Monday, October 28, 2013


It's too late dear, it's all set up.
He opened his mouth the speak but looked at her determined face.  He turned to walk back to his office but stopped and looked back at her as she left the room.  She had just gotten home from work and he watched her plump ass strain behind the stretched linen of her skirt fabric as she left the room.  She had the mostly womanly back end he had ever observed anywhere in all his life.  He sometimes guiltily thought he loved her ass more than he loved her.  These hot young starlets with their fat asses had nothing on his wife and her heart shaped heavenly behind.  For one second he thought about how it looked as she stripped off her tight skirts every night and he tingled.  Then the view was gone as she stepped into the kitchen to begin dinner.

They has been married for quite a few years when she finally relaxed enough to allow him to properly worship her ass.  She had hang ups when they had met and only allowed some gentle caressing and sometimes after a few margaritas she allowed him to use a single probing finger back there.  But one night she looked over his shoulder as he perused an image collection of gorgeous asses and the men who worshipped them.  She asked, "is that what you like..?"  It was a tasteful black and white photo of the back of a woman crouching, her womanly curvy ass was moving down onto the expectant anxious face of a somewhat straightlaced looking man.  Yes.  It was all he could say.
That weekend over dinner she drank more wine then usual before finally saying, I want to try it.  He grew instantly hard under the dinner table.

That night, still in his dress shirt and boxers he lay on his back on the bed as she climbed up over him and pulled up her skirt.  He said, I love you, more to the vision of her creamy flesh being unwrapped then her as a person.  His dick leaked making a puddle on his belly as she looked down into his face and saw his eyes locked on the deep crevice of her ass.  She began bending her knees and lowering and bending down, he moaned and his dick flexed and she watched his eyes fill with lust.  She had a new power she never recognized.  She raised up and his hands gripped her ankles and he let out a breathy "please".  She ever so slowly began to peel her thong off, instinct took over.  She found her role in the world in this moment, she was a powerful goddess,  She teased him raising and lowering above his head until he was almost frenzied.  She dropped the thong onto his face and watched as he closed his eyes and caressed and inhaled the heated fabric.  The puddle of precum was making a growing dark stain on his boxers.  She opened her knees wide, parting her cleft and lowered onto her husbands face.  His hands reached up and began lovingly caressing the ripe flesh of her plump cheeks.  He raised his head to meet her.  His tongue planted firmly against her tight puckered hole and he began french kissing it.

Ass worship became a standard in their lives.  She grew to hunger for the wet warmness of his probing tongue and loved the feeling of her body opening and ripening as his gentle caresses got more insistent.  Her ass and it's care became a special hobby for him.  He joined her in the shower and helped her with her shaving and he moisturized it and he massaged her cheeks as she drifted off the sleep at night. Sometimes he would turn himself at night so his face could be up against her plump mounds.  He found that he had the sexual drive from his youth, constantly hard and constantly sneaking off to masturbate, even at work.  He would try to come home for lunch for that he could have a taste of her and he would greet her on his knees always ready to worship her orally.
She grew more and more fond of their ass play and even started to think about other forms of ass play.  For instance, she convinced him to allow her to return the favor and licked him until he softened and opened for her and then she inserted a phallic toy inside him and began some random thrusting.  After she had her fun he spread her cheeks and she feel asleep to the sound of his soft licking and moaning and the sound of his thrusts against their sheets.
Sometimes at night when he would massage her cheeks she would ask for more.  Do it harder baby, she would beg. He squeezed and kneaded the flesh and she found her heat building until she rolled over and pushed his face onto her juicy folds and came grinding onto his nose.
One day over dinner she said that she was curious about spanking.  The idea of her pretty bottom turning red and her little squeals was more than he could imagine.  "spanking you..?"  he asked.  He tried to imagine it but he loved her ass and couldn't imagine it being abused like that.  "She said, yes, maybe even with a paddle."
"I don't know ..  " he looked down at the table and when he thought about her bent over ready for a spanking all he could imagine is planting his face between those orbs and making out with her anus.
A week later she made an announcement. " There is a spanking group her in town.  I have joined and I found someone who is a skillful spanker."  She giggled.

