Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Job Hunting

Sam and I joked about him needing a secretary, his job was overwhelming him.  I listened to his bitching like any good friend would.  I asked him if he had ever seen the movie The Secretary.  He had not.  I told him he had to, “Tonight, it’s on Netflix, Watch it!”  Late that night he texted me. 
Wow, u liked that movie?
R U into that?
Hmmmmm. I had no idea.  ………………  wow
I had known him peripherally for a while but only recently had we started talking casually.  The truth is he was an acquaintances boy friend and I although I found him very attractive and interesting, I did not want to get in between them or cause any drama.  He had many of the qualities I find attractive in a man though, clever, intelligent, he didn’t seem to take himself too seriously, into the outdoors, open minded and he appreciated women.  This last thing was something I could tell intuitively.  I secretly stalked his facebook page though.  I looked at his photos and checked out the bands he liked.  I knew he was really into mountain biking and when I rode my bike I imagined us side by side on the trail.  I guess I had a crush. 
I had just broken it off with a boyfriend recently who did not truly appreciate women, was not interested in the outdoors and was not very clever.  He was extremely handsome though, so I forgave most of his flaws until I grew bored of his beauty.  Since that ended I had reverted to my booty call list for my needs and even that seemed a little one dimensional. 
Since the movie night I hadn’t heard from Sam.  I was feeling a little weird about the whole thing.  I imagined I was just too much of a freak for him.  I felt like there was unfinished business between us and needed to fix our friendship.  One day I skipped out of work during lunch and picked up some burgers and headed downtown to where he worked.   He worked in an office on a construction site.   I walked up to the office and opened the door.  There was a little reception area and then an open doored office. I heard a voice call, In here. 
I took a deep breath and watched through the doorway.  His head was down and he had papers spread over a drafting table that stood in as a desk.  He looked up and was visibly shocked.  “holy Crap!  I did not expect to see you !” He looked me up and down. “Nice outfit.”  I work as an assistant to a managing editor of a magazine, and every day is casual day in our office, expect once a month when the Board of Trustees comes for meetings and tours.  It happened to be a Board of Trustees day and I was wearing a conservative above the knee navy dress skirt and a crisp white blouse and black pumps and a strand of pearls. 
He leaned back in his chair and stared.  I could not help but notice there was a substantial tent in the front of his slacks.  “So… are you here for the secretary position?”  A stabbing heat exploded in my crotch.  I nodded.   He leaned his head to one side, “what was that?”  I raised my eyes and met his.  What I had previously seen in his eyes was casual, caring and fun loving.  Now what I saw in his eyes was confidence, lust and pure raw animal need.  I felt myself melting.  I opened my mouth to speak but the words were lost, I felt my mouth grow dry.  I felt like a child called to the principal’s office.  I felt guilty and small but so very very aroused. 
“Can you speak girl?”
I tried to get the words out, once more I was unable to say a word.  I opened my mouth and closed it again, licking my lips and clearing my throat.  “I,… I… I…” 
He stood up from his desk chair and walked over to where I stood.  He pressed the length of his body against mine and reached up and brushed the hair from my shoulder to reveal my ear.  His other hand rose up to my chin.  He grasped my chin with this thumb and index finger and gentle squeezed to open my mouth then he spoke into my ear, “now you say Yes Sir…” 
I bite my lip and let my eyes dart to his.  His eyes were dark and piercing.  He was moving his lips, encouraging me to speak while raising and lowing my jaw bone with his fingers.  Finally he shock his head and glared at my face.  After a long moment he brought his lips even closer to my ear.  I felt his hot breath and finally he said “maybe that mouth isn’t made for speaking, maybe we need to find something else for it to do.”  


Anonymous said...

Full of so many familiar and seductive images... I can visualize and relate to all.

Unknown said...

amazing! what a cliff hanger! I am still throbbing!