Monday, November 12, 2012

Paying for IT.

He jerked back and pulled his thick glistening ebony cock from her hungry pussy... 'You owe me bitch! No more cock for you unless you pay!"  Kathleen was pushing her hips back and moaning and writhing. "Please no please don't stop.. i want that big black cock.. please!"  He smirked and watched her aching juicy hole clinch and open..."  Then you'll be paying!  I want all that jewelry, off it goes bitch!"  She immediately stripped off her necklace, bracelet and sparkly diamond anniversary earrings and threw it into a pile on the bed.  He moved his pelvis forward and she felt the heat of his cock near her pussy, she pushed her hips back toward him and he jerked it away.  She squealed and begged "please please gimme that dick, i wanna feel it swell and burst in my cunt! PLEASE!"  Still hidden, quietly watching your wife from the closet, you wondered if the neighbors would hear her desperate pleading.  Then the big black stud laid his body over hers, gripped a handful of her hair and yanked her face sideways toward his full moist lips. "the wedding ring too bitch!" he growled.  Before he let go of her hair Kathleen had added the band and engagement ring to the pile of gold... 

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