They entered a strip mall at the edge of town and drove to the back here a red sign said "members only."  He tried to talk her out of it over and over during the week.  "I can, I can do it I promise, let me try."  But three times that week he was unable and once she laid across his lap he either lost nerve or just keep caressing her cheeks softly and telling them how much he loved them.  Once as she laid across his lap and wiggled her large round bottom in the air to entice him, he came in his pants.  He didn't know what came over him but he was clearly unable to hurt the thing he loved best.

In the club The Spanker she had contacted greeted them and introduced them around. She hooked her arm in his elbow and the husband followed behind.  She looked perfectly beautiful in a simple navy pencil skirt, black pumps and a plunging silky wrap top.  Her lacy bra peeked from her deep cleavage. He showed them the main play room with benches for spanking all about and a few contraptions for tying people to for upright spankings.  He brought them into a back room with a bunch of suitcases and laid one on a table and opened it.  Inside where devices for spankings of every kind.  Paddles and crops and whips and ropes.  He felt insecure and moved up close to his wife's ass and gave it a squeeze.  The Spanker noticed his movement and chuckled.  Then he suggested "why don't we take a look at what we will be working with tonight?"

Thirty minutes later his wife stood in her pale lingerie and heels on a platform.  There was a single spotlight on the dais.  Where he stood he was in shadows.  The movement on the stage became a blur as he watched.  His wife was turned and bent over and an appreciative audience murmured enthusiastic approval as her ass was displayed.  He was painfully hard.  He watched as The Spanker, a tall stout man with a dark devilish goatee reached forward and trailed a fingertip down her shoulder, along the small of her back and across the fabric covering her ample firm cheek.  "This is the girl,"  he announced to the audience "who contacted me for a spanking!"  A ripple of knowing laughter spread in the darkness around him.  The Spanker led her off the platform to a padded spanking bench and guided her onto it.  She pressed her lingeried body against the red leather and allowed him to cuff her hands and ankles into place.  She was so prone and vulnerable.  The position she was in displayed her assets in the most appealing way.

 One of the husband's hands found his blazing hard on and tried to re-position it to offer relief.  He imagined rushing forward and planting his face between her cheeks.  He closed his eyes and lost himself in the vision.  When he opened his eyes The Spanker was standing beside his wife's hip and was clearly pressing a thick hard on against her thigh as his large sure hand, moving in small circles caressed her ass.  His ass.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear Tom,

