Friday, December 28, 2012


She knew at her age it would seem ridiculous to some but she didn't care.  She didn't tell anyone and didn't share it with anyone. This ritual was her dirty little secret.  He boyfriend didn't even know.  That fact drove her crazy, she often thought about him while she did it.  She thought about how much more fun it would be if she could share it with someone.  But she wasn't ready for the possibility of him rejecting this important part of herself. 
She reached up and tightened the pony tail holder on one side, then did the other.  She already had slipped the satiny babydoll nighty over her head.  She looked at herself in the mirror.  Seeing herself like this was all she needed and her mind was racing down that path.  She sat on the hardwood floor and opened her legs so that the crotch of her white cotton panties could be seen in the large antique mirror that leaned against the wall.  She bit her lip and scooted closer toward the big mirror.  Her nightgown was light pink with white lace trim and it strained obscenely across her front with her large round breasts stretching the fabric so every bump of her areola was outlined. The nightgown was not made for a person with fully developed breasts, it was much too small.  That is why it was so perfect.   She slipped her hands under the heavy meat of her tits and weighed them in her palms then began caressing them, the whole time looking at her pigtailed image in the mirror.  She opened her legs wider and looked at the way her flesh down there filled the cotton fabric, making the crotch of the panties bulge.  She let her fingertips press into the bulgy meatiness.  Finally she stood up and looked at herself and smiled a sweet smile in the mirror before pushing out her lips and making the common so called sexy duck face.  She started posing in front of the mirror in poses like she had seen in the old Playboy magazines; playing with her ripe body and showing off for an unseen audience. She bent over and let the light pink fabric rise over her full ripe ass cheeks hidden behind that white cotton fabric. She reached back and pinched the fabric to make the full back into a thong and showed off her ass in the reflection.  She put one hand on the foot board of the bed and arched her back looking back over her shoulder at herself.  She was trying hard to look like those beautiful ladies in her father’s magazines. 
She slipped off her panties and posed some more, with each lavicious grin she found her heart rate increasing and her breath becoming ragged.  Finally she opened the box she kept under the bed and sat on the floor in front of the mirror once more.  She laid out a collection of dildos in increasing sizes.  She bit her lip and looked at herself in the mirror and then glanced down at all the rubber dicks.  She was burning hot and felt herself tightening, wettening and readying.  She pulled her knees up and let her legs fall wide so her pretty pink hole was open in the mirror.  She moved closer so she could see inside when she spread the folds open.  She leaned back and raised her legs and looked at her asshole too.  She opened her cheeks and winked her hole, imagining showing off for her viewers.   Finally she reached for one slim rubber dick and watched herself lick and suck it, while making sexy moaning noises.  She opened her eyes and looked directly into the mirror and spoke “ daddy, I want you to push it in.”  She took the dildo and began pressing it into her drenched pussy.  She forced herself to hold back, she knew at she could come anytime now.  She always felt a sense of accomplishment if she could hold off cumming until she pushed the 2nd larger dildo into her wetness.  She brought the slimy cock to her mouth and licked it up and down the shaft, lapping on it like it was a lollipop smiling sweetly at her reflection. 
She grabbed the next, larger dildo and again brought it to her lips and licked and sucked it.  She said to no one “like this Daddy?”  Her heat grew as she watched herself, legs spread and her pink hole oozing while she moaned and sucked.  Finally she said ‘please daddy, I have been such a good girl, please put it inside my slutty hole, please daddy!”  She grinning proudly and as she was bringing the cock to her pussy and beginning to insert it she heard a noise.  She turned to look over her shoulder and saw her boyfriend standing in the doorway.  He had his dick out of his pants and was stroking it.  His jaw was set firmly and his eyes burned with lust as he stared at her.  Suddenly he took three big strides toward her and grabbed her by the pigtail and lifted her to her feet and shoved her down face first onto the bed.  He groaned as he shoved his throbbing dick into her soaking wet hole.  He pistoned in and out, humping her like a dog, his body leaning over her light pink nightgown and his breath coming out in grunts.  He felt her pussy tighten around him and he knew she was cumming but he did not slow.  He lasted only five more hard strokes and exploded deep inside her then plopped his body onto the bed next to her with his dick still buried and pulsating. She felt his breath on her neck and then heard him say “Daddy loves his slutty girl.”   

