Monday, August 10, 2009

An Unlikely Pair

During her last year at the University she needed to prioritize her life. She needed a calmer living arrangement, away from the drama of young women who like to party. It’s not that she didn’t like to cut loose but she needed to keep it a little more separate from her everyday life. She needed to really apply herself to these last five classes if she wanted to land that summer internship in the publishing firm. She began looking at apartments off campus. She had certain tastes though and not just anything would do. One day she ran into a friend of hers at the coffee shop on the strip. He was someone she had known for years. He was the sidekick of her old boyfriend. And as time went on and she got to know Chris she ended up liking him way more than she liked her boyfriend. But he was socially awkward, nerdy, lisped and had an odd way of walking but he was very smart and capable. He was not dating material by any stretch of her imagination but he was a great male friend. Through the years they had been friends many of her girlfriends had commented that he was her “pet” or “a lost puppy” who followed her around. She tried to ignore this fact offering him only friendship but found herself from time to time having him help her “move furniture”, “fix stuff” and even from time to time buy her nice gifts or take her out to dinner.

At the coffee shop she told Chris about her fruitless search for housing options. She was especially disappointed because she saw one place that she fell in love with but could not afford. It was in ground floor apartment in a charming Painted Lady Victorian. The young male (and obviously gay) Doctor who owned it and lived on the upper two floors and kept it meticulously restored with impressive formal gardens all around and a little iron gate around the front. The apartment had high ceilings and gleaming hardwood floors. Technically it was a one bedroom but the basement was finished off to be a sort of den with laundry facilities in one corner. Chris proposed “Let me live there with you and pay half the rent.” She felt a little guilty because she knew deep down this had occurred to her and was exactly the reason she mentioned it.

They moved in a few weeks later. She had a sunny room in the back of the first floor with large floor to ceiling windows that looked out on a flower garden. Chris moved into the basement, one wall the unfinished stone of the original foundation, the space was a bit dark and a little damp although unique and spacious. She went about her life, school, work and fun with her friends and a date almost every weekend. Chris having already finished school would come home from work, make both of them dinner and watch TV. When she left to see her friends she would often invite him but being socially unsure of himself he preferred small group or private socializing. After a few months she noticed him beginning to get brooding when she left to hang out with friends and downright grumpy when she was preparing for her dates. She felt bad for him and made and extra effort to find time to watch a movie with him occasionally. One day she was heading to the shower to get ready for her Friday night out; she noticed Chris was in his usual position on the couch watching TV. She sighed. Once in the bathroom she recalled she had forgotten her newly purchased perfume in her bedroom. She wrapped herself in a towel, that was a little too short to cover her completely, and ran around the corner to her room. She hoped that Chris hadn’t glanced up because she was fairly sure her booty would be hanging out as she streaked back to the bathroom. Once in the bathroom she threw the towel down and stepped into the steamy shower. After a minute she felt a draft and noticed in her haste she hadn’t pulled the bathroom door shut all the way, and there was Chris, outside the crack of the door watching her. She turned her back to the opening and thought for a second. He brooded everytime she left. He wakes up early on Saturday mornings while she is in bed with a hangover and takes her car to the carwash. He buys most of the groceries and does most of the cooking. She decided. OK. She began soaping up her body, showing off while pretending not to know he was there. In the mirror she saw that he was enjoying himself, his hand was a blur. She took an extra long shower with the door cracked that day and most every day that followed.

Chris’ disposition changed. He was cheery and happy to see her every time she returned to the apartment. And he began bringing her home little gifts. “I saw this necklace at the antique shop by work and thought you might like it”. “Oh,I love it! How much do I owe you?” “Nothing, the old lady who worked there gave me a great deal.”

She became more brazen in her showing off. She would sleep with her bedroom door cracked, naked under a thin sheet and on early mornings before he jumped in the shower and headed to work she would sometimes wake to the quiet sounds of the swoosh swoosh of his hand cream covered hand sliding up and down on his hardness. She would smile into her pillow as she slid one leg against the mattress, feigning sleep while giving him a glimpse that would complete his task.

“What’s this?” “Something I saw in the window of the bookstore, open it.” “Oh my god! A first edition Ladders to Fire by Anais Nin! Thank you Chris!!!” And she knew that, he probably didn’t know that, she knew the book carried the price tag of $350.

After living together for a year Chris took her car for regular tune ups, paid all the household bills except for a portion of the rent that formalized the fact that she was an independent woman for both of them. She never asked Chris for anything. She still went on dates most every weekend. She had found a few pairs of her dirty panties stretched out and under Chris’s bed one day when he was out grocery shopping. She decided it was a small price to pay and shoved them back under the bed and didn’t mention it.

Chris had begun to act moody again. He had begun once again pouting when she left the house and was always criticizing the guys she dated. She would tease him, telling him she kept David around because he was a good lover or that Ben had a massive cock. “Really?” Chris’ tone was genuinely curious. “How big?” She found herself describing Ben in details to her unusual friend. Chris asked more questions about her lovers. She answered honestly at first until she noticed that his pants were growing rather tight. And at that point she first noticed the outline of his arousal. He was very well endowed. She didn’t understand how she missed this before. She began embellishing her story, adding more erotic details until Chris was visibly aching. There was a large wet spot on the front of his khaki’s. She said good night and left for the date with Ben.

That night, she was tipsy and she did something she never had done before. She brought her date home. She took him to her bedroom, left the door cracked and began fucking. She didn’t shush her lover and instead enjoyed the sex more than ever, not holding back her moans of pleasure, she talked dirty and even didn’t hesitate to give directions. “Mmmmmm, don’t stop…. Yesssss… right there……” She heard the creak of Chris’ door and knew he was in the shadows watching as she straddled and rode Ben’s massive cock. And when they switched to doggy style she positioned her ass to the door.

The next morning she woke up late and Ben had left. She rolled over, peeling her sticky body from the sheets. The sunlight was streaming in through the tall windows of her room, she was naked. The apartment smelled delicious. Chris was making breakfast for her. He boldly walked in her open door and sat on the edge of the bed and handed her a cup of tea, with milk and sugar just like she liked. He smiled at her. He brought her breakfast and took the plates away and washed them when she was done. He ran her a bath and put lavender scented bath salts in the water. When she was lying back in the tub, her eyes closed he spoke to her from outside the door. “Thank you. I would like to help you every morning after your dates. I have been thinking about it Mia and I would really like to help you… I mean… I would like to, um… if you’d let me… um. I don’t want you to think I am weird and you don’t have to answer me now. But ……….I want to clean you up.” She considered these words but said nothing.

xxoo mia


JMB said...

What a sexy fantasy! How I would love to be your room mate!

Hammer said...

i like it
very well written