Monday, March 30, 2009

Seduce & Reduce

Two years ago Governor Schwarzenegger suggested that the environmental movement become “hip and sexy”. He was trying to suggest the movement’s image needed a make-over. A part of me agrees the stereotypical, stuffy, no parties allowed attitude was a little harsh. Environmentalists were sometimes coming off like the prohibitionists of the past. I have friends who are hardcore eco-minded and when invited to their house I found myself apologizing for bringing a potluck item in disposable packaging or because my cheese platter wasn’t organic.
But on the other hand there is something that makes me cringe in the idea that environmentalism is being embraced as “sexy and hip”. The green marketing of cars by companies who until this time have embraced the production of gas-guzzling SUV’s (that have been responsible for who knows what kind of damage to the earth) just plain angers me. I want people to take living more gently on the earth seriously and to approach it holistically. Being “green” shouldn’t be a fad, marketing campaign or a current trend.
I consider myself hip and sexy. I listen to indie music; watch the latest indie films and try to support the arts. I won’t qualify the sexy part. And I am an environmentalist. Not just sort of, but for real. I live consciously. I garden extensively and all organically. I read my food labels, I don’t eat meat. I use natural make-ups and hair products. I buy recycled. I compost religiously. I have a rain water collection system in my yard. I subscribe to Mother Earth News! I have a dream of living off the grid with solar panels! But I am not a stuffy, overly serious type. I like to – ehem – party. These two worlds have always been pretty distant from one another. How can I be the type who believes “it’s good if it feels good” and also be concerned for the future of the planet?
My life philosophy is much like my sexual philosophy. This Sexual Anarchism thing I espouse says, “ Adults, do what feels good as long no one is getting hurt in the process”. Well, living unconsciously does hurt others and the earth, sometimes in the here and now (as in neighborhoods being trashed because you refuse to properly dispose of your garbage) and sometimes in the distant future (as in the legacy of your carbon footprint). I try to make my choices with this consciousness in the back of my mind. But what happens when I want to buy non-petrochemically infused lube????? (Well what would you expect from me?)
So here I am frustrated and wincing as I squirt a gob of chemically laden goo into my fist and prepare for a little action. Well, there is now hope! Reading the latest issue of my beloved BUST magazine I came across a couple of articles that will help me mesh my two worlds of eco-consciousness and hardcore fuck fun! The first reviews four all natural lubes; Oceanus Naturals lube can be found at, Good Clean Love’s Almost Naked (also mostly organic) can be found at and the last is Babelands Natural Organic Lube in both Naked scent and Fresh scent available at .
The second article was titled “Seduce, Reuse, Recycle” and it reported that David Kowalsky, the owner of the sextoy site, is now offering sex toy recycling. Check out his site where you will find all in the formation about how to recycle your unwanted dildos, vibes and other orgasm inducing devices.
To read these articles and much more awesomeness about music, art, film, crafting, fashion, pop culture and feminism check out BUST magazine (

Human sexuality is a natural and healthy part of Life, and now there are some additional ways to make your sex experiences more healthy and natural!
xxoo mia