Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where have I been?

This time like every other time since they had met she tried to follow his directions as precisely as possible. She pulled over to the edge of the heavily wooded road and turned on the overhead light in her car and looked down at the directions she had. She hadn’t passed a driveway, a road, a house or any other man made structures for the last 40 minutes. It took a certain amount of faith for her to drive on but that is what she did. She glanced down at her watch before the road made another bend. 6:48 pm, it seemed much later due to the dense foliage along both sides of the road. Even during the brightest day it’s probably dark here, she thought. Finally her car rose up a long a crest in the road, as the top of the hill cleared, she slowed the car, it was breath-taking, a lush valley opened before her with a little creek that ran alongside the road and on the far end of the clearing where the valley began to rise again, there stood a cabin. It had the look of a rustic cabin but it was over sized. It had a substantial timber frame and a vast wraparound porch. There were no signs of any other life around the place, the windows were dark and there were no cars in the gravel lot to its side. She parked and grabbed her bag, packed carefully according to the instructions she had received. Inside she fumbled for an envelope that enclosed the key he had sent. She hadn’t imagined this. All of the adventures he had orchestrated for her had been surprises. She trusted him and knew how much better her surprises would be if she resisted her curiosity and didn’t investigate further. So this time she didn’t check her GPS or look at the satellite maps online. She really had no idea that she was going to end up out in the middle of nowhere. She had imagined a small town or a secluded estate or even an exclusive resort but not an isolated cabin. She opened the door into a sparse but rustically luxuriously furnished room. It was an open great room with a large kitchen along the back corner and leather couches and heavy carved wooden furniture. Some of the pieces accented with bright colors that contrasted nicely with the dark grains of the wood. From glancing around she knew this was no ordinary cabin, architects and designers had definitely been involved. She dropped her bag and walked to the kitchen and slid her hand along the cool granite. She coveted the massive Viking stove island unit. She popped open the SubZero refrigerator to find it was nicely stocked with fruits, like mangos and pineapple, cheeses like Brie and Gouda and meats and shrimp, marinating and ready to be cooked. In the door were Belgian beers, bottled sparkling water and champagne. She knew she was in the right place, it was all very Him.
After climbing the impressive bucolic staircase she found what she knew she would find somewhere in the house. A large room with floor length windows on three sides opened before her. The forth wall was all cabinets and closets. In the middle of the room was a large, leather covered and padded platform. On each side of the platform were eyehooks. There were two other platforms, smaller but similar. She opened the first closet, packed in was a bench, also padded but rounded on top. It was wheeled and there were eyehooks on the base. She opened the nearest cabinet and shivered, hanging neatly were a variety of brightly colored and precisely made crops and floggers. Also hanging from a little hook was a familiar looking light blue envelope, just like the others she had received from him. She tore into it.
Dear Mia,
I see you made it. Very good. And as I predicted you immediately began snooping. I know you well enough that I am sure that even though you looked you haven’t disturbed anything. You must be tired from your drive so tonight please take some time to relax. Downstairs there are six bedrooms, The first door on the right is for you. Tomorrow morning I want you to prepare yourself according to my usual wishes. From tomorrow morning on you will be in service mode. Make me proud.

The next morning she woke and found Earl Grey Tea in the cabinet. She smiled to herself because she knew this was one small way he thought of her needs. She went to the bathroom that was attached to her room and opened the cabinet. There were all the items needed for her to bath, shave and cleanse in the way he required. She finished and glanced in the mirror, he always liked her naked best. Being naked wasn’t how she felt most comfortable, she felt like her thighs where too wide, her breasts not perky enough, etc. But she would sometimes catch him looking over at her as her chest heaved and her weak limbs ached and smile and tell her she was beautiful and perfect. She reached into her bag and brought out the heavy silver chain he had custom made and given to her two years earlier. She looked at her reversed image as she reached around to the back of her neck and closed the locking clasp. Only he could remove it.
She padded through the house and felt strangely warm. She checked out the thermostat, already programmed and set to warm to 82 degrees at 9 am. She looked at the carved dark wood tallcase clock that stood by the entry. It was 9:30 am. She picked up her book and settled on one of the armchairs in the great room downstairs.
Despite having glanced at the clock numerous times, she glanced once more as she heard tires on the gravel outside. She peeked through the front window and saw a large extended cab black truck. As the door opened she saw three men, none of them Scott. Her stomach did a flutter and she sucked in her breath and stood still naked by the entry and waited. She heard them put a key in the door. They definitely belong here she thought. She closed her eyes for one second and checked in with her body. She was warm in the pit of her belly. She didn’t feel fear, only the rush of the unknown. She wanted this, if this is what Scott wanted for her. Then door swung open and the three men entered glanced at her standing there naked and walked right past her. For all intrinsic purposes they were ignoring her. After they passed where she stood she followed them into the great room as they set their bags down and went into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. “What a drive” one of them said. “Thought we would never get here” another retorted. “Nice place” the third one observed. Oh she thought, so this is the game. She knew this game, silent slave, called upon only when needed, I am nothing more than a piece of furniture, I can do this…
She watched as they made and ate a large breakfast of eggs and sausage. She followed them as they explored the downstairs bedrooms of the house. The only bedroom she had gone into the night before was her own. She now realized the other five downstairs where much nicer than the one she was in. It all started to fall into place for her, she began to see her role. It wasn’t long until she was sure. One of the men announced he was going to shower to the others. Before he disappeared into his room, he called, “come girl.” She followed.
