Thursday, November 13, 2014


We lay together in the warm light of the afterglow.  I had my torso against his thigh, he was leaning back against the headboard.  I raised up and sipped on the glass he had recently refilled for me.
"You're a wild woman Mia."  His deep drawling voice cut through the peaceful stillness.  I turned my face toward him and smiled before settling my head back against his belly.
"I like what I like.." I answered.
"Yes, well, that is a fact." He spoke with a clear sense of egotistical pride.  I had let him in, lowered my walls and took his proverbial hand and let him lead me down the yellow brick road.
"Was that what subspace looks like for you?" he questioned.
I hesitated, thinking of how to reply in the most precise way.  I took a deep breath, sighing and closing my eyes for a second then opening them, memories of lust displayed in my half closed glassy eyes. Finally I said a simple "yes" and "thank you".
He wove his hand into my long blond hair and tugged, pulling my neck back, he leaned forward and kissed my lips then he spoke into my parted mouth "you're wild Mia."  His warm lips pecked mine then he said, again, a breadth away from my mouth "I am so glad you're like this with Me".  I opened my eyes and looked up into his, steal grey with flecks of green. "Thank you for taking me there.."

The next morning I woke up at his loft.  He didn't really live here but stayed here when he visited town.  The place looked like a place he would live, rustic and rough, masculine through and through but also not lived in, sterile because he never moved in, only stayed occasionally like a hotel room.  There was very little clothing, toiletries and hardly any food.  He was always ordering food for us or running out to pick something up.  When he was in town we rarely went out, instead, finding the best use of our time together consisted of staying indoors, mostly undressed.  He was standing at the island, I was sitting at the bar. I had panties and his shirt from the night before on. He wore only boxers.  He was buttering bagels and I was sipping tea, Eric Clapton's voice came through the soundbar.  I made a face at him and he pressed the skip on his phone which was charging on the edge of the counter.  Suddenly it was Elvis Costello's voice. I smiled.
"I had never done that before, like that.. I mean, all the way" he stated suddenly.  I knew exactly was he was referring to and grinned.
"You were so wet, god, and ... it didn't hurt at all?" He questioned.  I assured him that no, it didn't hurt and went on "It was amazing, I don't know how to describe how awesome it feels to be so full." I paused then continued "when I look down and see your arm, your hand.. just disappearing, combined with the fullness... and I can look into your eyes and you have this crazy look... absolute disbelief.. fuck it's so hot!  As far as fetish goes, that is mine, forearms, fingering, fisting, the three F's..."  He laughed "All the best things begin with F, or M.. like Mia."

Yes I have always had a thing for fingering.  I love fingering fantasies and fingering porn.  My tumblr is full of images of women with hands and fingers inside of them.  When I think back to my earliest sexual experiences it involves hiding in shrubbery behind the school and some macho older boy with his hands down the front of my skin tight Jordache jeans wiggling a finger in my wet hole or being at home under a blanket watching a movie with my brother and his friends,  one of his friends with his hand up my shorts sliding into me.  I clearly remember looking down at my first boyfriend's wrist and he slipped his finger up the leg hole of my panties to dip into my wetness.  Then when I discovered girls, the first hand up my cunt had a bony wrist and slim fingers that curled inside me.  In college I would judge guys in bars by looking at their wrists and forearms.  I dated bass players under the assumption that they would have a special speed and strength to their finger and wrist movements and that turned out to be sometimes true.  If I found a strong smooth wrist on a guy I sometimes pursued them at parties or at bars to lure them into make out sessions in somewhat private back rooms or bathroom stalls just to be try and get them as far as reaching inside of me and looking down and seeing the tightening of muscles and tendons as their fingers wiggled inside my wetness.  If cell phones has existed back in the day I would have had quite a collection of forearm photographs.
It wasn't until after college that I discovered the feeling of true fullness and it all happened so accidentally.
