Thursday, November 01, 2012

Tormenting Him

He was not a delicate man, some might call him burly.  He kept his head shaved and spent two hours a day at the gym… sometimes three or more when he really needed to let go.  He worked on Wall Street during the week trading.  He had to take his big and tall suits to the Chinese guy off Canal to get everything altered.  Clothing was not made for a giant like him.  On Saturday nights he worked as a bouncer at a little VIP’s only night club uptown.  When he got off at 4 am he went to the 24 hour fitness to work out before bed.  Sundays he slept late.  But that was his schedule before.

Today he is naked.  He on his knees.  He has a thick leather dog collar around his thick neck.  He is shaking a little.  His hands clasp each other behind his back.  There is a short leather leash attached to his neck by 8 inches of shiny chrome chain that hangs down his back and is nestled in his ass crack.  It is only long enough so that the leather loop for the handler dangles an inch below the crevasse where his balls hang.  She has hung a silver bell to the loop and he has been told not to ring it.  He has his mouth open and his tongue is reaching out.  She is teasing him. 

She is by no means a giant and next to him she is a sliver of a woman.  But in this moment she is monumental goddess.  She has knee high patent leather high heeled boots that add five inches to her stature.  She wears fishnets and a sheer black and red baby doll nighty.  Her breasts spill out of the top of the bodice and her ass is skillfully hidden behind the hem of the sheer fabric.  She is standing in front of him and for thirty minutes she has been brushing her body against his, leaning forward and resting her breasts against his face and even bending over and placing her ass crack carefully against the tip of that reaching out tongue.  He doesn't want to ring the bell and he knows he can not close his mouth or bring his tongue in or he will not get her reward.  Drool is streaming down his face and dribbling down his chin.  It has made shiny stripes on his smooth chest and droplets are disappearing into his tuft of fur above his cock.  His cock is angrily reaching up toward her, veins pulsating and gobs of precum are dripping off the tip like rage motivated tears… 

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