Wednesday, February 13, 2013


He watched her during the meal.  He was privileged to have been included on the invitee list since he was nothing but a mere intern in the company.  He had been there for a couple of months and was quickly embraced by the boss, Mr. President, because of his good attitude and youthful enthusiasm.  One thing he didn't understand was why Miss Vice President always seemed so uncomfortable around him.  Now he was watching her (and her tight blouse) again and she again seemed uncomfortable.  It was awkward that the seat next to her was the only one available when the waiter seated him.  If he had just gotten out of the house a little bit earlier he could have sat next to the boss that liked him so much.  From the first day he had hoped this woman would be his "friend" in the company.  Right away her noticed her and her luxurious long chestnut hair and long legs.  The tight business skirts distracted him repeatedly as she walked down the halls of the office.  He found himself thinking of her at night as he laid in his bed.  Specifically he thought of her ripe heart-shaped ass barely contained behind those tight cashmere and wool blend pencil skirts.
He made a mental note that Miss VP enjoyed her Pinot Grigio and maybe he could skim one from his parents liquor cabinet and offer it to her as a peace offering.  Halfway through the meal she turned abruptly toward him, she parted her lips and she narrowed his eyes.  She held his gaze for a few seconds then shook her head and turned away again.  Another ten minutes of joking and chit chat ping ponged around the table but she still said nothing to him.  
Finally he leaned toward her and said "please tell me what I have ever done to piss you off so much?"
She bit her lip and he watched her slowly blinked her eyes.  She carefully turned toward him.  'I remember guys like you.  High School wasn't *that* long ago."  He raised his eyebrow and waited for her to go on. She took a deep breath. She leaned toward him and he tried (unsuccessfully) not to glance down her gorgeous cleavage.  "Popular jocks who get all the girls attention, guys like you never gave the smart girl the time of day."  She punctuated her sentence by taking a big swig of her Pinot Grigio. 
He let her words roll over him.  He paused looking at how her anger made her cheeks flush and her deep breathing raised her chest.  He watched her profile for a minute.  
"Actually Ma'am, you have me all wrong."  His words spilled out of his mouth.  "I never dated a single girl from my school, in fact I had a serious girlfriend for the last three years and she wasn't from my school, infact, she was my neighbor and a friend of my mom's.  After she moved, I never dated anyone, because, my tastes and experiences were shaped by a woman, not a girl and I that is all I want, a Woman who appreciates a boy who appreciates a Real Woman. "  
Both of them grew silent.  For the rest of the meal, not a word passed between them.  When it was time to leave, she said her goodbyes and disappeared into the ladies room. He felt like there was a lot of unfinished business between them but walked out of the restaurant to catch the bus for the ride home.  Standing at the busstop he saw her leave the restaurant and walk to her BMW illuminated by the street light.  Fuck It he thought and ran across the street where she was just getting into her car.  She rolled down the window.  
"You were wrong about me."  
"Maybe."  She said.
"Let me prove it."  he challenged.  
She stared into his face, her jaw tight.  Minutes passed.  The wine had made her body languid and relaxed.  She didn't have to work in the morning and company didn't sound like such a bad idea.  
"Get in." she ordered.  He grinned big and ran around the car and slid into the passenger seat.  

He followed her into her house and up the stairs.  In her bedroom he immediate went behind her and helped her slip her jacket off her shoulders and went to the closet to find a hanger.  He lifted up her deep chestnut hair, he leaned in to momentarily bury his nostrils in it and inhaled.  He unclasped her necklace and dropped it on her nightstand, then he dropped to his knees, placing his hand on her ankle.  She lifted her foot and he helped her slip off her heels.  He then stood before her. Looking into her face for a clue of his next move.  She did not fail to notice that the front of his trousers had distended with need.  The tent made in the front of his pants was one that merited her consideration.  
"You should be naked"  she simply stated.  
He noted, biting his full lower lip and slipped off his coat and began unbuttoning the collar of his shirt.  She watched as inch after inch of perfectly smooth muscular skin was revealed. He let his shirt fall to the ground and slippped off his shoes before moving his hands to his waist.  At this point the tent had grown and she was now taking special interest in the contents within.  She dragged her tongue across her lips and raised a brow.  He smiled at her as he noticed her attention.  As the sound of their breathing was interrupted by the emphasized sound of his zipper coming down he spoke.  "I love your ass Ma'am.  It is a thing of beauty and wonder..."
She replied by saying "then loving it you shall."
In his boxers she made him stop undressing by stepping forward and grabbing his hands.  She raised them up to her chest and he began unbuttoning her low cut white blouse.  Under it she wore a lace bra in white.  His cock tip was sticking out of the slit in his boxers and she turned around and let him unzip her skirt.  She felt his warm breath on her shoulder.  He pressed his hardness into her ass crevice.  She moaned.  


ernie.cordell said...

I can't believe it: I guess Google tweaked their security again -- I was actually warned that this site may contain adult material before it let me proceed.

Unknown said...

very good start would like to hear the rest of it through your mind and see how much it differs from the way i finished the story in my head