Monday, October 29, 2012

Always Naughty

I was during summer break.  My parents had hired a crew of college boys to paint the outside of the house one summer.  I know i was too young and immature for them but they seems so handsome and cool i liked to flirt with them.  I was lazy during the summer, I would wake up early and feed the horses but then go back to bed.  I remember waking up late one morning after my parents had already left for work.  I pushed the covers back and stretched. I was a extra hot jersey summer and slept in a white cotton tank undershirt that belonged to my brother and my panties.  I suddenly realized what woke me up, it was the sound of a ladder hitting the exterior wall outside my bedroom window. I knew because Kurt was there, looking in my window.,,  I did what I always did every morning when i woke up.  I slide my hands in my panties and began rubbing it... 

xo mia

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JMB said...

I would have fallen off of the ladder