Saturday, December 08, 2012


He didn’t want to look but felt compelled to.  He sat at the bar in the basement of the house and glanced over to the couch.  He stared for a few seconds then turned back to his cocktail on the bar.  He slightly shook his head looking into the amber liquid then he abruptly turned back the action on the leather couch. Jennifer was between them.  The woman, the boss’s wife, had her mouth on Jennifer’s tit and was licking and sucking while the three of them held a conversation laughing.  He didn’t know what they were talking about; the music was loud enough that most of their words were drowned out.  He looked into the glass again and watched the ice cubes swirl in a clockwise direction. 
He and Jennifer had only been married four months.  The wedding was only two months after he was hired. The boss and his wife attended the conservative ceremony.  He and Jennifer had lived in this city for eight months while he was searching for a job. It was hard times for them both and Jennifer had turned back to stripping like she had in college.  He hated that, but she loved the attention and gifts the men gave her. Now here she was on the couch between his boss and the boss’s wife, getting all the attention she loved. 
He shifted on the barstool and looked back.  The boss’s wife was between Jennifer’s legs licking her pussy.  Jennifer had her head lying back over the back of the couch, her eyes were closed.  His boss looked at him and grinning and then stood up in front of the two women and began unbutton his jeans.  He watched as his boss pulled a rock hard cock from his pants while staring at his young beautiful wife.  As much as he hated to admit it, as he sat there and watched his wife get molested he was also rock hard. 
When he turned back again, the boss had one foot on the leather cushion of the couch and was leaning over Jennifer and she was hungrily sucking his cock while the wife continued eating her pussy.  Jennifer was a great cock sucker.  She was vigorous and ravenous and he watched as her head bobbed and her cheeks hollowed.  Her eyes were still closed.  He realized he was massaging his hard- on through his jeans and he stare at his slutty young wife.  He watched as his boss put his hand on the back of her head and pushed his dick deeper in her mouth and he saw how Jennifer, mouth stuffed, opened and let her tongue slip out and reach toward the bosses balls. 
Jennifer was now on her hands and knees on the floor and had her mouth buried in the boss’s wife’s crotch.   His boss was fucking her doggie style while the boss’s wife ground her pussy into Jennifer’s face.  He was leaning forward toward the scene; he could no longer look away.  He was energetically jerking his cock, rocking on the bar stool as he matched the thrusting of his boss into his new wife’s tight wet pussy.  Suddenly he loudly grunted and a thick gob of cum shot out of his cock to land on the brown leather of the couch cushion.  All three of them looked up from their fucking and saw him empty the contents of his balls onto the floor.  

