Monday, January 14, 2008


The pussy is an amazing thing. It’s attractive, responsive, friendly (most of the time), and can make a person feel really good. I guess with pussy’s you either really love them or you can sort of, do without. I love the pussy intelligence… or maybe it’s just mine. It never lets me down, it knows just what I want, when I want it and it either gets it for me or give it right away. Sometimes I will be in a sexy situation where I may be questioning my next move… all I have to do is ask pussy, and there she is, either juicing right up and preparing for an encounter, or too busy minding her own business. We are pals, me & my pussy. It doesn’t matter what kind of curve ball I through her, she is already ready to go to bat for me… here is an example.
Last Saturday Night, A date with a very Dominant Man. He had big plans for me, which I was unaware of. This night, it was all about stretching. Now, that’s not always the type of thing a girl is prepared for. He sat back in His leather armchair and told me to undress for Him. Being the coy seductress that I think I am, I slow undressed and swayed all sultry. I dropped my clothes off my shoulder and teased as I peeled down my panties and gave Him a glimpse of my baldness. He grew impatient and growled at me to “stop acting like some type of primadonna and to strip and spread my legs wide like the slut that you are”. In case you don’t know me well… a comment like that will instantly get me and my pussy throbbing hotly. So, I sucked in my breath, checked in with the butterflies in my stomach and readjusted my attitude. I lowered my gaze and mechanically undressed and kneeled before him humble and naked. I stole a glance up at him and he was adjusting himself in his chair. On the side of the room opposite from where he sat was a loveseat. He gestured me toward it and reminded me “keep them spread wide”. I shyly sat back and hesitated as I let my knees begin to fall open. “Now slut, don’t be shy… it’s very unflattering for such a whore.” It was more of those words that make me shiver… I opened my legs and showed him my pink, now swollen and shiny damp slit. “Touch it” he ordered. I reached down and gladly touched my pussy, already desperately aching for attention. I saw his eyes intently watching me and making me perform for him. My fingertips tickled along side my inner thighs, and then I brushed them against the tip of my puffy clit. “Rub It Slut” he barked. I obliged, letting my head fall back against the back of the sofa. I felt my legs open wider and heard him snarl approval. “Now finger your cunt” he commanded.
It’s always a bad idea to tell too much of a hot story like this… don’t you think? Let’s just say there was some serious stretching that night… and my pussy loved it.