Thursday, October 01, 2009

Monkeys in I.T. positions?

There is a large elephant in the room and I guess it’s going to be up to me to mention it. as we know it is gone. I was hopeful at one point, now I am in some other stage of grief…
I am sure many of you have heard ENOUGH of this already from the hundreds of panicking Flirts who are filling your inbox with pleas, offerings, rants and other perspectives. I am not going to do that. As of now I am going to refrain from mass mailings and instead bite the bullet and just try to wait it out. I am still logging on from time to time and taking some phone calls. They are few and far between so I am not going to set up for cam unless I have someone especially requesting it. In case you didn’t know, I don’t just sit down and turn on my cam. It takes some planning and preparation.

Some things you have to know about using the beta site:
I am buried. You used to be able to find me on the first page or so of listings. Now I am very difficult to find when you browse the listings. So, be sure to add me to your favorites list.
Here is a link.

Tributes no longer work. If you want to spoil me, send me a message either through Niteflirt or through Yahoo messenger. I can direct you to wishlists and giftcard options. If you do not have my messenger ID just message me through Niteflirt and I will give it to you.

Call glitches are numerous. Some issues you may experience are: Calls being cut off. Calls are being billed incorrectly. There may not be introductory recordings. The 1-800-To-Flirt is not currently working. Adding money can be difficult. Recordings may not be available.

Also you must know that from my end, my call notifier no long works. I cannot tell who you are when you call, so now when you call I will be asking you for your Niteflirt ID name. This is the only way I can try to predicatively know what your turn on is. I like to be able to address you by name, right now I will not be able to do that. I am still the same person, but without my call monitor. Also know that I will not be able to tell what listing you are calling on. So, if you are into the Femme Domme Mia or the dirty slut wife Mia, you are going to need to give me a little more information.

If you have any issues or glitches with your call Niteflirt wants you to fill out a Customer Support Form
(see it here). They may take a couple of days but they seem to be addressing all concerns.

I apologize for any inconvienance this may cause you and I especially apologize for not being able to offer you the fun and fantasies you’ve grown to expect from me. Just remember you can always reach me, just send me a message
Here, Here, or Here!

xxoo mia

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Liberation... my erotic return

I stood by the window. My arms were crossed as I looked out between the dividers of the wooden pane. A yellowing leaf was daring itself to fall. Through my slightly parted lips a large sigh slipped. I stood and looked. You came into the room silently and until you slipped your arms around me I hadn't even known you were there. I first felt the warmth of your body and before I could recognize it for what it was, you had your hand over my mouth and the full length of your body pressed against my back. The moment I recognized you as a human body against me I could feel your breath on my neck. Your voice was in my ear. Your left arm was around the front of my torso. My nostrils flared above your knuckles. "You need this".

You lifted my feet off the ground and twisted me toward the bed. You body fell on top of me as my chest hit the mattress. Your left arm slipped from around me as you positioned your thighs around my rib cage. The full weight of your body wasn't on me, but you had me held down snuggly. You leaned forward and moved your hand from my mouth as you hissed a "shhhhh".

You reached over to the heap on the floor and slipped a belt from the loops of yesterdays' jeans. Over my head you attached my arms. Then you moved off of me and put your feet back on the floor. My eyes were clinched shut but i breathed. Deeply. The stress tensed every muscle in my body. You hand raised my forehead and you tied a bit of fabric, a scarf or a scrap over my eyes. You kissed my exposed cheek. You said "That's it, keep breathing." You moved behind me and gripped my legs and pulled my arms tight over my head and the rest of me more near to the end of the bed. From the foot of the bed, with both hands under my hipbones you raised my ass and positioned me on my knees. Then you lifted my forehead again and slipped a pillow under my head. You kissed my shoulder blade and said "much better". For moments you must have stood circling me, admiring your handywork or appreciating the vision. Finally you placed your hand on my ass and moved forward; putting your foot on the bed along my knee and placing yourself so that i could feel you nestled against the crevice of my ass. I felt how hard you were and inside my belly there was a shudder and warmth. Once more you reminded me to breathe. I drew my breath in deeply. I felt good. My shoulders melted into the mattress effortlessly. With a dramatic exhale you moved. I imagined it was as comfortable for you to be nestled against me as it was for me to feel you hard and nestled against me. Then you put both your hands against my cheeks, low, toward my thighs and opened me and looked. "Mine" you said then you relaxed your grip, letting me return to a more natural pose. I wriggled my knees wider for you. "That's it Mia, show me it's mine." I arched my back.

First I felt your breath, I also heard you breathe me in. Then you kissed me. Your mouth was like an answer at that moment. I forgot the worries. Your mouth knew every fold, every minute gesture that would always make me shiver and ache. You lost yourself in the task at hand. Your strong hand joined in my pleasure. My voice crept from my throat and lost itself in the pillow. The natural noises of intimacy and my bliss filled the room. For minutes that felt like hours I let myself disappear into the delight of your undertaking. Then you moved your fingers inside of me... the time had come. The song was reaching its crescendo and it was me you were playing. You lifted your chin and mumbled "Give me what's mine Mia." And I let go. You murmured appreciative noises as whorls of your fingerprint touched me and I swelled. And then rippled. I tightened and then softened in the way you knew I would. In my faraway place I heard two things. You said “good girl”, and you let your pants drop onto the hardwood floor. I breathed deeply and raised my head, looking over my shoulder as you, gripping yourself, positioned yourself but stopped as you noticed my raised head. With your scented hand you reached forward and scooped the blindfold from my eyes. I melted as I saw the way you looked at your target. It's was reverence, need and appreciation. It was admiration, passion and hunger. Your lip raised and your eyes closed as you sunk deep. I felt you take the breath from me. Buried with me tight around you, you raise your face upward and opened your eyes. Your chest expanded and you spoke to all who would listen. "Mine".

xxoo mia

Saturday, August 22, 2009

à plus tard ...

