Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Just go do it.

Guess what, CBS News says we should all go have sex. Let me remind you that Mia "the inked slut" has been telling you the same thing all along. OK, say it with me.. "if it feels good it is good." Now CBS is saying sex is good for your health.. reducing stress (check my blog entry called.. Sex for Stress), boosting your immunity, improving your cardiovascular system, self esteem, burning calories... etc. So, no more excuses... just go do it. You can thank me later. Read the article here... Top 10 Reasons To Have Sex Tonight

A couple of things are new in Mia's twisted world... one is that i added a new page to Inkedslut.com called Mia Mania. Yeah i know that's kind of a dumb name but it's the best i could come up with. For about two years I have had a couple of artists use me for inspiration for their creations. I kept promising them i would share their work with the world, so i set this page up as a fan art gallery. I have only had time to add a few that i have received, but i am hoping it can expand over time. I am really flattered and honored to be an inspiration in this way. I am the type of geek that enjoys going to museums and galleries so please, don't be shy... share! Check our Mia Mania by clicking here.

My Niteflirt listings have changed. Did you notice? Apparently Photobucket finally cracked down on everyone from Niteflirt that were using their services. All my cute tattoo style buttons were lost, many of my pictures, etc... so I had to rework my Niteflirt pages. Please don't be alarmed, it's the same extra wicked and slutty mia, just a new look to the listings. The design is simple and direct (amatuerish?). I haven't ever paid a designer to make my pages professional and flashy like many women at Niteflirt do, I wonder does it really make a difference to you guys? I would love to get some feedback and opinions on this. Check my Niteflirt listings here.

One more thing, keep a look out for a "special" I will be running in the next couple of weeks. I am going to drop my prices and see if i can play more, harder and kinkier for a few days!

xxoo mia