She was told to turn on the shower. She was made to get him undressed. As she peeled off his shirt she was impressed by his strong muscular chest and toned body. She was aroused by the time she slid his boxer shorts off his hips and his cock, hard sprang into her face. She followed him into the large dual spray shower where she washed his body. She grabbed the bar of soap and lathered up his back and slid her hands over his firm ass cheeks. He stepped his legs wide and she wiggled her fingertips down his ass crack and underneath his balls. She reached around his body and wrapped her slippery fist around his now rock hard cock. She began slowly stroking his cock and closed her eyes and imagined it up inside her. She moaned. He heard her and pushed her off, rinsed the foam off his body and turned off the spray. She pulled a warm towel off the heated rack and began drying his body. She noticed his cock was still hard. She was careful not to give it too much attention while drying him off for fear of him pushing her away again. She brought him his robe and he sat in a chair in the room and told her to “show me”. She knew this command. She stood directly in front of him and clasp both hands behind her back and began turning around. When she was facing away from his gaze she bent deeply forward and arched her back and clasped her ankles. In this position she had nothing to hide. Both her ass and pussy were completely on view and she was totally vulnerable. She wondered “had Scott told these men about me, about my triggers and vulnerabilities?” He kept her in this position for quite a while at one point moving forward and actually bending to look more closely at her holes. Each moment in this position brought her arousal on more keenly. After some time the man’s voice cut through her agony “Are you dripping down your thigh?” She mumbled an embarrassed yes and before she knew it the man was up and behind her and landing a series of rapid fire spanks over her ass cheeks. She was startled by the sudden pain had a hard time choking out a “yes Sir” after he asked his question once again. He grabbed her by the collar and pulled her face up to his. He sneered at her and glared into her eyes. His cock was poking out through the opening in his robe, its slippery tip against her belly. He reached down between her legs and put two fingers in her swollen juicy hole. She tried to keep her face calm by chewing on the corner of her lower lip. His face was inches from hers as he said “he was right about you, you are a dirty horny little fuckhole.” He removed his fingers from inside her and did not touch her again down there as he proceeded to test her talents. She wanted to rub her clit as she enthusiastically sucked him off but knew better. She used all of her tricks, trying to impress him with her skills. She used her mouth and hand with a twist. She took him deep and coated his cock with slime, consciously pulling back so he could see the juices drip down off her chin onto her tits. She lapped like a dog at his balls. She opened her mouth wide and reach her tongue out to lick his sack with his cock way down her throat. She moved her face down further between his legs and licked his taint and asshole. And finally she was rewarded, she pulled her face back and opened her lips wide and his thick spunk landed all over her mouth and chin. She held it open wide until she heard the swallow command. “Acceptable” he proclaimed and told her to “Leave me”. She went toward his washroom to clean up between her legs and he said no, and informed her to leave it.
She entered the Great room with her thighs glistening and slippery against each other. Both men were sitting there casually chatting; her entry, hair still damp, and her body flushed with arousal commanded their attention. Ha! One of them proclaimed. The other looked at her like she was a tasty meal. She sucked her breath in quietly and ached privately. “It returns…” They both stood and walked up the staircase, she silently followed. Upstairs in the playroom, all the French doors were opened and the sunlight streamed in. Inside the center doorway she was bound, spread eagle, standing, her legs wide her arms over her head. The men busied themselves in the cabinets. She was facing out toward the beautiful valley and couldn’t see what they were selecting for her. She heard one of them approaching and felt his hands on her back, moving them down, gently massaging her needy flesh as he leaned his body against hers she that she could feel his erection in his jeans. He spoke in her ear. Scott tells us you can handle a lot of pain slut. Is this true?
Yes Sir.
Scott also tells us you can be a very good girl and make lots of people very happy. Is this true?
Yes Sir.
Well, I also hear you can be a spoiled needy little brat and give people a very difficult time, are you going to be a good slut or a needy brat for us?
Good, Sir.
Well, we will see.
Then she heard a hum. It was a familiar hum because it was the sound of her favorite toy, her wand. It was the thing she was rewarded with when she was very very good. It made her cum rapidly and quickly and abundantly. Then it was on her clit. And she was writhing around on her bonds. She felt his arm circle her torso and grip her nipples between his thumb and forefinger. “Be still, no cumming.” She was doomed.