This isn't really one of my "normal" blog posts just a little FYI. I will be mostly away from computer access for the next two weeks. I have decided I need a break! I am taking the Mia Show on the road (coming to a city near you???). Plus I am celebrating a birthday while away and taking a step closer to 40 has gotten me in a bit of a funk, so a little soul searching is in order. I will try to check messages off and on but I am really unsure of what access I will have.

Hope you miss me and have fun, I know I will come back with plenty of dirty stories to share!

xxoo mia

Monday, August 10, 2009

An Unlikely Pair

During her last year at the University she needed to prioritize her life. She needed a calmer living arrangement, away from the drama of young women who like to party. It’s not that she didn’t like to cut loose but she needed to keep it a little more separate from her everyday life. She needed to really apply herself to these last five classes if she wanted to land that summer internship in the publishing firm. She began looking at apartments off campus. She had certain tastes though and not just anything would do. One day she ran into a friend of hers at the coffee shop on the strip. He was someone she had known for years. He was the sidekick of her old boyfriend. And as time went on and she got to know Chris she ended up liking him way more than she liked her boyfriend. But he was socially awkward, nerdy, lisped and had an odd way of walking but he was very smart and capable. He was not dating material by any stretch of her imagination but he was a great male friend. Through the years they had been friends many of her girlfriends had commented that he was her “pet” or “a lost puppy” who followed her around. She tried to ignore this fact offering him only friendship but found herself from time to time having him help her “move furniture”, “fix stuff” and even from time to time buy her nice gifts or take her out to dinner.

At the coffee shop she told Chris about her fruitless search for housing options. She was especially disappointed because she saw one place that she fell in love with but could not afford. It was in ground floor apartment in a charming Painted Lady Victorian. The young male (and obviously gay) Doctor who owned it and lived on the upper two floors and kept it meticulously restored with impressive formal gardens all around and a little iron gate around the front. The apartment had high ceilings and gleaming hardwood floors. Technically it was a one bedroom but the basement was finished off to be a sort of den with laundry facilities in one corner. Chris proposed “Let me live there with you and pay half the rent.” She felt a little guilty because she knew deep down this had occurred to her and was exactly the reason she mentioned it.

They moved in a few weeks later. She had a sunny room in the back of the first floor with large floor to ceiling windows that looked out on a flower garden. Chris moved into the basement, one wall the unfinished stone of the original foundation, the space was a bit dark and a little damp although unique and spacious. She went about her life, school, work and fun with her friends and a date almost every weekend. Chris having already finished school would come home from work, make both of them dinner and watch TV. When she left to see her friends she would often invite him but being socially unsure of himself he preferred small group or private socializing. After a few months she noticed him beginning to get brooding when she left to hang out with friends and downright grumpy when she was preparing for her dates. She felt bad for him and made and extra effort to find time to watch a movie with him occasionally. One day she was heading to the shower to get ready for her Friday night out; she noticed Chris was in his usual position on the couch watching TV. She sighed. Once in the bathroom she recalled she had forgotten her newly purchased perfume in her bedroom. She wrapped herself in a towel, that was a little too short to cover her completely, and ran around the corner to her room. She hoped that Chris hadn’t glanced up because she was fairly sure her booty would be hanging out as she streaked back to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she threw the towel down and stepped into the steamy shower. After a minute she felt a draft and noticed in her haste she hadn’t pulled the bathroom door shut all the way, and there was Chris, outside the crack of the door watching her. She turned her back to the opening and thought for a second. He brooded everytime she left. He wakes up early on Saturday mornings while she is in bed with a hangover and takes her car to the carwash. He buys most of the groceries and does most of the cooking. She decided. OK. She began soaping up her body, showing off while pretending not to know he was there. In the mirror she saw that he was enjoying himself, his hand was a blur. She took an extra long shower with the door cracked that day and most every day that followed.

Chris’ disposition changed. He was cheery and happy to see her every time she returned to the apartment. And he began bringing her home little gifts. “I saw this necklace at the antique shop by work and thought you might like it”. “Oh,I love it! How much do I owe you?” “Nothing, the old lady who worked there gave me a great deal.”

She became more brazen in her showing off. She would sleep with her bedroom door cracked, naked under a thin sheet and on early mornings before he jumped in the shower and headed to work she would sometimes wake to the quiet sounds of the swoosh swoosh of his hand cream covered hand sliding up and down on his hardness. She would smile into her pillow as she slid one leg against the mattress, feigning sleep while giving him a glimpse that would complete his task.

“What’s this?” “Something I saw in the window of the bookstore, open it.” “Oh my god! A first edition Ladders to Fire by Anais Nin! Thank you Chris!!!” And she knew that, he probably didn’t know that, she knew the book carried the price tag of $350.

After living together for a year Chris took her car for regular tune ups, paid all the household bills except for a portion of the rent that formalized the fact that she was an independent woman for both of them. She never asked Chris for anything. She still went on dates most every weekend. She had found a few pairs of her dirty panties stretched out and under Chris’s bed one day when he was out grocery shopping. She decided it was a small price to pay and shoved them back under the bed and didn’t mention it.

Chris had begun to act moody again. He had begun once again pouting when she left the house and was always criticizing the guys she dated. She would tease him, telling him she kept David around because he was a good lover or that Ben had a massive cock. “Really?” Chris’ tone was genuinely curious. “How big?” She found herself describing Ben in details to her unusual friend. Chris asked more questions about her lovers. She answered honestly at first until she noticed that his pants were growing rather tight. And at that point she first noticed the outline of his arousal. He was very well endowed. She didn’t understand how she missed this before. She began embellishing her story, adding more erotic details until Chris was visibly aching. There was a large wet spot on the front of his khaki’s. She said good night and left for the date with Ben.

That night, she was tipsy and she did something she never had done before. She brought her date home. She took him to her bedroom, left the door cracked and began fucking. She didn’t shush her lover and instead enjoyed the sex more than ever, not holding back her moans of pleasure, she talked dirty and even didn’t hesitate to give directions. “Mmmmmm, don’t stop…. Yesssss… right there……” She heard the creak of Chris’ door and knew he was in the shadows watching as she straddled and rode Ben’s massive cock. And when they switched to doggy style she positioned her ass to the door.

