Thursday, September 10, 2009

Liberation... my erotic return

I stood by the window. My arms were crossed as I looked out between the dividers of the wooden pane. A yellowing leaf was daring itself to fall. Through my slightly parted lips a large sigh slipped. I stood and looked. You came into the room silently and until you slipped your arms around me I hadn't even known you were there. I first felt the warmth of your body and before I could recognize it for what it was, you had your hand over my mouth and the full length of your body pressed against my back. The moment I recognized you as a human body against me I could feel your breath on my neck. Your voice was in my ear. Your left arm was around the front of my torso. My nostrils flared above your knuckles. "You need this".

You lifted my feet off the ground and twisted me toward the bed. You body fell on top of me as my chest hit the mattress. Your left arm slipped from around me as you positioned your thighs around my rib cage. The full weight of your body wasn't on me, but you had me held down snuggly. You leaned forward and moved your hand from my mouth as you hissed a "shhhhh".

You reached over to the heap on the floor and slipped a belt from the loops of yesterdays' jeans. Over my head you attached my arms. Then you moved off of me and put your feet back on the floor. My eyes were clinched shut but i breathed. Deeply. The stress tensed every muscle in my body. You hand raised my forehead and you tied a bit of fabric, a scarf or a scrap over my eyes. You kissed my exposed cheek. You said "That's it, keep breathing." You moved behind me and gripped my legs and pulled my arms tight over my head and the rest of me more near to the end of the bed. From the foot of the bed, with both hands under my hipbones you raised my ass and positioned me on my knees. Then you lifted my forehead again and slipped a pillow under my head. You kissed my shoulder blade and said "much better". For moments you must have stood circling me, admiring your handywork or appreciating the vision. Finally you placed your hand on my ass and moved forward; putting your foot on the bed along my knee and placing yourself so that i could feel you nestled against the crevice of my ass. I felt how hard you were and inside my belly there was a shudder and warmth. Once more you reminded me to breathe. I drew my breath in deeply. I felt good. My shoulders melted into the mattress effortlessly. With a dramatic exhale you moved. I imagined it was as comfortable for you to be nestled against me as it was for me to feel you hard and nestled against me. Then you put both your hands against my cheeks, low, toward my thighs and opened me and looked. "Mine" you said then you relaxed your grip, letting me return to a more natural pose. I wriggled my knees wider for you. "That's it Mia, show me it's mine." I arched my back.

First I felt your breath, I also heard you breathe me in. Then you kissed me. Your mouth was like an answer at that moment. I forgot the worries. Your mouth knew every fold, every minute gesture that would always make me shiver and ache. You lost yourself in the task at hand. Your strong hand joined in my pleasure. My voice crept from my throat and lost itself in the pillow. The natural noises of intimacy and my bliss filled the room. For minutes that felt like hours I let myself disappear into the delight of your undertaking. Then you moved your fingers inside of me... the time had come. The song was reaching its crescendo and it was me you were playing. You lifted your chin and mumbled "Give me what's mine Mia." And I let go. You murmured appreciative noises as whorls of your fingerprint touched me and I swelled. And then rippled. I tightened and then softened in the way you knew I would. In my faraway place I heard two things. You said “good girl”, and you let your pants drop onto the hardwood floor. I breathed deeply and raised my head, looking over my shoulder as you, gripping yourself, positioned yourself but stopped as you noticed my raised head. With your scented hand you reached forward and scooped the blindfold from my eyes. I melted as I saw the way you looked at your target. It's was reverence, need and appreciation. It was admiration, passion and hunger. Your lip raised and your eyes closed as you sunk deep. I felt you take the breath from me. Buried with me tight around you, you raise your face upward and opened your eyes. Your chest expanded and you spoke to all who would listen. "Mine".

xxoo mia


JMB said...

Sounds like you had a nice vacation...and some nice Mia-time, too. Well written, as always.

Hammer said...

very nice

Foxy Madison said...

I LOVE a good hard fucking like that!!!

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Mia