Friday, August 22, 2008

yeah.. well

In a few days it will be my birthday. I suddenly find myself nearer 40 than 30 at the age of 35. I never thought of myself a a sex symbol. Who would have predicted this for me? I promise you no one. See, you know me as The Inked Slut. That person is pretty damn different than the mia of everyday life. I keep everyday mia mostly underwraps to you inkedslut fans, just as I keep the inkedslut underwraps in my everyday world. I wonder is the everyday mia a buzz-kill for fans of the inkedslut? I wake up and throw on a Johnny Cash t-shirt and a pair of cut offs and converse lowtop sneakers and think, what would Robert think, what would Greg think, what would Chuck think, what would Tom think,
what would Chris, Mark, Mike, Brian, John.. think?
I didn't expect to stay at Niteflirt this long.. it's not only my birthday but it's also nearly my two year anniversary here. I think, oh, i am too old to be doing this ... I expected a year maximum. But guys seem to like me, so what's is the deal? Is the media just plain wrong when they glorify thin, young and unblemished or am I just offering guys something different? Who knows for sure... but I enjoy it alot. It's a wonderful ego boost, as so many of my friends lament lost youth, i feel like I have finally found a place/way to affirm my unique maturing beauty.

xxoo mia

My birthday is August 28th, wanna spoil me?

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bluemako72 said...

No worries dear i am 35 now and i feel the same way you do about it. a little bit of mature and a little bit of fun. I do feel closer to 40 from time to time but overall I enjoy life, so i don't notice the age thing often only when i see a hot girl and realize she's 21 that's when i kinda feel it. sometimes the conversation can be a little tough. Revel in your life. It only comes around once. we as human beings all pursue happiness. it is in our nature. to know what makes you happy and then be able to take it is a great thing. it seems you know what it is that makes you truly happy. It is pleasing to see it. when you are happy, truly happy it draws people to you as I am sure you have noticed. keep it up and never compromise. Happy birthday dear.-M

JMB said...

Well, Goddess, I am 40 - almost 41 - so I feel your pain (and aches and extra couple of pounds)...

M said it well - you know who you are and what it is that makes you happy - that's what makes you sexy - your self-confidence, your ability to be "real," your knack for knowing others and what makes us tick (and cum!). THAT is why we are attracted to you.

And it is much more than just a physical attraction. We are drawn to you because you are NOT like the others; not plastic; not a cartoon. We are drawn because we would love to hang out and down a few margaritas with you at the local rock club (before taking you home to serve us).

Of course you aren't going to be doing this forever. We know that you are not The Inked Slut 24/7. We all have our personas.

So as your friends lament, relish the fact that you know who you are and are comfortable in your skin and in your role and that you have, in fact, found (and know) your place.

Mia's fan said...

hi sweetie, i wouldn't worry too much about turning 35. You're still one of the most beautiful sweet woman I know. I just wish we were closer so we could go to concerts together. I need a good concert partner. Have a happy birthday and hope you get everything you want