The next morning she woke up late and Ben had left. She rolled over, peeling her sticky body from the sheets. The sunlight was streaming in through the tall windows of her room, she was naked. The apartment smelled delicious. Chris was making breakfast for her. He boldly walked in her open door and sat on the edge of the bed and handed her a cup of tea, with milk and sugar just like she liked. He smiled at her. He brought her breakfast and took the plates away and washed them when she was done. He ran her a bath and put lavender scented bath salts in the water. When she was lying back in the tub, her eyes closed he spoke to her from outside the door. “Thank you. I would like to help you every morning after your dates. I have been thinking about it Mia and I would really like to help you… I mean… I would like to, um… if you’d let me… um. I don’t want you to think I am weird and you don’t have to answer me now. But ……….I want to clean you up.” She considered these words but said nothing.

xxoo mia

Sunday, July 19, 2009

His First Surrender ...

She opened her eyes when she heard the beep beep. She noticed that he had left his phone behind, sitting on her nightstand where he had emptied it from his pocket the night before. The relationship was good, she was hopeful that he might be “the one”. She rolled over and hugged the pillow that still smelled like him and drifted back into a blissful dream, set in the surroundings of her bed the night before. She had gotten far enough into the dream that both of them were naked and kissing in the doorway of the bedroom when she was awaken once more by a beep beep. She recalled him telling her it was his work phone and had to keep it with him, turned on, at all times. She stretched and rolled her feet off the bed and padded naked into the kitchen to pull her own cell phone out of her purse. She dialed his work number to tell him that he had left it. He sounded startled by the news and told her he would be right over. She grinned as she set down the phone thinking round two…

Back under the smooth sheets of her bed she closed her eyes, her fingertip pressed repeatedly against the cleft of her clit. The corner of her mouth turned into a grin as her mind once again drifted into the erotic encounters of the night before. Looking up into his face and feeling the warmth of his hard cock against her lip. His phone beep beeped again and she was jerked from her feelings. His phone was beginning to annoy her with all its interruptions into her erotic thoughts. Then at that very moment, it beeped again. Fucking text messages she thought, then she hmmmmmm-ed. She reached for the phone.

By the time he rang the door bell she was in her robe sitting in the chair near the front door with the phone weighing heavily in her open palm. She was fuming. This is bullshit was her mantra. It didn’t surprise her when he arrived within fifteen minutes and seemed guilty and anxious as she opened the door. She said nothing with her mouth but her body language and expression said it all.

His excuses came tumbling out. She kept her cool, saying nothing, her arms crossed. His reasons, defenses and apologies meant nothing to her, the fact was, he was a married man. Finally he quieted and lowered his eyes. It was her turn. She spoke her mantra once more, “This is Bullshit!”

He said one simple but sincere sounding word “Please” and then dropped to his knees. She felt livid but his gesture also made her curious. She hadn’t known this man to seem needy or desperate in the nearly month they had been dating. He always seems self assured and confident. He did not seem like the type of man who would drop to his knees. If he had been he wouldn’t of lasted this long.
Her voice took on a sharp cool edge. “Please what? You’re a fucking piece of shit? What the hell do you expect me to do with you – You’re Fucking Married!”
“I don’t know…” he stammered, “I don’t want to lose you; I don’t know what to do…”

She paced up and down the room thinking; she glanced at him and noticed he was staring at her feet. Her toes were recently manicured, French tips on her nails. She liked him too. She didn’t want to lose him yet either. It wasn’t like she hadn’t dated married men before but she just never suspected him of being married. Maybe she could live with this, if she could find some way of restoring her bruised ego… She sat back in the chair, re-crossed her legs and looked at him. He had his head downturned but it was unmistakable, he was staring at her legs as they peaked out of the slit of her robe. And sure enough, as he kneeled, there was a visible stain on the front of his pants. Her mind raced.

He was making no attempt to cover his arousal. She found it unbelievable. She set her jaw and glared at him. She was even more surprised to see a blush wash across his cheeks. At that moment she noticed his hard cock flex under the fabric of his slacks. She had never felt the feelings she was feeling at that moment. She wanted to hurt him and fuck him all at once. There might be some help for that bruised ego of hers after all. She leaned back in her chair and purposefully let her robe expose more of her toned thighs. Did he just shiver? She wondered. She decided she needed to test her hunches.

“Are you hard right now? “ She asked him, her voice slightly mocking. He nodded.

“Show me.” She challenged. He stood and silently began removing his pants. Her mind was spinning; she was thrilled at this new sensation of power. It was puzzling though because under that thrill she still felt hurt and angry for being lied to. Here in front of her, this man, whom she truly liked, this married man, who had hurt her was kneeling naked and wanting her. She stood and walked toward him; he reached behind his back and clasped both hands. His posture was of complete humility. She looked at him and felt her stomach tighten. She realized what she felt was arousal at his surrender. And she wanted to touch him; specifically she wanted to wound him. Or maybe it was punish him…

xxoo mia

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where have I been?

