Thursday, April 23, 2009

Setting New Rules...

He came home from work and found his wife sitting in the living room, a glass of wine perched on the arm of the couch and her laptop on the coffeetable. He gave her his habitual, hello dear and peck on the cheek greeting. He paused before leaving the room to change out of his work clothes. He turned back and looked at her. She seemed different this day, her face was flushed and her smile wicked. “Hello johnny…”
She was dressed in her standard work suit, but her skirt seemed tighter, her blouse more revealing, her legs clad in silky stocking, but as she shifted he saw a glimpse of the tops of her thigh high hose. He was curious; he always thought his wife wore pantyhose, not stockings. He wondered when she had switched over and when was it that she had begun wearing her skirts so short and tight. He started to question his own perceptions. His voice almost came out as a squawk, “um dear...”
“Spit it out johnny” her voice was almost cruel.
He tried to ask her why her skirt seemed tighter, why her breasts were so perfectly displayed in her blouse. He wanted to ask her when she began wearing stockings, but no matter how many times he began his sentence he lost his train of thought, or it sounded weak, or his thoughts were jumbled. He sighed and she seemed to be buoyed by his lack of capacities. At that point he glanced down at the laptop and saw that a video was playing, the volume down. A man stood amid a group of professional woman, he was naked except for high heels and a pair of women’s fushia colored panties. They were taunting him, jeering, John thought humiliating him. He started at the monitor watching as the man crawled between the women’s feet, mouthing words that were clearly pleads. When he stood his cock made an obscene image barely hidden in the satiny panties. The women’s faces were all wildly amused with open mouth laughs and almost to the point of knee slapping. By the time John realized he was staring mesmerized, and realized his wife had clearly noticed his interest it was too late, he couldn’t feign disinterest. “dear…” he found his voice finally, but it was confused and desperate “what is this?” He gestured toward the screen; She smirked at him and crossed her legs high on her thighs, her lovely legs stretched into his space. She raised a brow and said nonchalantly “what dear?”
The thing that John didn’t want to admit was that he felt ashamed, the scene on the monitor had awakened something deeply hidden in his psyche, he felt the familiar warmth of his own arousal. He was also shocked because he realized that he was married to a woman he didn’t truly know, he had been living with her but not looking or listening to who she was. It all came into focus for him in these few moments; his wife was not a mere wife, mother and professional woman. She was a woman of passion and power. She was seductive and sexy and in control. He felt like shrinking and submitting to her, how could he of been so blind.
Her voice oozed into the tense room. “Well johnny, what do you think of what I was watching?” Her heel clad foot slid absently against his calf, his leg felt weak at her touch and he stammered for a second before answering “it’s a little shocking dear.”
“Oh is it John? How? I don’t find it shocking, I find it amusing, oh so very amusing.”
His voice was lost again as his leg shook uncontrollably against her foot. “If you’d be more comfortable johnny, if your legs don’t seem to want to hold you upright any longer, feel free to slip onto the floor and kneel.” He felt a great sense of relief as he curled his knees underneath his legs. He adjusted his position repeatedly for his now rock hard cock was being pinched painfully in his trousers. His wife seemed to notice and she chuckled down at him in the most patronizing manner. He was surprised to find her demeaning mannerisms only made his arrousal and agony more unbearable. He felt his resolve melting away and felt his heart swell with love and lust for this woman he was just beginning to know.
She rocked her crossed leg and the top of her shoe cradled against the crotch of his pants he felt her toe tip nudge up against his balls over and over. He held very still. “Dear I am thinking that here needs to be some changes around here.” Her voice was smooth and hypnotizing to him. He nodded at her every word. “I am thinking you John, have begun to discover your role around this house and we need to take your self discovery further. Would you like that?” He nodding again, he felt the tip of his cock oozing, soaking through the fabric of his pants. She raised a brow and asked “Yes?” Once again he voice was a squeak, he no longer sounded like the 40 year old man he was, he now sounded more like a prepubescent boy replying to a strict authority figure. “Yes Ma’am”.
She began setting rules for their life. “You will no longer wear the clothes of a grown man john,you will either be completely nude or you will wear special outfits of my choosing”. At this her face became illuminated with amusement. He oozed further.

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Sunday, April 05, 2009

Your Wife

She looked down at the creamy white flesh of her smooth belly. A viscous drop of semen dribbled slowly down the curve toward her hipbone. The cum wasn’t milky or thick or opaque. It was clearish, watery and runny. She thought it seemed impotent in its very essence. She sighed and rolled over to the edge of the bed, catching sight of the clock on the nightstand, 9 am, right on time. She listened to her husband in the kitchen messing with the coffee maker and shake a crinkle out of the newspaper. Another Saturday morning. She went to the bathroom and turned on the water, steam clouded the mirror, and she looked at her smeared reflection, letting her fingertips slide around in the slippery fluid on belly. She thought, I deserve more.