Dear Tom,
I am sorry I am not here to greet you tonight, but I wanted to be sure to drop you a note to say thank you.  Who would of thought years ago we would have grown into the couple we are today!  It was a very lucky day for me the day I said "I do" to you.  And also thank you for being beyond understanding.  Your latest act this morning has secured my belief that you not only are understanding but encouraging. 
I should have known you had something up your sleeve when you tossed the vibrator at me in bed as you slipped out the door for work.  I was at it about 15 minutes and had a good fantasy running through my head when the doorbell rang.  At first it didn't register, I was very annoyed.  You know how I get once I get my juices flowing.  I was at the point, my animal desires had taken over and I did not want to be interrupted but then  I remembered you saying to me, "Be sure to answer the door today, I have a special delivery coming." Reluctantly I threw on panties and a robe and headed downstairs.  I think you can imagine my reaction to your little surprise!  New neighbors indeed!  So, Matt introduced himself and said that he had met you the day before when he came to the door selling magazines for a baseball teams fundraiser.  He said "Mrs. Crimmins, your husband said to come by and pick up a check this morning."  I invited him in... oh the irony of you ordering "Good Housekeeping".  You do know how to pick them dear!  How is it you manage to find these fine specimens for me?  You know just what I like.  I invited him in as you knew I would.  I told him to sit down and tell me about the team.  Did you know he is going on a full scholarship next year to University of Florida.  I think I am going to miss him.. hehehe.  
Once he was settled in the couch and I was sitting across from him I crossed my legs.  And then uncrossed them.  And I watched him watch me as he struggled to tell me about his Coach and the position he played.  I also was sure to show him how interested I was in his story by leaning forward so that the front of my robe gaped and he got an eyeful of my womanly cleavage.  I hung on his every word as he told me about how hard his practices are at his new school and I asked him if he was sore and maybe he needed a massage.  Yes I know it is cheesy and sort of predictable but this young man is a high school senior and I doubt he would know any better (and by the way he assured me he was 18.. hahaha!).  I slid onto the couch next to him, letting the tie of my robe loosen as he turned his back to me and I began rubbing his shoulders, pressing my now naked front against him so he could feel my nipples through the thin fabric of his teeshirt.  I told him I could do a much better job dealing with his tight muscles if he would take his shirt off.  It's funny Tom, he didn't hesitate a second.  I pressed my tits against his now bare back and let my hands reach around his front and tickled along those tight firm pecs while nibbling on his neck.  A quick glance down his chest assured me he was enjoying my attention.  
This is where I must once again emphasize my appreciation of your ability to pick "them" out.  Our new best friend and neighbor Matt has a magnificent cock.  It's not particularly long but it is wide and you know how much your wife loves a nice thick wide cock.  When I reached down into the front of his shorts and wrapped my hand around his girth I wanted to tell you then and there how much I love you.  I let the robe drop and was only wearing a pair of satin and lace panties when I slip onto my knees and pulled that thick dick out and began sucking him off.  He wrapped his hand into my hair and lifted his hips to meet my sucking and the whole time was saying 'oh fuck", "oh fuck" and "of fuck".  His tightened his grip and that pecker swelled before blasting a mouthful of sweet cum into my hungry hole.  And as is the beauty of these young jocks, his dick stayed rock hard as I licked him clean then proclaimed "my turn!"  I did a slow wiggle out of those now drenched panties, being sure to bend and tease him as I did.  His polite neighborly way was now gone and he was a foul mouth fuck machine.  "What a cock sucker! Look at those sweet tits! I am going to pound that wet pussy."  It wasn't very creative but it got right to the point.  
I straddled him ..  well wait, how about I just tell you when I see you tonight. I know how much you love my stories.  Next best thing to being there and watching huh?
Thank you Tom, for being the cuckold you are!
Love, Kathleen.  

Friday, March 08, 2013


mischievous green eyes
I started hating him.  My roommate, Ben, long time best friends, but now I hated him.  Used to be we'd go to the bar and over a beer and darts he would tell me about his girlfriend.   I didn't hate him in those days, I just found him irritating, it was only later when he became my roommate that I really started hating him.
"She tells me to pull out and get over the top of her and let it splatter on her face."  I would glance out of the corner of my eye at him trying to act unimpressed while suppressing my immediate mental image of his platinum blonde girlfriend on her knees with gobs of cum dribbling off her chin. Then my cock would swell, stuffed in my jeans under the bar.  On the way home he would stumble into the corner bodega, "I need one of those little bottles of olive oil, she says it's great for anal".

My job was cutting my hours and I could no longer afford my rent on my own. I was in a jam so when Ben offered to move in it sounded like a great idea.  Later that night, in my room alone, watching a little blonde bomb shell suck the cum out of some big black porn cock, i realized having Ben move in may not have been the best idea.  I pumped faster as I thought of how irritating it will be listing to him fuck her night after night.  I closed my eyes and remembered how he imitated her "dick up the ass squeal" for me one night.  I came a moment after I mentally saw her round plump ass in the air while he administered a over the knee spanking.  While I cleaned up my pool of jizz I realized I would never turn Ben down.

My brownstone apartment was on the ground floor.  Since I worked nights and early mornings I decided to take the basement bedroom.  I let Ben have the bedroom on the mainfloor.  Ben's new bedroom was on the back of the building and had lot of natural light.  There was only one bathroom and it was next to the door to Ben's room.  On the day after Ben moved in I went upstairs to get ready for work.  It was about ten pm.  The shower was running but the bathroom door was cracked a few inches. I sat at the kitchen table and waited for the shower to turn off but instead the noises started.  The noises could be clearly described as moaning and slapping.  He was fucking her in the shower and I was sure the slapping was his soapy balls against her backend.  I had a very clear image in my mind as my cock once again swelled up.  I didn't think.  My feet just started moving.  I found myself outside the door peaking in through the cracked door.  She was bent over with her tight little curvy body outlined clearly for me through the clear plastic shower curtain.  Her round tits her swaying as he drove into her from behind.  Each deep thrust made her moan and his balls tapped against her ass. I watched for about a minute then quickly and quietly went down to my bedroom and quickly pulled one off.  I cursed myself under my breath.  My dick didn't want to soften, I kept thinking about her naked, she had the perfect curvy womanly body.