This time like every other time since they had met she tried to follow his directions as precisely as possible. She pulled over to the edge of the heavily wooded road and turned on the overhead light in her car and looked down at the directions she had. She hadn’t passed a driveway, a road, a house or any other man made structures for the last 40 minutes. It took a certain amount of faith for her to drive on but that is what she did. She glanced down at her watch before the road made another bend. 6:48 pm, it seemed much later due to the dense foliage along both sides of the road. Even during the brightest day it’s probably dark here, she thought. Finally her car rose up a long a crest in the road, as the top of the hill cleared, she slowed the car, it was breath-taking, a lush valley opened before her with a little creek that ran alongside the road and on the far end of the clearing where the valley began to rise again, there stood a cabin. It had the look of a rustic cabin but it was over sized. It had a substantial timber frame and a vast wraparound porch. There were no signs of any other life around the place, the windows were dark and there were no cars in the gravel lot to its side. She parked and grabbed her bag, packed carefully according to the instructions she had received. Inside she fumbled for an envelope that enclosed the key he had sent. She hadn’t imagined this. All of the adventures he had orchestrated for her had been surprises. She trusted him and knew how much better her surprises would be if she resisted her curiosity and didn’t investigate further. So this time she didn’t check her GPS or look at the satellite maps online. She really had no idea that she was going to end up out in the middle of nowhere. She had imagined a small town or a secluded estate or even an exclusive resort but not an isolated cabin. She opened the door into a sparse but rustically luxuriously furnished room. It was an open great room with a large kitchen along the back corner and leather couches and heavy carved wooden furniture. Some of the pieces accented with bright colors that contrasted nicely with the dark grains of the wood. From glancing around she knew this was no ordinary cabin, architects and designers had definitely been involved. She dropped her bag and walked to the kitchen and slid her hand along the cool granite. She coveted the massive Viking stove island unit. She popped open the SubZero refrigerator to find it was nicely stocked with fruits, like mangos and pineapple, cheeses like Brie and Gouda and meats and shrimp, marinating and ready to be cooked. In the door were Belgian beers, bottled sparkling water and champagne. She knew she was in the right place, it was all very Him.
After climbing the impressive bucolic staircase she found what she knew she would find somewhere in the house. A large room with floor length windows on three sides opened before her. The forth wall was all cabinets and closets. In the middle of the room was a large, leather covered and padded platform. On each side of the platform were eyehooks. There were two other platforms, smaller but similar. She opened the first closet, packed in was a bench, also padded but rounded on top. It was wheeled and there were eyehooks on the base. She opened the nearest cabinet and shivered, hanging neatly were a variety of brightly colored and precisely made crops and floggers. Also hanging from a little hook was a familiar looking light blue envelope, just like the others she had received from him. She tore into it.
Dear Mia,
I see you made it. Very good. And as I predicted you immediately began snooping. I know you well enough that I am sure that even though you looked you haven’t disturbed anything. You must be tired from your drive so tonight please take some time to relax. Downstairs there are six bedrooms, The first door on the right is for you. Tomorrow morning I want you to prepare yourself according to my usual wishes. From tomorrow morning on you will be in service mode. Make me proud.

The next morning she woke and found Earl Grey Tea in the cabinet. She smiled to herself because she knew this was one small way he thought of her needs. She went to the bathroom that was attached to her room and opened the cabinet. There were all the items needed for her to bath, shave and cleanse in the way he required. She finished and glanced in the mirror, he always liked her naked best. Being naked wasn’t how she felt most comfortable, she felt like her thighs where too wide, her breasts not perky enough, etc. But she would sometimes catch him looking over at her as her chest heaved and her weak limbs ached and smile and tell her she was beautiful and perfect. She reached into her bag and brought out the heavy silver chain he had custom made and given to her two years earlier. She looked at her reversed image as she reached around to the back of her neck and closed the locking clasp. Only he could remove it.
She padded through the house and felt strangely warm. She checked out the thermostat, already programmed and set to warm to 82 degrees at 9 am. She looked at the carved dark wood tallcase clock that stood by the entry. It was 9:30 am. She picked up her book and settled on one of the armchairs in the great room downstairs.
Despite having glanced at the clock numerous times, she glanced once more as she heard tires on the gravel outside. She peeked through the front window and saw a large extended cab black truck. As the door opened she saw three men, none of them Scott. Her stomach did a flutter and she sucked in her breath and stood still naked by the entry and waited. She heard them put a key in the door. They definitely belong here she thought. She closed her eyes for one second and checked in with her body. She was warm in the pit of her belly. She didn’t feel fear, only the rush of the unknown. She wanted this, if this is what Scott wanted for her. Then door swung open and the three men entered glanced at her standing there naked and walked right past her. For all intrinsic purposes they were ignoring her. After they passed where she stood she followed them into the great room as they set their bags down and went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. “What a drive” one of them said. “Thought we would never get here” another retorted. “Nice place” the third one observed. Oh she thought, so this is the game. She knew this game, silent slave, called upon only when needed, I am nothing more than a piece of furniture, I can do this…
She watched as they made and ate a large breakfast of eggs and sausage. She followed them as they explored the downstairs bedrooms of the house. The only bedroom she had gone into the night before was her own. She now realized the other five downstairs where much nicer than the one she was in. It all started to fall into place for her, she began to see her role. It wasn’t long until she was sure. One of the men announced he was going to shower to the others. Before he disappeared into his room, he called, “come girl.” She followed.
She was told to turn on the shower. She was made to get him undressed. As she peeled off his shirt she was impressed by his strong muscular chest and toned body. She was aroused by the time she slid his boxer shorts off his hips and his cock, hard sprang into her face. She followed him into the large dual spray shower where she washed his body. She grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up his back and slid her hands over his firm ass cheeks. He stepped his legs wide and she wiggled her fingertips down his ass crack and underneath his balls. She reached around his body and wrapped her slippery fist around his now rock hard cock. She began slowly stroking his cock and closed her eyes and imagined it up inside her. She moaned. He heard her and pushed her off, rinsed the foam off his body and turned off the spray. She pulled a warm towel off the heated rack and began drying his body. She noticed his cock was still hard. She was careful not to give it too much attention while drying him off for fear of him pushing her away again. She brought him his robe and he sat in a chair in the room and told her to “show me”. She knew this command. She stood directly in front of him and clasp both hands behind her back and began turning around. When she was facing away from his gaze she bent deeply forward and arched her back and clasped her ankles. In this position she had nothing to hide. Both her ass and pussy were completely on view and she was totally vulnerable. She wondered “had Scott told these men about me, about my triggers and vulnerabilities?” He kept her in this position for quite a while at one point moving forward and actually bending to look more closely at her holes. Each moment in this position brought her arousal on more keenly. After some time the man’s voice cut through her agony “Are you dripping down your thigh?” She mumbled an embarrassed yes and before she knew it the man was up and behind her and landing a series of rapid fire spanks over her ass cheeks. She was startled by the sudden pain had a hard time choking out a “yes Sir” after he asked his question once again. He grabbed her by the collar and pulled her face up to his. He sneered at her and glared into her eyes. His cock was poking out through the opening in his robe, its slippery tip against her belly. He reached down between her legs and put two fingers in her swollen juicy hole. She tried to keep her face calm by chewing on the corner of her lower lip. His face was inches from hers as he said “he was right about you, you are a dirty horny little fuckhole.” He removed his fingers from inside her and did not touch her again down there as he proceeded to test her talents. She wanted to rub her clit as she enthusiastically sucked him off but knew better. She used all of her tricks, trying to impress him with her skills. She used her mouth and hand with a twist. She took him deep and coated his cock with slime, consciously pulling back so he could see the juices drip down off her chin onto her tits. She lapped like a dog at his balls. She opened her mouth wide and reach her tongue out to lick his sack with his cock way down her throat. She moved her face down further between his legs and licked his taint and asshole. And finally she was rewarded, she pulled her face back and opened her lips wide and his thick spunk landed all over her mouth and chin. She held it open wide until she heard the swallow command. “Acceptable” he proclaimed and told her to “Leave me”. She went toward his washroom to clean up between her legs and he said no, and informed her to leave it.
She entered the Great room with her thighs glistening and slippery against each other. Both men were sitting there casually chatting; her entry, hair still damp, and her body flushed with arousal commanded their attention. Ha! One of them proclaimed. The other looked at her like she was a tasty meal. She sucked her breath in quietly and ached privately. “It returns…” They both stood and walked up the staircase, she silently followed. Upstairs in the playroom, all the French doors were opened and the sunlight streamed in. Inside the center doorway she was bound, spread eagle, standing, her legs wide her arms over her head. The men busied themselves in the cabinets. She was facing out toward the beautiful valley and couldn’t see what they were selecting for her. She heard one of them approaching and felt his hands on her back, moving them down, gently massaging her needy flesh as he leaned his body against hers she that she could feel his erection in his jeans. He spoke in her ear. Scott tells us you can handle a lot of pain slut. Is this true?
Yes Sir.
Scott also tells us you can be a very good girl and make lots of people very happy. Is this true?
Yes Sir.
Well, I also hear you can be a spoiled needy little brat and give people a very difficult time, are you going to be a good slut or a needy brat for us?
Good, Sir.
Well, we will see.
Then she heard a hum. It was a familiar hum because it was the sound of her favorite toy, her wand. It was the thing she was rewarded with when she was very very good. It made her cum rapidly and quickly and abundantly. Then it was on her clit. And she was writhing around on her bonds. She felt his arm circle her torso and grip her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Be still, no cumming.” She was doomed.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Setting New Rules...

