Friday, February 15, 2013

Gutter Pins

Ed worked at the bowling alley, not so much because he needed to but because he loved bowling and spent a lot of time at the alley.  The owner had become a friend and one night when his manager didn't show up he asked Ed if he wouldn't mind helping out at night or two each week.  Ed thought about and agreed.
The thing he hated most about working there was managing all the hourly employees who were unreliable. Most of them only lasted a few months at a time and so he didn't try very hard to please them.  But there were exceptions.  One young man was the owners nephew and Ed had to give him slack often because he never showed up on time.  The other exception was Nikki.  She worked the snack bar and sometimes the shoe rental counter.  She was sweet and pretty and always smiled big at Ed.  Every time she needed a day off or came in late she would knock on the office door and smile at Ed and he would let her slide.  He didn't like being a push over but having her there on those long slow nights sure made things more pleasant.  The highlight of many nights was when a pin would get stuck in the gutter and Ed would call over the loudspeaker and watch behind the office's one way mirror as Nikki carefully made her way down between the lanes, drop to her knees and bend over to reach the pin, leaving her perfect full ass up in the air.  Especially if it was summer and she was wearing her signature denim short shorts cut offs and knee highs.  Sometimes she really struggled to reach back and get those pins and that fabulous ass was up in the air long enough for Ed to feel the front of his slacks tighten.  On those nights he was so glad that the office door had a lock.  He had started to catch himself repeating over and over... 'please let there be a stuck pin in the gutter tonight, please let there be a stuck pin in the gutter".  In fact he had gotten into the habit to immediately go to the office and lock the door as watch behind the mirror.  Taking his cock out and stroking it while she walked down the center of the lane, cumming as she stuck that thick ass in the air.
This went on for months and Ed never grew tired of his little game.  One day in the middle of blazing hot august day he went into the alley to prepare of the night shift's arrival.  He went back to check the supplies in the snack bar.  He came in to find the walk-in door was left open all night. Hundreds of dollars of frozen foods were ruined and needed to be thrown out.  Ed was furious and he went to check the schedule to see who was working the snack bar the night before.  He saw that it was none other this his favorite plump assed girl Nikki.
Nikki arrived at work and immediately was told that Ed needed to see her in the office.  She strode into the room, smiling brightly at Ed.  He tried not to notice the fact that, due to the heat Nikki was wearing even less clothes than usual.  She had replaced her short shorts with a short shirt that seemed tighter and shorter than ever.  She was wearing a tight light pink halter top that strained across her breasts and showed the outline of her round nipples.  She wore lip lip gloss that matched the top and wedged sandals that showed off pink toenails that also matched. Ed turned away and looked out the one way mirror.  He could see her slight outline in the mirror glass as he spoke.  He told her about the freezer and the ruined food.  He tried not to look at her.  He told her that although he liked having her around, this had to be the last straw.   He heard the sound he didn't want to hear.  He heard her sniffle.  He glanced in the reflection, there was no denying it.  There were tears streaming down her face.  He turned around and she tried to pull herself together.  She begged "  Please Ed, this is the only job I can find that fits with my school schedule.  I really need to keep working here.  Plus I really like it... isn't there anyway I can stay?"
Ed shook his head and genuinely felt bad.  She bit her pouty pink glossed lip and look at him through the top of her downcast face.  Ed walked away from the big mirrored window to the desk and sat down in the office chair.  He sighed.  "See Nikki, this is a food cost issue.  It's simple math.  I can't justify keeping you here if you cost the alley more than you are worth."  Nikki looked at him blankly.  A single tear trickled down her cheek.  He looked up as her from the vantage point of sitting at the desk, her round tits were at eye level.  Her nipples has grown taut and were clearly outlined against the pink cotton fabric of her top.  Ed felt his dick tighten and he was glad he was in the chair behind the desk.  
After a minute of silence Nikki spoke "Teach me Ed.  Teach me to be more valuable to you."  She dropped her bag on the chair and began slowly moving toward the desk. "I can learn from my mistakes Ed."  Nikki moved around the side of the desk, she was moving closer to Ed sitting in the chair.  "I don't need to be punished more than once."  With that she leaned over the chair Ed was sitting in put her chest across his lap and her perfect ass was in the air. Bending over made her skirt ride up even higher but to punctuate her meaning she took her hand and grabbed the back of her skirt by the hem and flipped it up onto her back.  Ed found himself sitting the in bowling alley office with his ripe assed vixen laying across his lap ready to be spanked.

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