During my last year in college and for 18 months after college I had a roommate named Kevin. He was a friend of one of my boyfriends.  He was awkward and somewhat antisocial. He was a gentle giant, a 6'3" Russian jewish punk rocker who went to art school and studied photography.  He was soft spoken and had lots of female friends but never dated.  He just didn't have a sexual vibe so everyone always just thought of him as a friend.  He moved in with me after his own roommate began dealing drugs.  I had the room and he had the money so it worked out great.  I was always coming and going and bringing lovers home.  He never complained, but rarely joined me when I went out with friends.  One night I was entertaining a boyfriend with my door partly cracked when I noticed a shadow in the hallway.  I had been partying and wasn't in the clearest mindset but I knew that Kevin was out there and was getting an eye full.
The next day as I readied myself for work I felt the tension thick between my roommate and I. All day I thought about how much it turned me on to know he was watching and it made me curious about him.  He was not boyfriend material but I wondered if he was turned on by me or just the sex. I suddenly realized how much masturbation material I had probably provided him with through the years living together.  After that things changed between us. I would wake up and walk through the apartment in a t-shirt and panties, especially if the house was chilly and I knew my nipples would stand up firm.  I curled my feet underneath me while watching television, which would raise my nightie up and give him a view of my ass.  I wore tank tops with deep scoops, bra less and made sure I bent over to give him an eye full.  Once I was sitting across from him on the sofa eating a bowl of ice cream after work. I had peeled my sweater off so I wore a light tight tank and my miniskirt and boots.  The tank was see through and the outline of my nipples was clear.  I was going through a panti-less phase at that time.  I was preoccupied with scooping the cherries and chocolate out of my Cherry Garcia ice cream while rambling on about my weekend plans when I suddenly looked up to find him looking between my thighs. His hand was on his lap and there was a clear bulge.  I looked quickly down at my ice cream and very subtly let my leg open wider.  From my calculations he was getting a full beaver shot.  Not looking up from my ice cream, I wiggled my ass lower onto the edge of the sofa, raising my skirt higher up and let my legs open wider.  I paused for a second like that then I looked up at him.  His mouth was slightly open and he looked very uncomfortable.  He met my eyes and quickly stood up, embarrassed and apologizing repeatedly.  I said his name "Kevin" and he froze.  His blue work trousers were very distended and he shoved his hands in his pockets trying to hide his erection.  I said, "It's ok, there is no victim here."  My legs were still wide and from where he stood he could still clearly see my crotch. "I don't mind you looking."  I admitted to him. Then I made the big confession "In fact I like it". We both froze for a full minute then he returned to his chair, and began unzipping his fly. He began apologizing again "I am sorry but I have to.." he said as he started jerking off.  I took another bite of melty ice cream as he stroked.
This is how the roommate situation went for the next two weeks. After work or whenever i would get home from Happy Hour, i would let him look at my pussy and I would watch his face as he stared at my folds.  One night he met me and a bunch of friends at a club to see some bands. Between sets I stood next to him at the bar and he ordered me another beer. He gave me a friendly sideways hug and said "thank you Mia".  I knew what he meant but I wanted to hear more so I asked, "for what?" "For letting me see you, to look at it" he said awkwardly "You know, "  he went on "before you, the only one I have ever seen has been at the models at school, and those are never.. you know.. " "Wide open?" I suggested.  "Yes" he replied laughing, then he added somberly "it's beautiful you know".

This opened the conversation between us and we began discussing our unique arrangement more openly.  I told him I couldn't ever see us fucking and he said he was fine with that but he asked if there wasn't some way he could please me.  I looked at his tattoo covered forearms and said "yes."
From that evening on, his left hand would stroke his cock while his right hand would explore my pussy. I would lay back and he would touch me, experimenting with soft touches, tapping touches, opening me, stretching me wide. I would lay back on the sofa and he would kneel in the floor between my legs, is face inches from me, looking.  One day two of his fingers slipped in and he rotated his forearm and my face lit up. He twisted again and my nipples tensed and the wetness gathered in between his fingers.  He removed them and I pouted. He asked if it hurt and i purred "noooooo". He slid them in again and i moaned softly and he curled them up and he felt my insides tense.  "More?" i asked.  His forearm twisted again and I gasped and he wiggled another finger then another inside. His hand was crunch together but each slight movement sent me shuddering.  I looked down as he angled his wrist and pushed past his knuckles and I felt my insides squeezing him and suddenly the juices flowed wetly around his palm. I glanced as his face, my lust filled eyes, reduced by pleasure to mere slits, and I saw that he had that look of amazement and surprise and utter adoration.  Glancing down at his ink stained forearm and his un-ensconced thumb, I nodded at him and let my eyes close.