He came home from work and found his wife sitting in the living room, a glass of wine perched on the arm of the couch and her laptop on the coffeetable. He gave her his habitual, hello dear and peck on the cheek greeting. He paused before leaving the room to change out of his work clothes. He turned back and looked at her. She seemed different this day, her face was flushed and her smile wicked. “Hello johnny…”
She was dressed in her standard work suit, but her skirt seemed tighter, her blouse more revealing, her legs clad in silky stocking, but as she shifted he saw a glimpse of the tops of her thigh high hose. He was curious; he always thought his wife wore pantyhose, not stockings. He wondered when she had switched over and when was it that she had begun wearing her skirts so short and tight. He started to question his own perceptions. His voice almost came out as a squawk, “um dear...”
“Spit it out johnny” her voice was almost cruel.
He tried to ask her why her skirt seemed tighter, why her breasts were so perfectly displayed in her blouse. He wanted to ask her when she began wearing stockings, but no matter how many times he began his sentence he lost his train of thought, or it sounded weak, or his thoughts were jumbled. He sighed and she seemed to be buoyed by his lack of capacities. At that point he glanced down at the laptop and saw that a video was playing, the volume down. A man stood amid a group of professional woman, he was naked except for high heels and a pair of women’s fushia colored panties. They were taunting him, jeering, John thought humiliating him. He started at the monitor watching as the man crawled between the women’s feet, mouthing words that were clearly pleads. When he stood his cock made an obscene image barely hidden in the satiny panties. The women’s faces were all wildly amused with open mouth laughs and almost to the point of knee slapping. By the time John realized he was staring mesmerized, and realized his wife had clearly noticed his interest it was too late, he couldn’t feign disinterest. “dear…” he found his voice finally, but it was confused and desperate “what is this?” He gestured toward the screen; She smirked at him and crossed her legs high on her thighs, her lovely legs stretched into his space. She raised a brow and said nonchalantly “what dear?”
The thing that John didn’t want to admit was that he felt ashamed, the scene on the monitor had awakened something deeply hidden in his psyche, he felt the familiar warmth of his own arousal. He was also shocked because he realized that he was married to a woman he didn’t truly know, he had been living with her but not looking or listening to who she was. It all came into focus for him in these few moments; his wife was not a mere wife, mother and professional woman. She was a woman of passion and power. She was seductive and sexy and in control. He felt like shrinking and submitting to her, how could he of been so blind.
Her voice oozed into the tense room. “Well johnny, what do you think of what I was watching?” Her heel clad foot slid absently against his calf, his leg felt weak at her touch and he stammered for a second before answering “it’s a little shocking dear.”
“Oh is it John? How? I don’t find it shocking, I find it amusing, oh so very amusing.”
His voice was lost again as his leg shook uncontrollably against her foot. “If you’d be more comfortable johnny, if your legs don’t seem to want to hold you upright any longer, feel free to slip onto the floor and kneel.” He felt a great sense of relief as he curled his knees underneath his legs. He adjusted his position repeatedly for his now rock hard cock was being pinched painfully in his trousers. His wife seemed to notice and she chuckled down at him in the most patronizing manner. He was surprised to find her demeaning mannerisms only made his arrousal and agony more unbearable. He felt his resolve melting away and felt his heart swell with love and lust for this woman he was just beginning to know.
She rocked her crossed leg and the top of her shoe cradled against the crotch of his pants he felt her toe tip nudge up against his balls over and over. He held very still. “Dear I am thinking that here needs to be some changes around here.” Her voice was smooth and hypnotizing to him. He nodded at her every word. “I am thinking you John, have begun to discover your role around this house and we need to take your self discovery further. Would you like that?” He nodding again, he felt the tip of his cock oozing, soaking through the fabric of his pants. She raised a brow and asked “Yes?” Once again he voice was a squeak, he no longer sounded like the 40 year old man he was, he now sounded more like a prepubescent boy replying to a strict authority figure. “Yes Ma’am”.
She began setting rules for their life. “You will no longer wear the clothes of a grown man john,you will either be completely nude or you will wear special outfits of my choosing”. At this her face became illuminated with amusement. He oozed further.