In the bathtub she pinched her nipples and watched as the puffy pinkness transform to dark tan nubs. Her breasts were very sensitive; she often dreamed of voracious men suckling on them like animals and woke with insistent dampness between her legs. She started to feel her lips swell beneath the surface of the water. She glanced at her pubis, dark hairs covering the mound, she raised her hips and soaped herself and dragged the razor over the mound leaving a ¼ inch of fur. This had become her ritual every Saturday, her husband disliked her too trimmed and criticized her the time she removed all pubic hair, so she would take the hair down to barely there right after their weekly Saturday morning missionary fuck and let it grow in during the week. Setting down the razor she pressed her fingertips into her folds, let her head rest back against the edge of the tub and began massaging her clit. This is how she came every Saturday. She recalled images from college, before she knew her husband, things that had happened that she had never told him about. She remembered the trips to the city with her best friend Cassie, to party and score coke, inevitably finding themselves in some posh apartment sucking cocks or in some seedy after hours club also sucking cocks. Sometimes they put on girl on girl shows in penthouse suites for small groups of men speaking foreign languages. Or she would think of being in the VIP lounges of concerts, draped on the arms of rock stars only to find herself naked in a hotel room full of people in the early morning. She let her fingers dip over and over into her now slick slit, and then the frenzy would set in. She would begin aching for more, she wanted more than anything, at that moment to feel full, sore, satisfied, used. She looked around the bathroom, at the shampoo and conditioner bottles, the hair brushes, anything she could use to fill her need.

Just then her husband tapped on the door of the bathroom and cracked it and said, “Are you decent dear?” She felt like she could scream but instead took a deep breath and replied, somewhat defeated “of course”. He delivered her a cup of coffee on the counter and said “I have bad news dear… I know its Saturday but I need to go into work for a while. There’s been some type of emergency and they need me right now. The problem is that I scheduled those guys from the window company to come out and give us an estimate and they are supposed to be here any minute. Are you done in the tub, can you come out and get decent so you can let these window guys in?” She thought Bingo! Now was her long awaited chance. This is better than a bottle or a hairbrush!
She stood naked drying her long chestnut hair with the blow dryer. She applied a dusting of power across her cheek and dark mascara on her lashes. Then she painted her lips with a deep rose, much the color of her pussy lips swollen with desire. She dressed carefully, she chose an aqua blue bra and panty set that she had picked out for her husband to buy for her on their anniversary. It turned out that he was too shy to go into the store and buy them so she had to. She slipped on the aqua panties over her curvy hips and full ass. She leaned forward and let her breast lay high in the demi cups. Then she heard the doorbell. She grabbed her black silk robe and casually wrapped it around her body and went to answer the door. She hesitated for one minute and finally thought I can’t live another moment without this and opened the door.
A young man, in his late twenties about 6’4” with a sandy colored crew cut came in the door and introduced himself as Mike. Mike had the air of an ex football player with cool blue eyes and a thick neck and arms. Then he introduced his coworker who stood in the doorway behind him, Jerry. Jerry was younger than Mike, lean and muscular with dark skin the color of milky coffee. Both men had matching light blue polo shirts on with the logo of the window company on their left breast.
She led them into the formal living room with its creamy colored micro fiber couches. As the men walked down the hall way she thought she saw them give each other a look. Mike began pulling brochures out of his briefcase and laying them on the coffee table. The wife slipped from her chair and kneeled in front of the coffee table at Mike’s feet and began reviewing them. Her robe gaped forward and her aqua push up bra was displayed. She leaned forward so that the pale flesh of her breasts curved toward the young men’s eyes. She chewed on her lip and pretended to review the papers and tried to ignore the growing ache between her legs. She shifted and let the silk robe slip off one shoulder. She heard both men draw in deep breaths. From her place on the floor in front of them she turned toward where they both sat and looked up at them. Her intent was clear. Jerry turned to Mike and said, “I don’t think she really interested in our windows”. “I’m not.” She replied.
She placed both hands on Mike’s knees and started inching up between his legs, he leaned back in the chair and let his thighs flop wide. “Have at it lady.” She removed his cock from his pants and was not disappointed. It was similar to the cocks of her dreams, thick and veiny, not too long. She began sucking, inhaling the pungent scent of masculinity. It throbbed against her tongue, her earlier life of expert cock sucking in the dark hallways of clubs and brightly lit penthouse apartments quickly came back to her. Drool oozed from around her lips and coated the shaft of his virile cock. He groaned and said to Jerry “this is our lucky day.” She let her eyes dart over to Jerry and saw that he sat with his dark cock already in his fist, perfect in proportions, its nine-ish inches almost an exact replica of the black dildo she kept in the attic in the box marked Nana Betty’s Good China. She had to taste it. Her robe fell to the floor and she positioned herself in front of Jerry and opened her mouth into an O and put her hands behind him, and pulled him forward so that his cock slid easily into her mouth. She was offering her wet orifice for his effortless thrusts. Mike began sliding his large hands into the cups of her bra, pinching and tweaking her nipples under his callused fingers. She whimpered ravenously as Jerry began his rhythmic stabs into her juicy throat. Her bra pushed down, her large full breasts swayed as Jerry rocked her body back and forth. Mike stepped out of his pants and moved behind her, easily lifting her petite frame, raising her hips so she stood, bent over, her legs and torso making an L. Mike leaned forward, his massive body dwarfing hers, his thick cock pulsating against her ass as he cupped and squeezed her tits; she began bucking against him, wanting to feel him slip inside. She begging onto the cock lodged in her throat, vibrating her need. Mike fascinated by her ample breasts ignored her grinding and moaning and instead moved beneath her to wrap his lips around the full curve of her breast and began drawing her nipple deep into his mouth. He suckled, it was just like her dream, she felt her pussy tighten, and the waves wash over her belly, and she screamed the delicious rapture of release. Both men slightly shocked by her intensity, paused and let her paroxysms subside.
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