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Job Hunting

Sam and I joked about him needing a secretary, his job was overwhelming him.  I listened to his bitching like any good friend would.  I asked him if he had ever seen the movie The Secretary.  He had not.  I told him he had to, “Tonight, it’s on Netflix, Watch it!”  Late that night he texted me. 
Wow, u liked that movie?
R U into that?
Hmmmmm. I had no idea.  ………………  wow
I had known him peripherally for a while but only recently had we started talking casually.  The truth is he was an acquaintances boy friend and I although I found him very attractive and interesting, I did not want to get in between them or cause any drama.  He had many of the qualities I find attractive in a man though, clever, intelligent, he didn’t seem to take himself too seriously, into the outdoors, open minded and he appreciated women.  This last thing was something I could tell intuitively.  I secretly stalked his facebook page though.  I looked at his photos and checked out the bands he liked.  I knew he was really into mountain biking and when I rode my bike I imagined us side by side on the trail.  I guess I had a crush. 
I had just broken it off with a boyfriend recently who did not truly appreciate women, was not interested in the outdoors and was not very clever.  He was extremely handsome though, so I forgave most of his flaws until I grew bored of his beauty.  Since that ended I had reverted to my booty call list for my needs and even that seemed a little one dimensional. 
Since the movie night I hadn’t heard from Sam.  I was feeling a little weird about the whole thing.  I imagined I was just too much of a freak for him.  I felt like there was unfinished business between us and needed to fix our friendship.  One day I skipped out of work during lunch and picked up some burgers and headed downtown to where he worked.   He worked in an office on a construction site.   I walked up to the office and opened the door.  There was a little reception area and then an open doored office. I heard a voice call, In here. 
I took a deep breath and watched through the doorway.  His head was down and he had papers spread over a drafting table that stood in as a desk.  He looked up and was visibly shocked.  “holy Crap!  I did not expect to see you !” He looked me up and down. “Nice outfit.”  I work as an assistant to a managing editor of a magazine, and every day is casual day in our office, expect once a month when the Board of Trustees comes for meetings and tours.  It happened to be a Board of Trustees day and I was wearing a conservative above the knee navy dress skirt and a crisp white blouse and black pumps and a strand of pearls. 
He leaned back in his chair and stared.  I could not help but notice there was a substantial tent in the front of his slacks.  “So… are you here for the secretary position?”  A stabbing heat exploded in my crotch.  I nodded.   He leaned his head to one side, “what was that?”  I raised my eyes and met his.  What I had previously seen in his eyes was casual, caring and fun loving.  Now what I saw in his eyes was confidence, lust and pure raw animal need.  I felt myself melting.  I opened my mouth to speak but the words were lost, I felt my mouth grow dry.  I felt like a child called to the principal’s office.  I felt guilty and small but so very very aroused. 
“Can you speak girl?”
I tried to get the words out, once more I was unable to say a word.  I opened my mouth and closed it again, licking my lips and clearing my throat.  “I,… I… I…” 
He stood up from his desk chair and walked over to where I stood.  He pressed the length of his body against mine and reached up and brushed the hair from my shoulder to reveal my ear.  His other hand rose up to my chin.  He grasped my chin with this thumb and index finger and gentle squeezed to open my mouth then he spoke into my ear, “now you say Yes Sir…” 
I bite my lip and let my eyes dart to his.  His eyes were dark and piercing.  He was moving his lips, encouraging me to speak while raising and lowing my jaw bone with his fingers.  Finally he shock his head and glared at my face.  After a long moment he brought his lips even closer to my ear.  I felt his hot breath and finally he said “maybe that mouth isn’t made for speaking, maybe we need to find something else for it to do.”  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The crafting of Art

We had known each other for a long time. It was one of those friendly hi, how are you in passing relationships.  One day we ended up at the same place at the same time waiting on other people and started talking.  It turned out we didn't know very much about each other.  He told me about his work, his girlfriend and some of his hobbies.  I told him about my work, my lack of significant others and my hobbies.
"A Domme! I would love to serve you sometime."
Suddenly I was thinking of this guy in a totally new light.  I knew he had no experience but I saw a lot of potential.  Clearly, and i know i was denying this for years, he was very into me.  Also, he has this enthusiam, and seemed very willing to open himself up.  I smirked at him and let it pass.  Taking on an inexperienced submissive was a big task and not sure I wanted to take on so much responsibility in regards to this guy.
The next day I a text from him. "I think you're AWESOME. Please consider it.."
The next day I received another text "I want to learn, I promise I will be worth your while."  I wondered how he was so sure of himself.  That night I called him and we talked for a very long time.  By the end of that conversation I had few worries.  We agreed to the first weekend of the next month.
He came to my house dressed in his normal casual jeans and a band teeshirt and chuck taylor sneakers.  He was wearing a hat and he smiled at me his boyish grin.  I brought him into my play room downstairs in the basement. I had paperwork on the table for him to look over and sign.  I always began a session with this formal paperwork. I found it helped the submissive to move into the seriousness I demanded.  He had to read over everything and understand what was expected by me and it also gave him opportunity to state his feelings formally.  This was the transition every subbie needed.  He read over the document as I sat across the table from him.  He slipped his hat off and ran his hand across his stubbly crew cut as he read.  I picked up the hat and walked over to the closet across the room, i opened it and placed it on a shelf, leaving the door open.  He looked up at me.
"Everything you have brought with you, every article of clothing, wallet, and anything else from your idenity before this week will go on a shelf in here. I will lock the closet until sunday night. I want you to symbolically think of placing your concerns, fears and reservations in here too."
He nodded thoughtfully, glanced down at the paperwork and signed the final page.  He looked up at me and smiled.  "Thank you".
 I kept the play room warm because my Domme "uniforms" usually did not include a lot of fabric and I detested feeling cold as I worked and the underground room was naturally chilly without heat. I had him strip off all his clothing and place it on the shelf in the closet. He was not overly confident, in fact he was shy.  He had a nice cock that was instantly hard as he stripped off his clothing.  He kept his hands in front of himself as if to hide his hard on.  I liked this modesty, it made me think of him as submissive immediately.  I also liked his hard on, i meant I probably wouldn't have him take the Viagra I kept on hand. I liked my submissive males hard at all times.
He stood facing me naked.  He had his eyes downturned.  I realized that this boy was already a natural submissive and this is why he had wanted this session so badly.  He had never had a chance to explore this side of himself. I knew this was going to be a cathartic weekend for him.  I knew that he would be changed, for the better, after we completed this weekend of training.  
I explained that I needed to do some preparation, change out of my everyday clothes and spend a few minutes preparing my mind as well.  I spoke to him softly "Art, I am going up stairs for about 20 minutes, I want you to kneel here and prepare your mind.  Think of this as mediation.  This is when you need to release your preconceived ideas, relax and let go of all your past, fears and hang ups. I am going to call down to you when I am ready.  I am going to ask "Are you ready to serve Me?".  If you need more time that is OK.  The correct answer will be either "No" or "Yes Goddess".  You can take as much time as you need.  This will be the last time you may say no to be before you are released Sunday.  When your mind is prepared 100%, symbolically place all your "mental stuff" in the closet and lock the door.  I want you to hang the key on this hook.  I will never stop you from getting your your belongings. If you open this door though,  this will be release from our contract and our session will end.  Do you understand Art?
He replied "Yes Goddess, I understand."