xxoo mia

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Your Wife

She looked down at the creamy white flesh of her smooth belly. A viscous drop of semen dribbled slowly down the curve toward her hipbone. The cum wasn’t milky or thick or opaque. It was clearish, watery and runny. She thought it seemed impotent in its very essence. She sighed and rolled over to the edge of the bed, catching sight of the clock on the nightstand, 9 am, right on time. She listened to her husband in the kitchen messing with the coffee maker and shake a crinkle out of the newspaper. Another Saturday morning. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water, steam clouded the mirror, and she looked at her smeared reflection, letting her fingertips slide around in the slippery fluid on belly. She thought, I deserve more.

In the bathtub she pinched her nipples and watched as the puffy pinkness transform to dark tan nubs. Her breasts were very sensitive; she often dreamed of voracious men suckling on them like animals and woke with insistent dampness between her legs. She started to feel her lips swell beneath the surface of the water. She glanced at her pubis, dark hairs covering the mound, she raised her hips and soaped herself and dragged the razor over the mound leaving a ¼ inch of fur. This had become her ritual every Saturday, her husband disliked her too trimmed and criticized her the time she removed all pubic hair, so she would take the hair down to barely there right after their weekly Saturday morning missionary fuck and let it grow in during the week. Setting down the razor she pressed her fingertips into her folds, let her head rest back against the edge of the tub and began massaging her clit. This is how she came every Saturday. She recalled images from college, before she knew her husband, things that had happened that she had never told him about. She remembered the trips to the city with her best friend Cassie, to party and score coke, inevitably finding themselves in some posh apartment sucking cocks or in some seedy after hours club also sucking cocks. Sometimes they put on girl on girl shows in penthouse suites for small groups of men speaking foreign languages. Or she would think of being in the VIP lounges of concerts, draped on the arms of rock stars only to find herself naked in a hotel room full of people in the early morning. She let her fingers dip over and over into her now slick slit, and then the frenzy would set in. She would begin aching for more, she wanted more than anything, at that moment to feel full, sore, satisfied, used. She looked around the bathroom, at the shampoo and conditioner bottles, the hair brushes, anything she could use to fill her need.

Just then her husband tapped on the door of the bathroom and cracked it and said, “Are you decent dear?” She felt like she could scream but instead took a deep breath and replied, somewhat defeated “of course”. He delivered her a cup of coffee on the counter and said “I have bad news dear… I know its Saturday but I need to go into work for a while. There’s been some type of emergency and they need me right now. The problem is that I scheduled those guys from the window company to come out and give us an estimate and they are supposed to be here any minute. Are you done in the tub, can you come out and get decent so you can let these window guys in?” She thought Bingo! Now was her long awaited chance. This is better than a bottle or a hairbrush!
She stood naked drying her long chestnut hair with the blow dryer. She applied a dusting of power across her cheek and dark mascara on her lashes. Then she painted her lips with a deep rose, much the color of her pussy lips swollen with desire. She dressed carefully, she chose an aqua blue bra and panty set that she had picked out for her husband to buy for her on their anniversary. It turned out that he was too shy to go into the store and buy them so she had to. She slipped on the aqua panties over her curvy hips and full ass. She leaned forward and let her breast lay high in the demi cups. Then she heard the doorbell. She grabbed her black silk robe and casually wrapped it around her body and went to answer the door. She hesitated for one minute and finally thought I can’t live another moment without this and opened the door.
A young man, in his late twenties about 6’4” with a sandy colored crew cut came in the door and introduced himself as Mike. Mike had the air of an ex football player with cool blue eyes and a thick neck and arms. Then he introduced his coworker who stood in the doorway behind him, Jerry. Jerry was younger than Mike, lean and muscular with dark skin the color of milky coffee. Both men had matching light blue polo shirts on with the logo of the window company on their left breast.
She led them into the formal living room with its creamy colored micro fiber couches. As the men walked down the hall way she thought she saw them give each other a look. Mike began pulling brochures out of his briefcase and laying them on the coffee table. The wife slipped from her chair and kneeled in front of the coffee table at Mike’s feet and began reviewing them. Her robe gaped forward and her aqua push up bra was displayed. She leaned forward so that the pale flesh of her breasts curved toward the young men’s eyes. She chewed on her lip and pretended to review the papers and tried to ignore the growing ache between her legs. She shifted and let the silk robe slip off one shoulder. She heard both men draw in deep breaths. From her place on the floor in front of them she turned toward where they both sat and looked up at them. Her intent was clear. Jerry turned to Mike and said, “I don’t think she really interested in our windows”. “I’m not.” She replied.
She placed both hands on Mike’s knees and started inching up between his legs, he leaned back in the chair and let his thighs flop wide. “Have at it lady.” She removed his cock from his pants and was not disappointed. It was similar to the cocks of her dreams, thick and veiny, not too long. She began sucking, inhaling the pungent scent of masculinity. It throbbed against her tongue, her earlier life of expert cock sucking in the dark hallways of clubs and brightly lit penthouse apartments quickly came back to her. Drool oozed from around her lips and coated the shaft of his virile cock. He groaned and said to Jerry “this is our lucky day.” She let her eyes dart over to Jerry and saw that he sat with his dark cock already in his fist, perfect in proportions, its nine-ish inches almost an exact replica of the black dildo she kept in the attic in the box marked Nana Betty’s Good China. She had to taste it. Her robe fell to the floor and she positioned herself in front of Jerry and opened her mouth into an O and put her hands behind him, and pulled him forward so that his cock slid easily into her mouth. She was offering her wet orifice for his effortless thrusts. Mike began sliding his large hands into the cups of her bra, pinching and tweaking her nipples under his callused fingers. She whimpered ravenously as Jerry began his rhythmic stabs into her juicy throat. Her bra pushed down, her large full breasts swayed as Jerry rocked her body back and forth. Mike stepped out of his pants and moved behind her, easily lifting her petite frame, raising her hips so she stood, bent over, her legs and torso making an L. Mike leaned forward, his massive body dwarfing hers, his thick cock pulsating against her ass as he cupped and squeezed her tits; she began bucking against him, wanting to feel him slip inside. She begging onto the cock lodged in her throat, vibrating her need. Mike fascinated by her ample breasts ignored her grinding and moaning and instead moved beneath her to wrap his lips around the full curve of her breast and began drawing her nipple deep into his mouth. He suckled, it was just like her dream, she felt her pussy tighten, and the waves wash over her belly, and she screamed the delicious rapture of release. Both men slightly shocked by her intensity, paused and let her paroxysms subside.
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Monday, March 30, 2009