Sunday, September 28, 2014


He lived next door to my family forever. His name was Tony. He inherited the house from his parents when he was 32 and I was a toddler.  He was the guy who had a spare key so if i was locked out I knocked on his door.  When I wasn't feeling good and needed to go home early his number was the one whom the school called to pick me up.  His house was the first one we hit on Halloween because he would pack us especially large treat bags.  As I got to driving age and drifted off with my friends to the city on weekends I rarely saw him but as a wave from the driveway.  During the time I was away in college I forgot about him completely.  The summer of my freshman year I traveled to the Pacific Northwest with friends and backpacked and took a train across the country.  The summer of my sophomore year I went home.  I had just turned 19.  I moved home for two months.  I hadn't seen Tony in years.
I was surprised that he didn't seem so old to me anymore and I even more surprised I actually found him handsome. The two years I had spent away had somehow bridged the 30 year gap in our age.  I was very bored that summer but spent time by the pool, reading trashy novels and polishing up my culinary skills, I always enjoyed devising new recipes and testing them on my parents.  I vowed I would try a new recipe every day during those two months.  By the end of the second week I had a lovely golden tan and was actually bored with being home alone.  I saw Tony working in his yard every day around noon, he worked the night shift at the airport.  One day I looked over the top of my sunglasses and waved as he clipped away at a rose bush.  He was wearing a pair of shorts and tee shirt with cut off sleeves.  I recognized the worn print on the fabric of the grey tee, it was for a spring carnival held at my school a million years earlier.  I was in a science competition and he had come to root me on. I called out teasingly, "nice shirt".  He lifted the fabric away from his chest and looked down then shrugged at me, grinning wide and said "yeah, i went to this shitty carnival to see this bratty girl and all I got was this tee shirt!"  I laughed.  He put down his clipper and came over to the metal fence that circled the pool and leaned on his elbows.  I put down my book and met his gaze.  "so how ya been brat?" he asked.
His warm smile brought back years of good memories. I noticed, probably for the first time, his glowing golden skin and the twinkle in his eyes.  I noticed the effects of his daily afternoon run and hours spent with free weights in his garage.  I found myself curious. He had never married but we always joked and called him a lonely bachelor even though we saw well dressed women leaving his house almost every weekend.
He lifted the bottom edge of his shirt and wiped his brow.  I saw a well muscled belly with a trail of dark curly hair disappearing into his shorts.  I stood up in my bikini and brought him my water bottle. I said "I have been well, but still a brat."  He chugged the water casually and kept one eye on me.  I re-positioned myself on the fence, leaning forward giving him and eye-full of carefully displayed ripe B-cup flesh and declared "we should hang out."  He almost spit out the water and laughed and asked "Oh.. should we?"  "well yeah!" I replied then added "I am not a little girl anymore you know."  He took a step back and raised and eyebrow at me.  A crooked smile bloomed across my face.  He shook his head but was still smiling when I said "come on Tony, I am sooo bored here at home every day!"  I unconsciously chewed on my lip and gave him wide needy eyes.  He shook his head at me again and said "Girl, you're killing me!"  Then he said, "Let me get my work done, I will talk to you later." I pouted and watched as he walked off, but I noticed that when he bent to grab the garden tool, he readjusted himself.  I called that a victory.
The next day I went out to the pool in a cover up but underneath was a bikini I never wore around my parents.  This was for spring break only.  It was light pink and mostly strings and very see through when wet.  I parked myself in my chair and picked up my trashy novel.  When Tony came out to work in the yard he waved. I waved back and said, "Hey, it's really hot today, why don't you take a day off and come swim with me?" He considered the offer before finally shrugging a "why not" and entering the pool area through the gate.  He sat next to me and asked what I was reading. I explained that the book was not college approved and described the storyline.  He listened while watching the light glint off the surface of the water.  He asked if i liked school and about my grades and whether or not I had a boy friend.  I replied, a few.  He arched a brow at me.  I just grinned.  There was silence for a while then he finally said "I bet you've learned a lot, but I imagine you have a long way to go until you really understand how the world works..."