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Patient Husband

He was waiting for his wife to come out of the coffee shop. He was annoyed.  She had called minutes after he got home from work.  He had just changed out of his suit and was pouring a glass of wine when the phone rang.  Another late meeting.  She seemed to have meeting or conferences to attend every weekend now.  He was starting to worry a little.  In so many ways she was the perfect wife, she was always so agreeable, a great hostess for business meetings, she looked great.  In fact as she aged she became more and more attractive.  He had thoughts so but it was confirmed last year at a holiday party when more then one drunken friend came up and commented about how good she looked.
Tonight he was annoyed.  He sat in the car outside the shop and waited.  He glanced at his watch.  Her test said twenty more minutes.  He didn't understand why she hadn't driven her own car down here...or maybe he did.  He noticed a seedy looking bar across the street, a row of Harley's lined up out front. Leaning against the wall was a woman who was clearly "working".  She was a tall and willowy black girl, wearing short shorts and a red tube top and impossibly high platform heels.  He saw her talking to a guy.  Were they negotiating?  Was this man preparing to pick a hole?  Was she telling him her price for a blow job...    
He looked at the woman's plump mouth and imagined her sucking his cock.  His dick instantly hardened.  His dick always did that, it never took much and he was ready to go.  He entertained the thought of having her suck his dick while he was waiting.  He closed his eyes and tugged at his cock through his pants.  A sound made him open his eyes and look over, the tall black hooker was gone and another hooker and two guys were walking out of the bar and toward the corner of the building.  This girl has a full ripe body, with a thick ass and round heavy tits.  His dick throbbed at the sight of this woman. She was his "type".  She tossed her long straight blonde hair over one shoulder and smiled her whore red mouth at the "johns".  He imagined this petite bombshell on her knees in front of him as he unzipped his pants and began stroking in earnest.  Despite his best intentions he was always so attracted to dirty women.
The bombshell took one guy around the corner and stood underneath a street light and dropped to her knees.  The second guy stood "look out".   I think she likes an audience, it's like she is on stage underneath that light.  She positioned herself between the guys feet and raised up her miniskirt so that her bald, pantiless crotch was on display.  Then she licked her lips and glanced out to the street and smiled.  Did she just look right at me?  

Monday, November 12, 2012

Paying for IT.

