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mischievous green eyes
I started hating him.  My roommate, Ben, long time best friends, but now I hated him.  Used to be we'd go to the bar and over a beer and darts he would tell me about his girlfriend.   I didn't hate him in those days, I just found him irritating, it was only later when he became my roommate that I really started hating him.
"She tells me to pull out and get over the top of her and let it splatter on her face."  I would glance out of the corner of my eye at him trying to act unimpressed while suppressing my immediate mental image of his platinum blonde girlfriend on her knees with gobs of cum dribbling off her chin. Then my cock would swell, stuffed in my jeans under the bar.  On the way home he would stumble into the corner bodega, "I need one of those little bottles of olive oil, she says it's great for anal".

My job was cutting my hours and I could no longer afford my rent on my own. I was in a jam so when Ben offered to move in it sounded like a great idea.  Later that night, in my room alone, watching a little blonde bomb shell suck the cum out of some big black porn cock, i realized having Ben move in may not have been the best idea.  I pumped faster as I thought of how irritating it will be listing to him fuck her night after night.  I closed my eyes and remembered how he imitated her "dick up the ass squeal" for me one night.  I came a moment after I mentally saw her round plump ass in the air while he administered a over the knee spanking.  While I cleaned up my pool of jizz I realized I would never turn Ben down.

My brownstone apartment was on the ground floor.  Since I worked nights and early mornings I decided to take the basement bedroom.  I let Ben have the bedroom on the mainfloor.  Ben's new bedroom was on the back of the building and had lot of natural light.  There was only one bathroom and it was next to the door to Ben's room.  On the day after Ben moved in I went upstairs to get ready for work.  It was about ten pm.  The shower was running but the bathroom door was cracked a few inches. I sat at the kitchen table and waited for the shower to turn off but instead the noises started.  The noises could be clearly described as moaning and slapping.  He was fucking her in the shower and I was sure the slapping was his soapy balls against her backend.  I had a very clear image in my mind as my cock once again swelled up.  I didn't think.  My feet just started moving.  I found myself outside the door peaking in through the cracked door.  She was bent over with her tight little curvy body outlined clearly for me through the clear plastic shower curtain.  Her round tits her swaying as he drove into her from behind.  Each deep thrust made her moan and his balls tapped against her ass. I watched for about a minute then quickly and quietly went down to my bedroom and quickly pulled one off.  I cursed myself under my breath.  My dick didn't want to soften, I kept thinking about her naked, she had the perfect curvy womanly body.

A few days after that, when I came in from work at about six am, I went upstairs to get ready for bed and found the bedroom door was open and Ben and her were sprawled naked on the bed.  Her glowing skin was flawless, her soft round tits and perfect pick nipples responding to the cool morning air.  She was laying on her side and he was spooning behind her, his ample cock nestled in her ripe curvy ass.  I reached down and gave my dick a squeeze and imagined my dick nestled in the crack of her perfect ass.  My friend Ben stirred and my raging hard on and I slipped into the bathroom to urgently locate the bottle of hand cream.

One afternoon I came home and she was there without Ben.  She sat on the couch in the living room in an over-sized tank top and a pair of his boxers.  She was painting her toenails and deep dark blue. I guess she has just finishing a pedicure because she had nail files and clippers and lotion on a towel next to her.  I sat with her and talking about our plans to see a show at Maxwell's that weekend. I never thought of myself as a foot guy until that moment.  It might have been the total package but at that that moment I could think of nothing but touching her feet.  She had her legs crossed under her and so the boxer had ridden up her thigh.  The side of her luscious round tit was visible from the side of her tank.  Her platinum bangs fell over one mischievous green eye.  She asked me a question about the opening act of the show and I couldn't even answer her.  I couldn't think of anything but reaching over and grabbing the hand cream and her delicate pretty foot and rubbing it against my swollen dick.  My cock spewed there in my pants. She asked if i was OK and I told her I was choking and had something tickling my throat all day.  I ran into the bathroom to clean up my sticky pants.  That was the first time my dick had betrayed me like that.  I vowed to avoid her from then on.

