Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Sexual Anarchism

People have this very distorted or one dimensional view of what Anarchism is. Anarchism is not chaos. And for me it isn’t just some anthem I choose to espouse because my middle class white American upbringing didn’t give me anything substantial to hold on to. Sure, it has been the fashionable battle cry for disenfranchised youth, but for me it is a much more thoughtful philosophy. I am not saying we need an Anarchistic government or anything like that, but I do think it would make an excellent philosophy for many more of us to embrace. I am talking social not political here.
I studied and read a lot of anarchist philosophy of the earliest 20th century while writing a college thesis comparing turn of the century American women anarchists. What I believe is that Anarchism means is, basically, do whatever you want as long as you do not intentionally hurt any one in the process. That hurt no one includes yourself. So you see, this is a philosophy many of us could and should embrace. It’s live and let live. And when we are discussing sexuality, especially, I believe this should absolutely be the modus operandi.
So what this means is that for me, your strange kinky fetish is OK. You tell me you want to dress like a baby and have your diaper changed… cool. (although it’s a no-no at Niteflirt). If you say to me, “I want you to step on cupcakes while I jerk off”, then I say, “did you bring cupcakes?”. If you let me know that you are all about spanking, or pantyhose, or exhibitionism or dressing like a girl… I say “right on!”, as long as you are not intentionally hurting anyone in the process. So that means keep your exhibitionism out of the eyes of unwitting, underage and non consensual others.
I am strictly against legislating moral issues, especially when it comes down to sexual choices. Freedom of speech is something I hold dear. I am passionate about the rights of people to love differently. I think gay and lesbians should have equal access to rights that hetero couples have. I cringe when I read about someone being arrested for hurting another and s&m is part of the sensational media coverage. I think Kink Aware Professionals are heroic. I applaud those among us who stand up for and fight for all the sexual rights we take for granted.
Does this seem obvious to you because you’ve seen my website
InkedSlut? Or because you have read my other blog posts here at Sexual Anarchism? Or because you have seen my listings at Niteflirt? Or because you know I work as a phone sex operator or cam girl? You would think that wouldn’t you... But I know there are women out there that profit off of the adult industries who wrap themselves in a cloak of patriotism and claim that people like Max Hardcore deserves to be prosecuted. What Hardcore does may be misogynistic, what he does may seem brutal, he may be a sadist, but should adults be denied access to his pornography just because you can’t handle it? There are women out there who make a living showing off their bodies or talking dirty for money who think that it’s ok for the United States Government to restrict the freedoms of people like Max Hardcore. I promise you Max Hardcore would not be producing those movies if there wasn’t an audience who purchased them. Well then why not blame capitalism instead!
Statistics can always go both ways. People on both sides can dig up facts and reports to support their beliefs, but is there any conclusive evidence that pornography is linked with violence? Or is porn conclusively linked with pedophilia? I find it unbelievable that people who don’t like porn could just make the choice not to buy it; Or people who are against strippers or alcohol or sex shops or adult websites could just choose not to visit, support or buy it. But instead they attack my rights to buy, choose or visit these adult privileges and it pisses me off.
So that is why I try to practice my live and let live form of sexuality, which I coined “Sexual Anarchism”. Happy Independence Day Perverts!


JMB said...

Another insightful blog, Mia, as usual, and certainly apropos for Independence Day.

I have always found it ironic how some people in this country wrap themselves in the flag and in "faith" and call themselves "Patriots" and "moral," all the while rallying restrict the freedoms of others. I deal with it first-hand with family - hypocrisy in my opinion.

Thank you for standing up for what you believe. Thank you for not judging. We all need to act up and be anarchists more often and not let apathy or laziness or fear get in the way of doing what is right. A little revolution every once in a while is a good thing. Isn't that what we are supposed to be celebrating this weekend anyway?

Van said...

I dont think anyone could have said that better. Whether people like the actions of others or not, they have a choice to not watch. Many people have said, and undoubtedly will continue to say, many things about so called "controversal" subjects like this, but fact is it is our choice to do in life what makes us happy. I for one am all for this "Sexual Anarchism" as you have stated, and live my life by it. To each their own as I always say. I support anyone who is true to themselves and is not affraid to be themselves, regardless of what "others" think. After all, whether we have more lives than this one or not, this is the life we have right now, and we should all make the most of it instead of trying to make other peoples lives bad!! You, Mia, have my support if you should ever need it!! Keep being awesome!!:)