Saturday, December 13, 2008

Phone verus Cam

Which do I prefer?

Often I get this question. They are both so different for me, and honestly the experiences I share with my callers are on a completely different wave length with each. Perhaps I should back up and give you a little Niteflirt primer first, just in case you have stumbled upon this blog from other places. Niteflirt is the “platform” I use for accepting phone calls. (More about Niteflirt Here) I work for myself and set everything up myself there. I have no boss. Niteflirt has certain rules, which I adamantly stick to. One of which is that you can not accept outside payment processing services. So the only way to play with me is to go through Niteflirt. At Niteflirt you can buy my messenger ID’s, see pictures, purchase recordings and check out my listings. There are two basic types of calls to choose from.

The first is phone only. This is where you are connected directly with me. (Both of our personal information is always kept completely anonymous). If you call my listings, you will never be put in contact with another woman. I am the only one you reach. People often think of phone sex companies as putting up a few pictures of some models and then connecting you with whomever is available. I am sure this is true for some companies and maybe even some of the listings at Niteflirt, but NEVER MINE! I only log on when I am available to chat and if you call me you will get my undivided attention.

The second type of listing is phone with cam. At Niteflirt it is against the terms of service to do cam shows without a phone call. There are many reasons why someone may want to watch someone on cam without calling, the major one is secrecy. I am sorry you are in that situation, but in the age of mute buttons, silent ringers and cell phones, this doesn’t have to be an issue. I often do calls where the other party is completely silent or whispers. In this case it helps to have my IM window up to explain your interest. Interests??? What does she mean by that? Well, I aim to please. I like to have a little dialogue with new callers, before we play so that I can understand what turns them on. This is especially good for cam calls, because if someone wants something, outside of my scope of expertise it’s good to know. For instance, I really would rather not play with the type of guy who connects with me and says right off “grab your biggest toy.” I find that type of man, generally disrespectful and unrealistic about women and definitely clueless about what is sexy.

I am best at seduction. I use my eyes, my voice and subtle gestures (and nudity)to bring both of us to the point of no return. Generally for cam shows I wear lingerie, black, hot pink, red tend to be my colors. I sometimes wear corsets, or garters, or stockings or even pantyhose on special request. Some guys like me in glasses, some like pigtails, some like high boots, and others like super high pumps or strappy sandals. And in the end, a lot of that comes off. Like I said, I aim to please.

So now you get that cam shows have to include phone. I don’t usually use a head set, I hold my phone in my hand, and purr at you as if you were my boy friend. Sure it’s not “professional” but it’s personal and for me much much more sexy. I build up, as you do, and I always get turned on by showing off on cam. Whether or not it’s a Domination call or a Submission Call or a Cam to Cam Mutual Masturbation, I get off on you getting off. Cam shows are like a personal strip show but without the pesky rules about full nudity or using toys. Yes I have toys.

Toys… many are within a reach from where I cam. I keep certain things handy. (pun intended) I have a couple of dildos, I have some plugs, a strap on cock, a crop, clothes pins, lube, a paddle, a ball gag and more. See I do aim to please.

Back to my original question, which do I prefer…
I am not always in the mood to cam, it can be stressful to be behind the camera and lose yourself in the rush of sexual adrenaline. I get very very turned on by some of my cam calls (greg …). So I don’t cam that often, you can usually catch me camming on weekends and sometimes during the week if I am feeling like I need some exhibitionism. But I am often in the mood to explore people’s fantasies on the phone. I love for guys to say to me, I have a fantasy about a boss and his secretary, or I have a fantasy about my wife meeting other men, or I have a fantasy about being taken control of by a strong woman, I have a fantasy about an anonymous blowjob, or I have a fantasy about being forced to do dirty things, ETC. In fact these men’s ideas permeate my days even when I am away from Niteflirt. I love it. And to admit it I am quite a skill story teller and love to weave a detail oriented seductive story that pulls a caller completely into that world. The people who have called me for this are very pleased with how I handle their fantasizes, if you don’t believe me, check out my Niteflirt Feedback (click here).

A word about Niteflirt feedback; I love it. Please take a second to leave me some, and let other knows a little bit about our call or how I handled our call. I always try to send a personal thank you to everyone who gives me written feedback. If I have missed you, sorry, let me know and I will make it up to you. You can go back and leave written feedback for a couple of months, so please go back and write me some!

Lastly, it’s nearing the holiday season. I know some of you are inclined to spoil me with gifts. I haven’t updated my wishlists in a while and I know they are pretty picked through, but don’t fret, I will update them soon! See My wishlists by visiting my Niteflirt Page

xxoo mia

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