I stood up and peeled off my cover up.  I let it drop to the patio deck by his feet.  I stood there showing off my tan flesh barely covered by a three inch patch of fabric over each nipple and four inches triangle covering my crotch.  Both my ass cheeks were barely covered.  I let him look me up and down.  He curled his lip and nodded.  Then he stood slowly undid the laces of his sneakers and removed his socks then he peeled off his shirt and stood there in only his running shorts.  His body was lean, tan and muscular and hairless except for the tiny curls below his navel that I had seen the previous day.  He let me look, and I did look. He was nothing like the guys, or should I say, boys in college.  He was all man. My body immediately responded.  Then he repeated himself saying "yep, you have a long way to go before you understand how the world works.."  Then he reached into his shorts and readjusted himself.  He was clearly aroused.  Dangling beneath the thin fabric of his shorts was a long thick cock.  He took his hand and slid it along the shape, showing me the outline. I could tell by the look on his face he knew just exactly what affect he was having on me. I felt the narrow crotch of my bottoms clinging to my wetness.  "Now" he said "I am going to leave this in your court.  I do not want to disrespect your parents, who have trusted me for years, who, once you leave, I have to live next door to, so this ends here.  But just so you know, your bratty cock tease act, is not very flattering."
I was startled by his abrupt sternness.  After he walked away i went back into the house and peeled off my tiny string bikini.  I felt humiliated and ashamed. In college I could have any boy I wanted and plenty of them followed me around like puppies. My kind kept drifting back to the outline in his shorts.  I had slept with three boys since I left for college.  None of them looked like that.  I had fun with them but I never really got what the big deal was about sex.  I had even played around with one of my girlfriends and that experience gave me a closer view into the possibilities of sex but neither with boys or my girlfriend had I felt what was described as passion.  I couldn't help myself, I began thinking about Tony and wondered what a 50 year old, life long bachelor, could teach me.  I wanted to learn more about "the way the world works".
I avoided the pool during his noon time yardwork now but often I watched him from the large windows in the den.  I watched the way he reached and stretched and I saw his muscle bunch and tighten under his tan skin.  I would bury my nose in my book and when I was sure he wasn't paying attention to me I would watch him, my mind wandering.  I squeezed my thigh together when I felt the heat and wetness begin.  Sometimes I would tighten my thighs, clinching my pussy for an hour before I finally disappeared into my locked bedroom door where I would lay on the bed, on my belly and grind into my fist until i felt the waves wash over me. This became my daily routine.  Two weeks later my mom told me to stop being so mopey and to get out of the house.  I called one of my high school friends who picked me up and took me to a party.  At the party I had fun for the first hour, seeing all my old friends and catching up, but then I got bored.  I ended up doing some shots of tequila and getting pretty tipsy.  I was coming out of the bathroom when the boy who used to be a star baseball player for the high school met me at the door.  He also had too much to drink and immediately got all touchy with me.  I let him kiss me up against the wall and his sloppy hands started groping at my tits.  He was saying things like "oh baby you got me so hot" and "I really missed you" but I wasn't even sure he remembered my name.  Finally he grabbed my hand and put it on his crotch.  I stroked him, trying to feel his shape and size.  I made a mental note that he was a bit longer than my hand.  I used my fingers like Tony had done and felt along the outside so that I could feel his shape.  I was stroking his length and thought to myself, Tony must be twice as long and twice as wide when the baseball jock did a whole body shudder and came in his pants. I absentmindedly wandered back downstairs while he disappeared into the bathroom to clean up.
I sat on a chair on the back patio of the house and looked up at the star filled sky. I pulled out my phone and scanned my contacts for Tony's number.  I hadn't contacted him in years and told myself that there was no way he still had the same number.  Fueled by another shot delivered by a girl named Megan, I sent a text to Tony's number. "hey".  I put the phone into my pocket but it immediately chirped.  I glanced at the reply "hey brat".  I sat stupidly smiling while I typed back "haha, i am sorry about how I acted".
T:  "n/p"
M:  "you are right"
T:  "i know but you're young so it's ok"
M: "i want to try again"
T:  "where are you?"
