Monday, October 29, 2012

Always Naughty

I was during summer break.  My parents had hired a crew of college boys to paint the outside of the house one summer.  I know i was too young and immature for them but they seems so handsome and cool i liked to flirt with them.  I was lazy during the summer, I would wake up early and feed the horses but then go back to bed.  I remember waking up late one morning after my parents had already left for work.  I pushed the covers back and stretched. I was a extra hot jersey summer and slept in a white cotton tank undershirt that belonged to my brother and my panties.  I suddenly realized what woke me up, it was the sound of a ladder hitting the exterior wall outside my bedroom window. I knew because Kurt was there, looking in my window.,,  I did what I always did every morning when i woke up.  I slide my hands in my panties and began rubbing it... 

xo mia

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Gone Astray

I woke up from a nap with a very clear memory.  I don’t remember the whole dream but this is the snap shot from my brain.

I was on a platform raised up waist high.  It was round and it swiveled.  It was upholstered with white leather like a large bolster.  I was naked and tied to it on my back.  My legs were wide.  Men surrounded me, they were all naked, sweaty and horny with thick meaty hard cocks in their fists.  They were waiting their turn.  I was being swiveled around and around to allow each man to enter me … 

Welcome back.   Miss me?  xo mia