Friday, February 08, 2008

A Surprise!

Today i went to the mail box and found gifts! I have heard that there are generous men out there who shower their favorite phone & cam slut's with gifts, but it hasn't really happened for me.. until today! True i didn't have a mail box or a wishlist until about two weeks ago, but still, not even many had asked about gift giving. I finally broke down and did some research and found a way to get a secure mailbox. See, i know one of the things you all like about me is that i have smarts. I had to make sure it was safe first. It's taken me over a year at Niteflirt for me to feel confident enough to look into secure mailboxes. I kept thinking, someone should start a business where they collect peoples mail at their address then forward the mail to whereever they live in the country. Guess what, all the Mailbox stores do that!
Back to my gifts... today i received cloverleaf nipple clamps off of my
JT's wishlist. I also got an Ipod Nano thank goodness cause i can't standing working out without my music going and my other Ipod was starting to give out on me. I also received a variety of lingerie, including a nice black garter belt and some red fishnet thigh highs... yeah me!

Thank you Tony, Mark and Raul for the gifts! I promise to show you just how much i appreciate it the first chance i get!

xxoo mia


Anonymous said...

Woo Hoo good for you! You deserve to be showered with gifts, I'm sure. You can send the SD shirt directly to me...

Anonymous said...

That pinwheel looks fun, and HOT! Also like your choice of corsets and stockings.

gandolph said...

it is as it should be you should be rewarded for the fantastic service you do so i say good for you