M:  "at a party, it's lame.  I don't want to be here"
T: "say what you want"
M: "um"
T: "you can do better brat"
M: "can you come get me"
T: "address?"
I said goodbye to my friend and went out to the street and waited.  I was suddenly nervous about what I was wearing. I didn't want to come off like I had before.  I was wearing a pair of jean shorts and a crop top and sneakers.  My hair was in a high pony tail.  I wished I was wearing something else, more grown up, less like a kid.  Tony's truck turned the corner and pulled up along side.  I stood up too fast and staggered off the curb.  He leaned across the seats and opened the door, reaching out for my hand. "Careful Brat... " he looked at me, "Have you been drinking?"  I confessed and he got a wide grin on his face, "oh great, you'll be easy to take advantage of then!"  All I could think of was the day by the pool and the outline in his thin shorts.
As we pulled into our neighborhood he reached over and put his hand on my shoulder and pulled my torso down toward his lap.  He didn't want anyone to see me with him. My head rested on his leg and I bravely rested my hand on his thigh.  He rested his hand over mine, holding it firmly.  He pulled into his garage and closed the door as I lay quietly on his lap.  Finally he said "good girl" and I sat up.  I had watched him work out in this garage dozens of time over the years, he would open the garage door wide and lift weights while I stood in the doorway and told him about school or a dumb fight with a friend. He would lift while dispensing words of wisdom. I suddenly felt ten years old.  He opened the truck door and grabbed my hand and guided me out.  I followed him into his house while he flipped on switches.  He went to the fridge and grabbed a beer.  As he took his first swallow he turned toward me, watching me as he chugged half the bottle.  He pulled the bottle from his lips and leaned his ass against the counter.  He had Levis slung low on his hips and a short sleeve button up shirt rolled over his biceps. I suddenly realized how devastatingly handsome he was and felt very shy.  "This is weird" I said as more of a question than a statement.  He shrugged and shook his head indecisively.  I went on, "I mean your'e 50 and I am 19.. isn't that weird?" he took another gulp of his beer.  "Well," he started "that all depends. First, men of all ages, throughout time, have appreciated the company of younger women. So that doesn't seem weird to me.  Secondly, I know you so it's not like you're hanging out with some dirty old stranger. .... And thirdly, I am not 50 yet, not until tomorrow."  I thought for a moment and had an " aha" moment of years gone by and me baking cakes out of a box and delivering them next door.  "Well, we will have to do something special for your birthday!" I declared before asking "do you have any thing other than beer?".
Tony grabbed my hand and lead me up the stairs. I had never been upstairs in his house.  I handed him the wine glass so I could hold the rail on the stairs. I didn't want to let go of his hand. He had taken out a wall and turned two bedrooms upstairs into a large master suite.  There was a large den like area with couches and a projector screen that dropped from the ceiling so that movies could be viewed from the seating area or from the bed.  I hesitated for a second inside the door way.  He turned toward me and looked me in the face before saying "you want to learn right?"  He reached back and twirled the bottom of my ponytail looking into my face.  I thought of that outline in his shorts again and must of blushed. He said "i take that as a yes." He lead me to the couches.
He picked up a remote on the coffee table and punched some buttons.  The room filled with music.  He put his hand on my shoulder and leaned forward and kissed my nose.  Then the pressure increased on my shoulder and he pressed me down until I was sitting on the couch.  He sunk onto the floor on his knees in front of me.  He reached up and opened my legs wide.  His fingertips started caressing the inside of my thighs.  I used ever ounce of strength not to pull my legs together.  He senses my unease and rested his hands firmly on my thighs.  He looked into my face, his eyes, dark brown, smoldered with lust. He spoke one word, a question.  "yes?" he asked.  I dragged my tongue across my lips, my breath was shallow and ragged.  I answered "yes."  He said, "happy birthday to me".

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Jake was young but I forgave him his youth because he was eager in the most enduring way. Normally young men like him were, frankly, just too much work.  Eagerness can easily lead to needy.  I do not deal with needy. But he had a certain instinctual respectfulness in regards to my time.  When I said no, or that I was busy, he might ask about the event, out of curiosity but he never got sulky, jealous or whiny. His patience was rewarded.  Finally one day I woke up and had a need.  I glanced down at my phone and saw a text from him and replied.  I figured he would do nicely.
