Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dear Tom,

Dear Tom,
I am sorry I am not here to greet you tonight, but I wanted to be sure to drop you a note to say thank you.  Who would of thought years ago we would have grown into the couple we are today!  It was a very lucky day for me the day I said "I do" to you.  And also thank you for being beyond understanding.  Your latest act this morning has secured my belief that you not only are understanding but encouraging. 
I should have known you had something up your sleeve when you tossed the vibrator at me in bed as you slipped out the door for work.  I was at it about 15 minutes and had a good fantasy running through my head when the doorbell rang.  At first it didn't register, I was very annoyed.  You know how I get once I get my juices flowing.  I was at the point, my animal desires had taken over and I did not want to be interrupted but then  I remembered you saying to me, "Be sure to answer the door today, I have a special delivery coming." Reluctantly I threw on panties and a robe and headed downstairs.  I think you can imagine my reaction to your little surprise!  New neighbors indeed!  So, Matt introduced himself and said that he had met you the day before when he came to the door selling magazines for a baseball teams fundraiser.  He said "Mrs. Crimmins, your husband said to come by and pick up a check this morning."  I invited him in... oh the irony of you ordering "Good Housekeeping".  You do know how to pick them dear!  How is it you manage to find these fine specimens for me?  You know just what I like.  I invited him in as you knew I would.  I told him to sit down and tell me about the team.  Did you know he is going on a full scholarship next year to University of Florida.  I think I am going to miss him.. hehehe.  
Once he was settled in the couch and I was sitting across from him I crossed my legs.  And then uncrossed them.  And I watched him watch me as he struggled to tell me about his Coach and the position he played.  I also was sure to show him how interested I was in his story by leaning forward so that the front of my robe gaped and he got an eyeful of my womanly cleavage.  I hung on his every word as he told me about how hard his practices are at his new school and I asked him if he was sore and maybe he needed a massage.  Yes I know it is cheesy and sort of predictable but this young man is a high school senior and I doubt he would know any better (and by the way he assured me he was 18.. hahaha!).  I slid onto the couch next to him, letting the tie of my robe loosen as he turned his back to me and I began rubbing his shoulders, pressing my now naked front against him so he could feel my nipples through the thin fabric of his teeshirt.  I told him I could do a much better job dealing with his tight muscles if he would take his shirt off.  It's funny Tom, he didn't hesitate a second.  I pressed my tits against his now bare back and let my hands reach around his front and tickled along those tight firm pecs while nibbling on his neck.  A quick glance down his chest assured me he was enjoying my attention.  
This is where I must once again emphasize my appreciation of your ability to pick "them" out.  Our new best friend and neighbor Matt has a magnificent cock.  It's not particularly long but it is wide and you know how much your wife loves a nice thick wide cock.  When I reached down into the front of his shorts and wrapped my hand around his girth I wanted to tell you then and there how much I love you.  I let the robe drop and was only wearing a pair of satin and lace panties when I slip onto my knees and pulled that thick dick out and began sucking him off.  He wrapped his hand into my hair and lifted his hips to meet my sucking and the whole time was saying 'oh fuck", "oh fuck" and "of fuck".  His tightened his grip and that pecker swelled before blasting a mouthful of sweet cum into my hungry hole.  And as is the beauty of these young jocks, his dick stayed rock hard as I licked him clean then proclaimed "my turn!"  I did a slow wiggle out of those now drenched panties, being sure to bend and tease him as I did.  His polite neighborly way was now gone and he was a foul mouth fuck machine.  "What a cock sucker! Look at those sweet tits! I am going to pound that wet pussy."  It wasn't very creative but it got right to the point.  
I straddled him ..  well wait, how about I just tell you when I see you tonight. I know how much you love my stories.  Next best thing to being there and watching huh?
Thank you Tom, for being the cuckold you are!
Love, Kathleen.  


Anonymous said...

Lucky Matt. I love the smell and snap of leather, don't you?

Justin Adjustin said...

another sexy great story mia knocked this one outta the park(cheesy baseball reference)

Anonymous said...

Miss you. Come back to NF soon. Hope you are doing well. burbank91505

Bryan James said...

Very hot! 8)

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh,,,You understand Kathleen & I sooooo well;))