Seduce & Reduce

Two years ago Governor Schwarzenegger suggested that the environmental movement become “hip and sexy”. He was trying to suggest the movement’s image needed a make-over. A part of me agrees the stereotypical, stuffy, no parties allowed attitude was a little harsh. Environmentalists were sometimes coming off like the prohibitionists of the past. I have friends who are hardcore eco-minded and when invited to their house I found myself apologizing for bringing a potluck item in disposable packaging or because my cheese platter wasn’t organic.
But on the other hand there is something that makes me cringe in the idea that environmentalism is being embraced as “sexy and hip”. The green marketing of cars by companies who until this time have embraced the production of gas-guzzling SUV’s (that have been responsible for who knows what kind of damage to the earth) just plain angers me. I want people to take living more gently on the earth seriously and to approach it holistically. Being “green” shouldn’t be a fad, marketing campaign or a current trend.
I consider myself hip and sexy. I listen to indie music; watch the latest indie films and try to support the arts. I won’t qualify the sexy part. And I am an environmentalist. Not just sort of, but for real. I live consciously. I garden extensively and all organically. I read my food labels, I don’t eat meat. I use natural make-ups and hair products. I buy recycled. I compost religiously. I have a rain water collection system in my yard. I subscribe to Mother Earth News! I have a dream of living off the grid with solar panels! But I am not a stuffy, overly serious type. I like to – ehem – party. These two worlds have always been pretty distant from one another. How can I be the type who believes “it’s good if it feels good” and also be concerned for the future of the planet?
My life philosophy is much like my sexual philosophy. This Sexual Anarchism thing I espouse says, “ Adults, do what feels good as long no one is getting hurt in the process”. Well, living unconsciously does hurt others and the earth, sometimes in the here and now (as in neighborhoods being trashed because you refuse to properly dispose of your garbage) and sometimes in the distant future (as in the legacy of your carbon footprint). I try to make my choices with this consciousness in the back of my mind. But what happens when I want to buy non-petrochemically infused lube????? (Well what would you expect from me?)
So here I am frustrated and wincing as I squirt a gob of chemically laden goo into my fist and prepare for a little action. Well, there is now hope! Reading the latest issue of my beloved BUST magazine I came across a couple of articles that will help me mesh my two worlds of eco-consciousness and hardcore fuck fun! The first reviews four all natural lubes; Oceanus Naturals lube can be found at, Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked (also mostly organic) can be found at and the last is Babelands Natural Organic Lube in both Naked scent and Fresh scent available at .
The second article was titled “Seduce, Reuse, Recycle” and it reported that David Kowalsky, the owner of the sextoy site, is now offering sex toy recycling. Check out his site where you will find all in the formation about how to recycle your unwanted dildos, vibes and other orgasm inducing devices.
To read these articles and much more awesomeness about music, art, film, crafting, fashion, pop culture and feminism check out BUST magazine (

Human sexuality is a natural and healthy part of Life, and now there are some additional ways to make your sex experiences more healthy and natural!
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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laugh With Me

Out to dinner the other night, a friend and I were laughing about how teenagers have taken the acronymic text vocabulary and turned it into language. For example my friend’s daughter says “LOL” and “omg”. And of course most of us have had a friend say “STFU” in reply to some silly comment we have made. So we finished off a couple of cocktails and a bottle of wine and decided it was high time that the kinky world begins to have its own abbreviated language. The applications are endless, not only for obvious use during cyber sex and sexy texting, but there would be safety and efficiency benefits during S & M play. We talked about it and I came up with Acronyms for the most common sexual situations. So, here is the official Inked Slut’s Acronymic Language for Sex, Kink and “Other” Adult Play. (Yes you guessed it ISALFSKAOAP)