A few days after that, when I came in from work at about six am, I went upstairs to get ready for bed and found the bedroom door was open and Ben and her were sprawled naked on the bed.  Her glowing skin was flawless, her soft round tits and perfect pick nipples responding to the cool morning air.  She was laying on her side and he was spooning behind her, his ample cock nestled in her ripe curvy ass.  I reached down and gave my dick a squeeze and imagined my dick nestled in the crack of her perfect ass.  My friend Ben stirred and my raging hard on and I slipped into the bathroom to urgently locate the bottle of hand cream.

One afternoon I came home and she was there without Ben.  She sat on the couch in the living room in an over-sized tank top and a pair of his boxers.  She was painting her toenails and deep dark blue. I guess she has just finishing a pedicure because she had nail files and clippers and lotion on a towel next to her.  I sat with her and talking about our plans to see a show at Maxwell's that weekend. I never thought of myself as a foot guy until that moment.  It might have been the total package but at that that moment I could think of nothing but touching her feet.  She had her legs crossed under her and so the boxer had ridden up her thigh.  The side of her luscious round tit was visible from the side of her tank.  Her platinum bangs fell over one mischievous green eye.  She asked me a question about the opening act of the show and I couldn't even answer her.  I couldn't think of anything but reaching over and grabbing the hand cream and her delicate pretty foot and rubbing it against my swollen dick.  My cock spewed there in my pants. She asked if i was OK and I told her I was choking and had something tickling my throat all day.  I ran into the bathroom to clean up my sticky pants.  That was the first time my dick had betrayed me like that.  I vowed to avoid her from then on.

I did a pretty good job, it wasn't too hard since I worked third shift.  I picked up extra hours when ever I could and started wearing headphones when i was home so that I would be oblivious to their comings and goings.  This worked great until the day I left my Ipod in my truck and my friend had borrowed it.  That morning I woke to the sounds of what could only be the much imagined over-the-knee spanking.  Since I had just woke up I had to fiercely piss.  I figured I could wait them out.  It turned out I was wrong.  I stomped up the stairs, loudly announcing myself.  When i reached the landing I called out... "hey Ben sorry to interrupt but I have to piss!"  Ben replied, "you aren't interrupting "  When i stepped into our livingroom, my worst fears where confirmed.  Ben was sitting on the couch and she was over his knee.  Her ass was in the air but she was wearing a pair of plain cotton panties and a little skirt which was pulled up.  As I stepped into the room she tried to reach back to cover herself and Ben slapped away her hand.  At that moment I realized that Ben had one hand on the back of her neck and that her thighs and all of the ass flesh I could see was bright pink. I once again apologized and Ben replied "it's OK buddy, she has been bad, it's no big deal, right babe?" She turned her face toward me and again her mischievous green eyes looked at me, blonde hair wild and said "I have been very bad".  Ben didn't even wait for me to get into the bathroom before he started paddling her ass again.  Then I had a hard time pissing because I was so hard.  I jerked off to the sounds of her flesh reddening.  When I came out of the bathroom they has moved to the bedroom and again the door was cracked and i caught a glimpse of her without her skirt or panties on facing him, on her knees.  He was unzipping his jeans and getting ready to face fuck her.  I knew because I heard him say "do you want me to face fuck your slutty little mouth now?" and her saying "Yes please."

