Wednesday, April 16, 2008

bad mia.......

Ok before you get the rolled up newspaper out... I'm bad. I know it. I am the worst blogger ever. I write blogs, Great Blogs, in my head almost every day. But then when I have the time to put fingers to keystroke, it all sounds so lame. I could promise to do better, but I won't, so why lie. It's like all the times I have sworn up and down that I would send out birthday cards or gifts and never get around to it. I have a birthday gift for my friend Keith that has sat in my closet for 2 years. See... I am bad.

So here is an interesting blog. I love sex books. I really do. Whether it's erotica or informative non-fiction.. I love it. I even buy crappy sex books from the local Borders. I have a fantasy of going back to school and getting yet another degree, this time in Sexual Education. Yes, there is such a thing.

So I decided to start writing a little about some of the sex books I own and have read. (As opposed to those non-sex book I keep on my shelf to make me seem smart but I have never read, i.e. James Joyce, Ayn Rand, Dickens).

The Best American Erotica Series - I own 2003, 2004, 2006 and 2007. Out of the three books, one story stands out in my mind... of course I can't remember which of the books it's in or what the title is, and to be honest it's 4 am right now ~ but it's about a young man working roomservice in a fancy hotel who delivers, with much excitement, to a notorious gangster's room. They young man ended up getting abused, I remember a plug taped in his ass after an enema and then him getting force fed cock. Nice.... I will come back with the title after I have a chance to dig it up.

The Story of M - Maria Isabel Pita - It's supposed to be a true memoir about meeting a Dom and embarking on a journey of D/s. Really, it has a lot of swinger elements and the protagonist turns herself into a mindless sex object. It's ok for a D/s fantasy, if you can get over the fact that she calls her partner Stinger.

You Know You Love It - Ilona Paris - This is basically a how to be a Pro-Dom book. I actually liked this book more than I expected. I wonder though, if she left it all behind, why did she write a book about it?

The Loving Dominant - John Warren - Just read it already! You don't really know it all! (Even though the picture of the author makes me want to run & hide).

Delta of Venus - Anais Nin - I love Anais with her flowery words and her euphemisms. She is a classic. And I love the idea of her being a skilled writer who has to whore herself to make money and get recognition. Hahaha, I can relate. Also, do yourself a favor and see the movie Henry and June if you haven't already.

Female Dominance, Rituals and Practices- Claudia Varrin - Ok, honestly, not a favorite, but informative. I really hate how sexuality has to be dissected and classified. I tend to just respond to other people's sexual desires through intuition. Having the "how to" books seems to take away from discovering peoples unique desires. That's just me...

Nine and A Half Weeks - Elizabeth McNeill - A classic. Enjoy.

Erotic Bondage Handbook - Jay Wiseman - If you are truly involved in the BDSM scene in real life, then you know Jay Wiseman. He tours, he lectures, he does workshops. Basically he is a BDSM rock star. If you have an interest in bondage this is The book to check out.

Ok, that's it for now... more to come during a decent hour.

xxoo mia


JMB said...

Great post, Mia. I always wanted a decent bibliography and hope that you can make this a regular feature.

Funny story: I had a high school English teacher that LOVED Nin and talked about her and Miller all of the time in class. It wasn't until a few years later that I "got it." Now I have to wonder what she was like at home - but that's another fantasy...hmmm dirty Catholic School English teacher...ahem, I need to go...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the reading list, I'll have to get on that. My girl has the the potential to be a good slut. Any advice on awakening her "inner slut"?

Anonymous said...

John Warren is a great read and a must for those curious of dabbling in BDSM.

Anonymous said...

I thank you for the list. I also thank you for the inspiration to get my wife to act openly what she thinks privately.

Sheleane said...

I've enjoyed Nin and the collections you list as well. I found Varrin to be informative if a little DRY. I dont know why she couldnt have made it informative and SEXY!

As far as the Best American Erotica Series, I have a friend who was published in one of the volumes and we have sent erotica to each other for critical reading. I just dont think my writings are good enough to make any collection. (Some might disagree but maybe we are our worst critics.)

You arent the only one who feels like blogs are stupid once they enter the computer. I write quite alot but seldom publish to my blog because it almost always seems stupid to me.

I enjoy your blog articles and your FAQ/Q&A on FuBar. -El

JMB said...

Well, we have two writers - Mia, Sheleane - and I edit... let's get started!