AMH – Abuse My Holes
AUHD – Ass Up Head Down
AYD – Are You Done?
BBOC – Beaver, Breakfast Of Champions
BHSP – Bare Hand Spank Please
BIB – Bald Is Beautiful
BIHCY – But I Haven’t Cum Yet…
BLAD – Bark Like A Dog
BYF – Bring Your Friends
CMD – Call Me Daddy
CMIS – Cover Me In Spunk
COMF – Cum On My Face
COHASM – Crawl Over Here And Suck Me
DFTBB – Drink From The Bowl Bitch
DHF – Deeper Harder Faster
DIGB – Does It Get Bigger?
DPMP – Douple Penetrate Me Please
FIF – Fisting Is Fun
FMLAN – Fuck Me Like a Nun
GYAR – Get Your Ass Ready
GYM – Greet Your Master/Mistress
ICB – I Can’t Breath
LFIL – Lost Feeling In Legs
LMA – Lick My Ass
LPDG – Let’s Play Dead Girl
MICOYF – May I Cum On Your Face
MLP – More Lube Please
MMBP – Mercy Mercy Bitch… please
MRFMMP – Make Room For My Meat Pole
NIME – Not In My Eye
OTH – Ouch That Hurts
OWH – Oops, Wrong Hole
PMH – Pull My Hair
PMOYK – Put Me Over Your Knee
PNP – Please No Paddle
PYSGON – Put Your Safety Goggles On Now
RMBB – Ride Me Bare Back
RSG – Ready Set Go
SLAP – Squeal Like A Pig
SML – Swallow My Load
SMLW – Swallow My Load Whore
SMS – Suck Me Slut
STS – Shave That Snatch
SUSC – Shut Up Suck Cock
SWS – Stop Whining Slut
SYS – Spill Your Seed
TMA – Tongue My Ass
TMTM – The More The Merrier
WTB – Wow That’s Big
WWMD – What Would Mia Do?
YABG – You’re A Bad Girl
YCTAC – You Call That A Cock?

I hope you got a laugh out of this blog. The truth is that things are pretty tough for a lot of people right now. I see it every night I log on, my Niteflirt call volume is way down, and I get it, I understand why. But now is the time for us to laugh, find the little reasons to smile and slow down in life and count our blessings. But most of all, don’t deny yourself pleasure. So, if you have read this far and decide you would like a little wit, humor or just down right dirty fun (the thing I do best), send me a message through
Niteflirt or through InkedSlut and I will send three free minutes for a call.


Friday, February 13, 2009

A glimpse....

I shifted in my chair. I glanced at the door about a dozen times before I heard it swing open. I chewed on the corner of my lip as I watched him walk over to the chair while eyeing me up. He was taking me in, I could see it behind his eyes. I was being judged. Finally he sat. His body was present, he wasn’t merely plopped in the chair. He was upright. After more assessment he relaxed slightly and sat back. His hands rested lightly in his lap. “So.. I have studied what was written about you, by you. I have come to the conclusion that you will serve me adequately (an understatement to put me in my place.. nice). Stand and show me yourself”. I set my glass of red wine down on the table and stood in my black and white spectator pumps. My silk nightly grazed my thighs. I felt the thin strap fall off one shoulder and his eyes wander warmly on my skin. I let my hair fall over my forehead and slightly over one eye. Then I turned away from him and leaned forward and pulled one side of my nightly up over my hip. Experience had taught me that this would give him a glimpse of my ass, my superb ass. From what I knew about him from before he entered the room, I was certain that this would please him. I felt a heat ooze in my lower limbs. This was the moment I ached for. I had this massive desire to show off, to please, to serve…strangers. It smoldered inside me. I was damp in my thong. He murmured appreciation and my heat swelled. Sit he instructed and open those legs. I am ready to see your fuckhole. I glanced at the toys on the table. I had laid them out according to the request I had gotten before he arrived. Sometimes as I prepare for these sessions I imagine the multiple combination of play, depending on the advance requests I receive. I knew few things about this man and as I looked at my purple jelly plug and my “favorite” seven inch dildo but I had a premonition as I spread my thighs for him. I put my heels up, one against the table the other hooked over the arm of the chair…

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Low Blow - yeah I Know.

I had to share this…

When I see Barack Obama speak it makes me a warm all over, of course anyone who knows me know the things that turn me on most are confidence and intelligence.

If only I had one of these while I watched the inauguration!

Notice the lapel pin?

xxoo mia

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Passion - it's sexy

I went to this arts festival thing they do downtown once a month. It’s on a weekend night and all the galleries and shops open their doors and serve wine and that sort of thing. Two friends of mine were involved with this art and music event sponsored by an arts organization. The hosting organization had rented this cool space, an old dilapidated building, three old crumbly brick walls stood and encompassed a courtyard like area, the old black and white tile floor was visible here and there between clumps of grass that had grown over it. The group had brought in a bunch of local painters who were set up on the side walls painting pieces that were going to be auctioned at the end of the evening. My friend’s band was playing in the back of the space. It was a warm, clear night. There was so much energy up and down the street, a relaxed, weekend vibe.
So where am I going with all this… passion. I was so happy to be there that night. I was with a group of friends and some were single, some couples, one family with their cute little girls. I ran into some old friends I hadn’t seen in years. I met some cool new people. There was a big keg of free beer and it was a delicious micro-brew to boot! I stood there and listened to my very talented guitar playing friend rock out with his band and I started watching the crowd. I scanned, black leather jackets, pink hair, smiling children, a leashed dog, and old guy with a cane. My eye caught a bright splash of color as an art was working against the side wall. It was a huge painting full of the jewel tones that always catch my eye. I moved closer, my friend Chloe next to me but was watching the band still. The artist was crouched kneeling but her feet were underneath her. She was working on a bottom bit of her painting, leaning forward slightly; her body language one of concentration, the tip of her paintbrush against her lip, her hand frozen in midair. And unbeknownst to me, a little moan slipped from my lips. See this artist was about twenty two maybe and she had short brown hair, cut to be functional, not trendy. Her face was excluding from my view but even without seeing her face I felt like I already knew it. Her tee shirt was tight and had cap sleeves that showed off her arms that were defined from hours of holding them up in front of herself as she painted. And her well worn paint smeared jeans long and lean and hung low. The little thing that gave me the motivation for the moan was that there was this strip of skin over her hip, the side of her belly that wasn’t covered by either her tee-shirt or her jeans. While she painted, lengthening and stretching her little bit of skin moved. It contracted, twisted, tightened, softened, tensed, slid, curved, pooched, elongated, it even seemed to change color. Every bit of her passion for her art was manifested in that little strip of skin. And watching that strip of skin move and change like that made me moan, and ache. That girl never looked away from her painting, so I never saw her face. But I wanted her passion so badly at that moment. I still think about her and it has been months.

xxoo mia