I knew things had gotten bad when I found pictures of her in a bikini on facebook and I started using them along with porn starring curvy petite blonde bombshells to masturbate.  I felt like I hit the jackpot one Saturday  when the two of them had gone away for the weekend. Stuffed in a laundry basket in the bathroom was the pair of plain white panties.  I knew it was wrong. I knew I might loose a friend over this but I took them downstairs into my lair.  I laid down on my futon and let the pictures of her scroll on my laptop beside me. I imagined her ass up in the air and her on her hands and knees begging to be fucked. I pulled the panties to my face and inhaled  I had been with my fair share of women but this scent was unimaginably divine to me.  I think I came a hundred times that weekend.  I thought I would cure myself of my lust for her.

They returned on a Tuesday.  When i got home from work that morning Ben was gone and the shower was running.  I casually went into the kitchen.  From the kitchen door way i could see the bathroom door.  I should say, I could have seen the bathroom door if it had been closed.  Instead it was wide open and she was in there alone, showering, humming, oblivious.  I watched her from the doorway wash her hair and face, her tits then turn toward the shower spray and lean forward and spread her ass cheeks and wash her tight little puckered hole.  She soaped up her fingers and pushed them in.  I could see her hand move in a way indicated her finger disappearing into it.  My cock was throbbing and i took it out right there and started jerking off.  I was so filled with lust that I just didn't care.  And when she dropped the soap and turned toward the curtain to bend over and her pretty pink soapy nipple brushed against the plastic shower curtain, i came.  I splattered cum all over the side of the kitchen garbage can.

About two months into Ben and my roommate experience I was coming in the front door and Ben was stepping out.  He said, "hey Buddy!"  I asked him where he was going and he said he was just going out to his car to grab something he forgot.  The house was quiet so I assumed it was just the two of us.  Going once again back to the bathroom I noticed his bedroom door was wide open.  This time as I approached it I got an eye full.  Ben had his girlfriend tied spread eagle and gagged to the bedframe. Besides the shackles and gag she was completely naked and since his bed faced he door, her smooth shaved open recently fucked pussy was on display.  Her eyes met mine, not with fear or shame but with undeniable hunger and lust.  If she wasn't gagged I felt like she would beg me to fuck her.  I heard the front door and disappeared into the bathroom to once again locate the hand cream.  I was holding my orgasm back, drawing it out and seeing her come fuck me face over and over in my head when there was a knock on the door.  "You jerking off in there Buddy?"  I was embarrassed but replied with a "shut the fuck up." He knocked on the door again and this time said "Can you open up, we need to talk." I tucked it away and took a deep breath before facing the music.  I didn't not look forward to the conversation.  No one likes to be called out on their dirty perversions.

When I opened the door, his bedroom door was still wide and so was his girl friend.  I turned away and quickly said "What the fuck Ben!?"  Ben leaned against the hallway wall and shrugged.  "I don't know man, I love her tons, but she is a dirty girl..." At that she let out a little gagged squeal of agreement.  I timidly glanced up at her and then back at Ben.  "Seriously dude, what the fuck?"
Ben glanced at my face and then obviously at the bulge and growing wet spot on the front of my jeans and then he nodded his head toward the open door.  "Do you want some?"
I looked at his face, he was dead serious.  I hesitatingly glanced at the bed once more and she raised her hips and moaned.  Ben put his hand on my shoulder "Dude, she loves fucking and wants more, I trust you to help me with this..." and he guided me toward the bed.