He jerked back and pulled his thick glistening ebony cock from her hungry pussy... 'You owe me bitch! No more cock for you unless you pay!"  Kathleen was pushing her hips back and moaning and writhing. "Please no please don't stop.. i want that big black cock.. please!"  He smirked and watched her aching juicy hole clinch and open..."  Then you'll be paying!  I want all that jewelry, off it goes bitch!"  She immediately stripped off her necklace, bracelet and sparkly diamond anniversary earrings and threw it into a pile on the bed.  He moved his pelvis forward and she felt the heat of his cock near her pussy, she pushed her hips back toward him and he jerked it away.  She squealed and begged "please please gimme that dick, i wanna feel it swell and burst in my cunt! PLEASE!"  Still hidden, quietly watching your wife from the closet, you wondered if the neighbors would hear her desperate pleading.  Then the big black stud laid his body over hers, gripped a handful of her hair and yanked her face sideways toward his full moist lips. "the wedding ring too bitch!" he growled.  Before he let go of her hair Kathleen had added the band and engagement ring to the pile of gold... 

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tormenting Him

He was not a delicate man, some might call him burly.  He kept his head shaved and spent two hours a day at the gym… sometimes three or more when he really needed to let go.  He worked on Wall Street during the week trading.  He had to take his big and tall suits to the Chinese guy off Canal to get everything altered.  Clothing was not made for a giant like him.  On Saturday nights he worked as a bouncer at a little VIP’s only night club uptown.  When he got off at 4 am he went to the 24 hour fitness to work out before bed.  Sundays he slept late.  But that was his schedule before.

Today he is naked.  He on his knees.  He has a thick leather dog collar around his thick neck.  He is shaking a little.  His hands clasp each other behind his back.  There is a short leather leash attached to his neck by 8 inches of shiny chrome chain that hangs down his back and is nestled in his ass crack.  It is only long enough so that the leather loop for the handler dangles an inch below the crevasse where his balls hang.  She has hung a silver bell to the loop and he has been told not to ring it.  He has his mouth open and his tongue is reaching out.  She is teasing him. 

She is by no means a giant and next to him she is a sliver of a woman.  But in this moment she is monumental goddess.  She has knee high patent leather high heeled boots that add five inches to her stature.  She wears fishnets and a sheer black and red baby doll nighty.  Her breasts spill out of the top of the bodice and her ass is skillfully hidden behind the hem of the sheer fabric.  She is standing in front of him and for thirty minutes she has been brushing her body against his, leaning forward and resting her breasts against his face and even bending over and placing her ass crack carefully against the tip of that reaching out tongue.  He doesn't want to ring the bell and he knows he can not close his mouth or bring his tongue in or he will not get her reward.  Drool is streaming down his face and dribbling down his chin.  It has made shiny stripes on his smooth chest and droplets are disappearing into his tuft of fur above his cock.  His cock is angrily reaching up toward her, veins pulsating and gobs of precum are dripping off the tip like rage motivated tears… 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Always Naughty

I was during summer break.  My parents had hired a crew of college boys to paint the outside of the house one summer.  I know i was too young and immature for them but they seems so handsome and cool i liked to flirt with them.  I was lazy during the summer, I would wake up early and feed the horses but then go back to bed.  I remember waking up late one morning after my parents had already left for work.  I pushed the covers back and stretched. I was a extra hot jersey summer and slept in a white cotton tank undershirt that belonged to my brother and my panties.  I suddenly realized what woke me up, it was the sound of a ladder hitting the exterior wall outside my bedroom window. I knew because Kurt was there, looking in my window.,,  I did what I always did every morning when i woke up.  I slide my hands in my panties and began rubbing it... 

xo mia

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gone Astray

I woke up from a nap with a very clear memory.  I don’t remember the whole dream but this is the snap shot from my brain.

I was on a platform raised up waist high.  It was round and it swiveled.  It was upholstered with white leather like a large bolster.  I was naked and tied to it on my back.  My legs were wide.  Men surrounded me, they were all naked, sweaty and horny with thick meaty hard cocks in their fists.  They were waiting their turn.  I was being swiveled around and around to allow each man to enter me … 

Welcome back.   Miss me?  xo mia