Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laugh With Me

Out to dinner the other night, a friend and I were laughing about how teenagers have taken the acronymic text vocabulary and turned it into language. For example my friend’s daughter says “LOL” and “omg”. And of course most of us have had a friend say “STFU” in reply to some silly comment we have made. So we finished off a couple of cocktails and a bottle of wine and decided it was high time that the kinky world begins to have its own abbreviated language. The applications are endless, not only for obvious use during cyber sex and sexy texting, but there would be safety and efficiency benefits during S & M play. We talked about it and I came up with Acronyms for the most common sexual situations. So, here is the official Inked Slut’s Acronymic Language for Sex, Kink and “Other” Adult Play. (Yes you guessed it ISALFSKAOAP)

AMH – Abuse My Holes
AUHD – Ass Up Head Down
AYD – Are You Done?
BBOC – Beaver, Breakfast Of Champions
BHSP – Bare Hand Spank Please
BIB – Bald Is Beautiful
BIHCY – But I Haven’t Cum Yet…
BLAD – Bark Like A Dog
BYF – Bring Your Friends
CMD – Call Me Daddy
CMIS – Cover Me In Spunk
COMF – Cum On My Face
COHASM – Crawl Over Here And Suck Me
DFTBB – Drink From The Bowl Bitch
DHF – Deeper Harder Faster
DIGB – Does It Get Bigger?
DPMP – Douple Penetrate Me Please
FIF – Fisting Is Fun
FMLAN – Fuck Me Like a Nun
GYAR – Get Your Ass Ready
GYM – Greet Your Master/Mistress
ICB – I Can’t Breath
LFIL – Lost Feeling In Legs
LMA – Lick My Ass
LPDG – Let’s Play Dead Girl
MICOYF – May I Cum On Your Face
MLP – More Lube Please
MMBP – Mercy Mercy Bitch… please
MRFMMP – Make Room For My Meat Pole
NIME – Not In My Eye
OTH – Ouch That Hurts
OWH – Oops, Wrong Hole
PMH – Pull My Hair
PMOYK – Put Me Over Your Knee
PNP – Please No Paddle
PYSGON – Put Your Safety Goggles On Now
RMBB – Ride Me Bare Back
RSG – Ready Set Go
SLAP – Squeal Like A Pig
SML – Swallow My Load
SMLW – Swallow My Load Whore
SMS – Suck Me Slut
STS – Shave That Snatch
SUSC – Shut Up Suck Cock
SWS – Stop Whining Slut
SYS – Spill Your Seed
TMA – Tongue My Ass
TMTM – The More The Merrier
WTB – Wow That’s Big
WWMD – What Would Mia Do?
YABG – You’re A Bad Girl
YCTAC – You Call That A Cock?

I hope you got a laugh out of this blog. The truth is that things are pretty tough for a lot of people right now. I see it every night I log on, my Niteflirt call volume is way down, and I get it, I understand why. But now is the time for us to laugh, find the little reasons to smile and slow down in life and count our blessings. But most of all, don’t deny yourself pleasure. So, if you have read this far and decide you would like a little wit, humor or just down right dirty fun (the thing I do best), send me a message through
Niteflirt or through InkedSlut and I will send three free minutes for a call.


Friday, February 13, 2009

A glimpse....

I shifted in my chair. I glanced at the door about a dozen times before I heard it swing open. I chewed on the corner of my lip as I watched him walk over to the chair while eyeing me up. He was taking me in, I could see it behind his eyes. I was being judged. Finally he sat. His body was present, he wasn’t merely plopped in the chair. He was upright. After more assessment he relaxed slightly and sat back. His hands rested lightly in his lap. “So.. I have studied what was written about you, by you. I have come to the conclusion that you will serve me adequately (an understatement to put me in my place.. nice). Stand and show me yourself”. I set my glass of red wine down on the table and stood in my black and white spectator pumps. My silk nightly grazed my thighs. I felt the thin strap fall off one shoulder and his eyes wander warmly on my skin. I let my hair fall over my forehead and slightly over one eye. Then I turned away from him and leaned forward and pulled one side of my nightly up over my hip. Experience had taught me that this would give him a glimpse of my ass, my superb ass. From what I knew about him from before he entered the room, I was certain that this would please him. I felt a heat ooze in my lower limbs. This was the moment I ached for. I had this massive desire to show off, to please, to serve…strangers. It smoldered inside me. I was damp in my thong. He murmured appreciation and my heat swelled. Sit he instructed and open those legs. I am ready to see your fuckhole. I glanced at the toys on the table. I had laid them out according to the request I had gotten before he arrived. Sometimes as I prepare for these sessions I imagine the multiple combination of play, depending on the advance requests I receive. I knew few things about this man and as I looked at my purple jelly plug and my “favorite” seven inch dildo but I had a premonition as I spread my thighs for him. I put my heels up, one against the table the other hooked over the arm of the chair…