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Friday, February 15, 2013

Gutter Pins

Ed worked at the bowling alley, not so much because he needed to but because he loved bowling and spent a lot of time at the alley.  The owner had become a friend and one night when his manager didn't show up he asked Ed if he wouldn't mind helping out at night or two each week.  Ed thought about and agreed.
The thing he hated most about working there was managing all the hourly employees who were unreliable. Most of them only lasted a few months at a time and so he didn't try very hard to please them.  But there were exceptions.  One young man was the owners nephew and Ed had to give him slack often because he never showed up on time.  The other exception was Nikki.  She worked the snack bar and sometimes the shoe rental counter.  She was sweet and pretty and always smiled big at Ed.  Every time she needed a day off or came in late she would knock on the office door and smile at Ed and he would let her slide.  He didn't like being a push over but having her there on those long slow nights sure made things more pleasant.  The highlight of many nights was when a pin would get stuck in the gutter and Ed would call over the loudspeaker and watch behind the office's one way mirror as Nikki carefully made her way down between the lanes, drop to her knees and bend over to reach the pin, leaving her perfect full ass up in the air.  Especially if it was summer and she was wearing her signature denim short shorts cut offs and knee highs.  Sometimes she really struggled to reach back and get those pins and that fabulous ass was up in the air long enough for Ed to feel the front of his slacks tighten.  On those nights he was so glad that the office door had a lock.  He had started to catch himself repeating over and over... 'please let there be a stuck pin in the gutter tonight, please let there be a stuck pin in the gutter".  In fact he had gotten into the habit to immediately go to the office and lock the door as watch behind the mirror.  Taking his cock out and stroking it while she walked down the center of the lane, cumming as she stuck that thick ass in the air.
This went on for months and Ed never grew tired of his little game.  One day in the middle of blazing hot august day he went into the alley to prepare of the night shift's arrival.  He went back to check the supplies in the snack bar.  He came in to find the walk-in door was left open all night. Hundreds of dollars of frozen foods were ruined and needed to be thrown out.  Ed was furious and he went to check the schedule to see who was working the snack bar the night before.  He saw that it was none other this his favorite plump assed girl Nikki.
Nikki arrived at work and immediately was told that Ed needed to see her in the office.  She strode into the room, smiling brightly at Ed.  He tried not to notice the fact that, due to the heat Nikki was wearing even less clothes than usual.  She had replaced her short shorts with a short shirt that seemed tighter and shorter than ever.  She was wearing a tight light pink halter top that strained across her breasts and showed the outline of her round nipples.  She wore lip lip gloss that matched the top and wedged sandals that showed off pink toenails that also matched. Ed turned away and looked out the one way mirror.  He could see her slight outline in the mirror glass as he spoke.  He told her about the freezer and the ruined food.  He tried not to look at her.  He told her that although he liked having her around, this had to be the last straw.   He heard the sound he didn't want to hear.  He heard her sniffle.  He glanced in the reflection, there was no denying it.  There were tears streaming down her face.  He turned around and she tried to pull herself together.  She begged "  Please Ed, this is the only job I can find that fits with my school schedule.  I really need to keep working here.  Plus I really like it... isn't there anyway I can stay?"
Ed shook his head and genuinely felt bad.  She bit her pouty pink glossed lip and look at him through the top of her downcast face.  Ed walked away from the big mirrored window to the desk and sat down in the office chair.  He sighed.  "See Nikki, this is a food cost issue.  It's simple math.  I can't justify keeping you here if you cost the alley more than you are worth."  Nikki looked at him blankly.  A single tear trickled down her cheek.  He looked up as her from the vantage point of sitting at the desk, her round tits were at eye level.  Her nipples has grown taut and were clearly outlined against the pink cotton fabric of her top.  Ed felt his dick tighten and he was glad he was in the chair behind the desk.  
After a minute of silence Nikki spoke "Teach me Ed.  Teach me to be more valuable to you."  She dropped her bag on the chair and began slowly moving toward the desk. "I can learn from my mistakes Ed."  Nikki moved around the side of the desk, she was moving closer to Ed sitting in the chair.  "I don't need to be punished more than once."  With that she leaned over the chair Ed was sitting in put her chest across his lap and her perfect ass was in the air. Bending over made her skirt ride up even higher but to punctuate her meaning she took her hand and grabbed the back of her skirt by the hem and flipped it up onto her back.  Ed found himself sitting the in bowling alley office with his ripe assed vixen laying across his lap ready to be spanked.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