I did a pretty good job, it wasn't too hard since I worked third shift.  I picked up extra hours when ever I could and started wearing headphones when i was home so that I would be oblivious to their comings and goings.  This worked great until the day I left my Ipod in my truck and my friend had borrowed it.  That morning I woke to the sounds of what could only be the much imagined over-the-knee spanking.  Since I had just woke up I had to fiercely piss.  I figured I could wait them out.  It turned out I was wrong.  I stomped up the stairs, loudly announcing myself.  When i reached the landing I called out... "hey Ben sorry to interrupt but I have to piss!"  Ben replied, "you aren't interrupting "  When i stepped into our livingroom, my worst fears where confirmed.  Ben was sitting on the couch and she was over his knee.  Her ass was in the air but she was wearing a pair of plain cotton panties and a little skirt which was pulled up.  As I stepped into the room she tried to reach back to cover herself and Ben slapped away her hand.  At that moment I realized that Ben had one hand on the back of her neck and that her thighs and all of the ass flesh I could see was bright pink. I once again apologized and Ben replied "it's OK buddy, she has been bad, it's no big deal, right babe?" She turned her face toward me and again her mischievous green eyes looked at me, blonde hair wild and said "I have been very bad".  Ben didn't even wait for me to get into the bathroom before he started paddling her ass again.  Then I had a hard time pissing because I was so hard.  I jerked off to the sounds of her flesh reddening.  When I came out of the bathroom they has moved to the bedroom and again the door was cracked and i caught a glimpse of her without her skirt or panties on facing him, on her knees.  He was unzipping his jeans and getting ready to face fuck her.  I knew because I heard him say "do you want me to face fuck your slutty little mouth now?" and her saying "Yes please."

I knew things had gotten bad when I found pictures of her in a bikini on facebook and I started using them along with porn starring curvy petite blonde bombshells to masturbate.  I felt like I hit the jackpot one Saturday  when the two of them had gone away for the weekend. Stuffed in a laundry basket in the bathroom was the pair of plain white panties.  I knew it was wrong. I knew I might loose a friend over this but I took them downstairs into my lair.  I laid down on my futon and let the pictures of her scroll on my laptop beside me. I imagined her ass up in the air and her on her hands and knees begging to be fucked. I pulled the panties to my face and inhaled  I had been with my fair share of women but this scent was unimaginably divine to me.  I think I came a hundred times that weekend.  I thought I would cure myself of my lust for her.

They returned on a Tuesday.  When i got home from work that morning Ben was gone and the shower was running.  I casually went into the kitchen.  From the kitchen door way i could see the bathroom door.  I should say, I could have seen the bathroom door if it had been closed.  Instead it was wide open and she was in there alone, showering, humming, oblivious.  I watched her from the doorway wash her hair and face, her tits then turn toward the shower spray and lean forward and spread her ass cheeks and wash her tight little puckered hole.  She soaped up her fingers and pushed them in.  I could see her hand move in a way indicated her finger disappearing into it.  My cock was throbbing and i took it out right there and started jerking off.  I was so filled with lust that I just didn't care.  And when she dropped the soap and turned toward the curtain to bend over and her pretty pink soapy nipple brushed against the plastic shower curtain, i came.  I splattered cum all over the side of the kitchen garbage can.

About two months into Ben and my roommate experience I was coming in the front door and Ben was stepping out.  He said, "hey Buddy!"  I asked him where he was going and he said he was just going out to his car to grab something he forgot.  The house was quiet so I assumed it was just the two of us.  Going once again back to the bathroom I noticed his bedroom door was wide open.  This time as I approached it I got an eye full.  Ben had his girlfriend tied spread eagle and gagged to the bedframe. Besides the shackles and gag she was completely naked and since his bed faced he door, her smooth shaved open recently fucked pussy was on display.  Her eyes met mine, not with fear or shame but with undeniable hunger and lust.  If she wasn't gagged I felt like she would beg me to fuck her.  I heard the front door and disappeared into the bathroom to once again locate the hand cream.  I was holding my orgasm back, drawing it out and seeing her come fuck me face over and over in my head when there was a knock on the door.  "You jerking off in there Buddy?"  I was embarrassed but replied with a "shut the fuck up." He knocked on the door again and this time said "Can you open up, we need to talk." I tucked it away and took a deep breath before facing the music.  I didn't not look forward to the conversation.  No one likes to be called out on their dirty perversions.

When I opened the door, his bedroom door was still wide and so was his girl friend.  I turned away and quickly said "What the fuck Ben!?"  Ben leaned against the hallway wall and shrugged.  "I don't know man, I love her tons, but she is a dirty girl..." At that she let out a little gagged squeal of agreement.  I timidly glanced up at her and then back at Ben.  "Seriously dude, what the fuck?"
Ben glanced at my face and then obviously at the bulge and growing wet spot on the front of my jeans and then he nodded his head toward the open door.  "Do you want some?"
I looked at his face, he was dead serious.  I hesitatingly glanced at the bed once more and she raised her hips and moaned.  Ben put his hand on my shoulder "Dude, she loves fucking and wants more, I trust you to help me with this..." and he guided me toward the bed.

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Johnny said...

Very hot, Goddess. And interesting from a man's POV.

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what a delicious story...and such a lucky roommate

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another great cock stirring story ty mia

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Hot and Erotic, Ty