Monday, October 28, 2013


It's too late dear, it's all set up.
He opened his mouth the speak but looked at her determined face.  He turned to walk back to his office but stopped and looked back at her as she left the room.  She had just gotten home from work and he watched her plump ass strain behind the stretched linen of her skirt fabric as she left the room.  She had the mostly womanly back end he had ever observed anywhere in all his life.  He sometimes guiltily thought he loved her ass more than he loved her.  These hot young starlets with their fat asses had nothing on his wife and her heart shaped heavenly behind.  For one second he thought about how it looked as she stripped off her tight skirts every night and he tingled.  Then the view was gone as she stepped into the kitchen to begin dinner.

They has been married for quite a few years when she finally relaxed enough to allow him to properly worship her ass.  She had hang ups when they had met and only allowed some gentle caressing and sometimes after a few margaritas she allowed him to use a single probing finger back there.  But one night she looked over his shoulder as he perused an image collection of gorgeous asses and the men who worshipped them.  She asked, "is that what you like..?"  It was a tasteful black and white photo of the back of a woman crouching, her womanly curvy ass was moving down onto the expectant anxious face of a somewhat straightlaced looking man.  Yes.  It was all he could say.
That weekend over dinner she drank more wine then usual before finally saying, I want to try it.  He grew instantly hard under the dinner table.

That night, still in his dress shirt and boxers he lay on his back on the bed as she climbed up over him and pulled up her skirt.  He said, I love you, more to the vision of her creamy flesh being unwrapped then her as a person.  His dick leaked making a puddle on his belly as she looked down into his face and saw his eyes locked on the deep crevice of her ass.  She began bending her knees and lowering and bending down, he moaned and his dick flexed and she watched his eyes fill with lust.  She had a new power she never recognized.  She raised up and his hands gripped her ankles and he let out a breathy "please".  She ever so slowly began to peel her thong off, instinct took over.  She found her role in the world in this moment, she was a powerful goddess,  She teased him raising and lowering above his head until he was almost frenzied.  She dropped the thong onto his face and watched as he closed his eyes and caressed and inhaled the heated fabric.  The puddle of precum was making a growing dark stain on his boxers.  She opened her knees wide, parting her cleft and lowered onto her husbands face.  His hands reached up and began lovingly caressing the ripe flesh of her plump cheeks.  He raised his head to meet her.  His tongue planted firmly against her tight puckered hole and he began french kissing it.

Ass worship became a standard in their lives.  She grew to hunger for the wet warmness of his probing tongue and loved the feeling of her body opening and ripening as his gentle caresses got more insistent.  Her ass and it's care became a special hobby for him.  He joined her in the shower and helped her with her shaving and he moisturized it and he massaged her cheeks as she drifted off the sleep at night. Sometimes he would turn himself at night so his face could be up against her plump mounds.  He found that he had the sexual drive from his youth, constantly hard and constantly sneaking off to masturbate, even at work.  He would try to come home for lunch for that he could have a taste of her and he would greet her on his knees always ready to worship her orally.
She grew more and more fond of their ass play and even started to think about other forms of ass play.  For instance, she convinced him to allow her to return the favor and licked him until he softened and opened for her and then she inserted a phallic toy inside him and began some random thrusting.  After she had her fun he spread her cheeks and she feel asleep to the sound of his soft licking and moaning and the sound of his thrusts against their sheets.
Sometimes at night when he would massage her cheeks she would ask for more.  Do it harder baby, she would beg. He squeezed and kneaded the flesh and she found her heat building until she rolled over and pushed his face onto her juicy folds and came grinding onto his nose.
One day over dinner she said that she was curious about spanking.  The idea of her pretty bottom turning red and her little squeals was more than he could imagine.  "spanking you..?"  he asked.  He tried to imagine it but he loved her ass and couldn't imagine it being abused like that.  "She said, yes, maybe even with a paddle."
"I don't know ..  " he looked down at the table and when he thought about her bent over ready for a spanking all he could imagine is planting his face between those orbs and making out with her anus.
A week later she made an announcement. " There is a spanking group her in town.  I have joined and I found someone who is a skillful spanker."  She giggled.

They entered a strip mall at the edge of town and drove to the back here a red sign said "members only."  He tried to talk her out of it over and over during the week.  "I can, I can do it I promise, let me try."  But three times that week he was unable and once she laid across his lap he either lost nerve or just keep caressing her cheeks softly and telling them how much he loved them.  Once as she laid across his lap and wiggled her large round bottom in the air to entice him, he came in his pants.  He didn't know what came over him but he was clearly unable to hurt the thing he loved best.

In the club The Spanker she had contacted greeted them and introduced them around. She hooked her arm in his elbow and the husband followed behind.  She looked perfectly beautiful in a simple navy pencil skirt, black pumps and a plunging silky wrap top.  Her lacy bra peeked from her deep cleavage. He showed them the main play room with benches for spanking all about and a few contraptions for tying people to for upright spankings.  He brought them into a back room with a bunch of suitcases and laid one on a table and opened it.  Inside where devices for spankings of every kind.  Paddles and crops and whips and ropes.  He felt insecure and moved up close to his wife's ass and gave it a squeeze.  The Spanker noticed his movement and chuckled.  Then he suggested "why don't we take a look at what we will be working with tonight?"

Thirty minutes later his wife stood in her pale lingerie and heels on a platform.  There was a single spotlight on the dais.  Where he stood he was in shadows.  The movement on the stage became a blur as he watched.  His wife was turned and bent over and an appreciative audience murmured enthusiastic approval as her ass was displayed.  He was painfully hard.  He watched as The Spanker, a tall stout man with a dark devilish goatee reached forward and trailed a fingertip down her shoulder, along the small of her back and across the fabric covering her ample firm cheek.  "This is the girl,"  he announced to the audience "who contacted me for a spanking!"  A ripple of knowing laughter spread in the darkness around him.  The Spanker led her off the platform to a padded spanking bench and guided her onto it.  She pressed her lingeried body against the red leather and allowed him to cuff her hands and ankles into place.  She was so prone and vulnerable.  The position she was in displayed her assets in the most appealing way.

 One of the husband's hands found his blazing hard on and tried to re-position it to offer relief.  He imagined rushing forward and planting his face between her cheeks.  He closed his eyes and lost himself in the vision.  When he opened his eyes The Spanker was standing beside his wife's hip and was clearly pressing a thick hard on against her thigh as his large sure hand, moving in small circles caressed her ass.  His ass.