He watched her during the meal.  He was privileged to have been included on the invitee list since he was nothing but a mere intern in the company.  He had been there for a couple of months and was quickly embraced by the boss, Mr. President, because of his good attitude and youthful enthusiasm.  One thing he didn't understand was why Miss Vice President always seemed so uncomfortable around him.  Now he was watching her (and her tight blouse) again and she again seemed uncomfortable.  It was awkward that the seat next to her was the only one available when the waiter seated him.  If he had just gotten out of the house a little bit earlier he could have sat next to the boss that liked him so much.  From the first day he had hoped this woman would be his "friend" in the company.  Right away her noticed her and her luxurious long chestnut hair and long legs.  The tight business skirts distracted him repeatedly as she walked down the halls of the office.  He found himself thinking of her at night as he laid in his bed.  Specifically he thought of her ripe heart-shaped ass barely contained behind those tight cashmere and wool blend pencil skirts.
He made a mental note that Miss VP enjoyed her Pinot Grigio and maybe he could skim one from his parents liquor cabinet and offer it to her as a peace offering.  Halfway through the meal she turned abruptly toward him, she parted her lips and she narrowed his eyes.  She held his gaze for a few seconds then shook her head and turned away again.  Another ten minutes of joking and chit chat ping ponged around the table but she still said nothing to him.  
Finally he leaned toward her and said "please tell me what I have ever done to piss you off so much?"
She bit her lip and he watched her slowly blinked her eyes.  She carefully turned toward him.  'I remember guys like you.  High School wasn't *that* long ago."  He raised his eyebrow and waited for her to go on. She took a deep breath. She leaned toward him and he tried (unsuccessfully) not to glance down her gorgeous cleavage.  "Popular jocks who get all the girls attention, guys like you never gave the smart girl the time of day."  She punctuated her sentence by taking a big swig of her Pinot Grigio. 
He let her words roll over him.  He paused looking at how her anger made her cheeks flush and her deep breathing raised her chest.  He watched her profile for a minute.  
"Actually Ma'am, you have me all wrong."  His words spilled out of his mouth.  "I never dated a single girl from my school, in fact I had a serious girlfriend for the last three years and she wasn't from my school, infact, she was my neighbor and a friend of my mom's.  After she moved, I never dated anyone, because, my tastes and experiences were shaped by a woman, not a girl and I that is all I want, a Woman who appreciates a boy who appreciates a Real Woman. "  
Both of them grew silent.  For the rest of the meal, not a word passed between them.  When it was time to leave, she said her goodbyes and disappeared into the ladies room. He felt like there was a lot of unfinished business between them but walked out of the restaurant to catch the bus for the ride home.  Standing at the busstop he saw her leave the restaurant and walk to her BMW illuminated by the street light.  Fuck It he thought and ran across the street where she was just getting into her car.  She rolled down the window.  
"You were wrong about me."  
"Maybe."  She said.
"Let me prove it."  he challenged.  
She stared into his face, her jaw tight.  Minutes passed.  The wine had made her body languid and relaxed.  She didn't have to work in the morning and company didn't sound like such a bad idea.  
"Get in." she ordered.  He grinned big and ran around the car and slid into the passenger seat.  

He followed her into her house and up the stairs.  In her bedroom he immediate went behind her and helped her slip her jacket off her shoulders and went to the closet to find a hanger.  He lifted up her deep chestnut hair, he leaned in to momentarily bury his nostrils in it and inhaled.  He unclasped her necklace and dropped it on her nightstand, then he dropped to his knees, placing his hand on her ankle.  She lifted her foot and he helped her slip off her heels.  He then stood before her. Looking into her face for a clue of his next move.  She did not fail to notice that the front of his trousers had distended with need.  The tent made in the front of his pants was one that merited her consideration.  
"You should be naked"  she simply stated.  
He noted, biting his full lower lip and slipped off his coat and began unbuttoning the collar of his shirt.  She watched as inch after inch of perfectly smooth muscular skin was revealed. He let his shirt fall to the ground and slippped off his shoes before moving his hands to his waist.  At this point the tent had grown and she was now taking special interest in the contents within.  She dragged her tongue across her lips and raised a brow.  He smiled at her as he noticed her attention.  As the sound of their breathing was interrupted by the emphasized sound of his zipper coming down he spoke.  "I love your ass Ma'am.  It is a thing of beauty and wonder..."
She replied by saying "then loving it you shall."
In his boxers she made him stop undressing by stepping forward and grabbing his hands.  She raised them up to her chest and he began unbuttoning her low cut white blouse.  Under it she wore a lace bra in white.  His cock tip was sticking out of the slit in his boxers and she turned around and let him unzip her skirt.  She felt his warm breath on her shoulder.  He pressed his hardness into her ass crevice.  She moaned.