I shyly sat back and hesitated as I let my knees begin to fall open. “Now slut, don’t be shy… it’s very unflattering for such a whore.” It was more of those words that make me shiver… I opened my legs and showed him my pink, now swollen and shiny damp slit. “Touch it” he ordered. I reached down and gladly touched my pussy, already desperately aching for attention. I saw his eyes intently watching me and making me perform for him. My fingertips tickled along side my inner thighs, and then I brushed them against the tip of my puffy clit. “Rub It Slut” he barked. I obliged, letting my head fall back against the back of the sofa. I felt my legs open wider and heard him snarl approval. “Now finger your cunt” he commanded.
It’s always a bad idea to tell too much of a hot story like this… don’t you think? Let’s just say there was some serious stretching that night… and my pussy loved it.