Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bad mia.......

Ok before you get the rolled up newspaper out... I'm bad. I know it. I am the worst blogger ever. I write blogs, Great Blogs, in my head almost every day. But then when I have the time to put fingers to keystroke, it all sounds so lame. I could promise to do better, but I won't, so why lie. It's like all the times I have sworn up and down that I would send out birthday cards or gifts and never get around to it. I have a birthday gift for my friend Keith that has sat in my closet for 2 years. See... I am bad.

So here is an interesting blog. I love sex books. I really do. Whether it's erotica or informative non-fiction.. I love it. I even buy crappy sex books from the local Borders. I have a fantasy of going back to school and getting yet another degree, this time in Sexual Education. Yes, there is such a thing.

So I decided to start writing a little about some of the sex books I own and have read. (As opposed to those non-sex book I keep on my shelf to make me seem smart but I have never read, i.e. James Joyce, Ayn Rand, Dickens).

The Best American Erotica Series - I own 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. Out of the three books, one story stands out in my mind... of course I can't remember which of the books it's in or what the title is, and to be honest it's 4 am right now ~ but it's about a young man working roomservice in a fancy hotel who delivers, with much excitement, to a notorious gangster's room. They young man ended up getting abused, I remember a plug taped in his ass after an enema and then him getting force fed cock. Nice.... I will come back with the title after I have a chance to dig it up.

The Story of M - Maria Isabel Pita - It's supposed to be a true memoir about meeting a Dom and embarking on a journey of D/s. Really, it has a lot of swinger elements and the protagonist turns herself into a mindless sex object. It's ok for a D/s fantasy, if you can get over the fact that she calls her partner Stinger.

You Know You Love It - Ilona Paris - This is basically a how to be a Pro-Dom book. I actually liked this book more than I expected. I wonder though, if she left it all behind, why did she write a book about it?

The Loving Dominant - John Warren - Just read it already! You don't really know it all! (Even though the picture of the author makes me want to run & hide).

Delta of Venus - Anais Nin - I love Anais with her flowery words and her euphemisms. She is a classic. And I love the idea of her being a skilled writer who has to whore herself to make money and get recognition. Hahaha, I can relate. Also, do yourself a favor and see the movie Henry and June if you haven't already.

Female Dominance, Rituals and Practices- Claudia Varrin - Ok, honestly, not a favorite, but informative. I really hate how sexuality has to be dissected and classified. I tend to just respond to other people's sexual desires through intuition. Having the "how to" books seems to take away from discovering peoples unique desires. That's just me...

Nine and A Half Weeks - Elizabeth McNeill - A classic. Enjoy.

Erotic Bondage Handbook - Jay Wiseman - If you are truly involved in the BDSM scene in real life, then you know Jay Wiseman. He tours, he lectures, he does workshops. Basically he is a BDSM rock star. If you have an interest in bondage this is The book to check out.

Ok, that's it for now... more to come during a decent hour.

xxoo mia