Jake was masculine and  handsome but a little soft still. My sexual intuition lead me to believe he had a certain, specific craving but on this morning I just wanted to cum.  He passed all the tests.  He crawled between my legs and closed his eyes and indulged me.  He did not watch me with expectant eyes and he was not racing toward the goal.  He was patient and controlled.  In his body language I saw bliss.  I needed to not worry about him, I closed my eyes and enjoyed his skills.  I knew from our many conversations that he had been indoctrinated by an older woman. That morning I wanted to thank her. Unlike many men Jake's age, he did not insistently grind himself into my leg, constantly reminding me of his own need.  He steadied him and his body lay motionless.  His arousal was only evident in his labored breathing.  When he felt my body rise and fall with pleasure, he did not pull back and start to unzip himself. He instead stayed patiently between my legs and nibbled and licked at my juices knowing a woman is never quite finished at that point.  He methodically worked his way back into the folds, letting my waves diminish then slowly brought them back and was rewarded with the second, always more powerful orgasm.  I was beyond pleased.
As a reward I walked to the chest and brought out my vac-u-lock harness and six inch light purple dildo.  He looked at me with adoration. My instincts were correct again. I told him I wanted his jeans down to his knees and I wanted him kneeling over the end of the bed.  Without much ceremony I lubed up my toy as Jake reached back and opened his cheeks for me.  I was amused. Here was a boy who knew what he really wanted.  Giving a guy an anal fucking is quite easy for me, once I strap that cock it's a part of me and I love to fuck.  It wasn't that I was actually falling for this kid but I was growing more and more fond of him while he arched his back and repeatedly thanked me.  When I buried deep and ground into him he looked back at me and asked if he could touch himself.  At this point I had completely ignored his cock.  When I realized that I giggled, then I said, "yes Jake, show me how much you love my cock in your ass."  Then he asked if he should lay a towel down, because he didn't want to stain my comforter. He was really starting to grow on me.
Finally he let out a guttural groan and pushed back and milked the cum onto the towel between his legs.  I slide out and stood watching him as a shiver rocked his back and thighs.  Finally he stood and turned toward me and I saw his cock for the first time.  It was better then average. It was smooth as many young men's cocks are, with tight shaved balls.  His head was fat though and the girth was substantial.  It was about 7 inches and curved up slightly. And It did not soften.  I asked him about that and he said, "no ma'am, it's good to go all the time." Basically Jake had the perfect cock for a regular fuck fest.  The funny thing is that he didn't seem to realize any of it.  He didn't realize that he had a good cock for maintenance fucking.  He didn't realize that his oral skills were way above average.  He didn't realize his personality was a nice balance of want without all the ugly need.
After battering my clit with the strap on, I decided I needed his mouth one more time.  He seemed very aware of the sensitivity issues that sometimes arise after a morning session such as this,  his mouth was soft, hot and gentle.  His appreciation of me radiated from his cunt worshiping lips.  I even broke one of my own rules and tip him off, (on our first session!) on how to make my orgasms extra juicy.  Jake lapped up my juices with a grin on his face.
For a few days my mind kept wandering to him.  A part of me wanted more but I am so dead set against growing attached that I refused to respond to his texts.
Friday I was busy cleaning my house and getting things in order for a visit from, Ellie, old college girlfriend.  Over the years we had both gone our separate ways but we decided to reconnect. Friday night we stayed up late into the night drinking wine and finally feel asleep. In the middle of the night she woke me up with a kiss.  In college there was a lot of passion between the two of us but now, I didn't mix sex and love. I loved Ellie but did not want to fuck her. She cried to me, telling me the details of her sexless marriage, the ways she tried to seduce her husband with sexy outfits and vacations to romantic locations to no avail.  That is when it all clicked together.  This is how i could have more Jake in my life without growing too attached.
The next night I texted Jake and replied instantly then left a group of friends at the movie theater.  I told him I had a friend I wanted him to meet.  He got very quiet on the phone so I asked him" what is it Jake."  He said "Mia, I will if you really want me to but I don't want it to be a man."  I laughed out loud and told him, "Not this time darlin'.
He arrived at my house just after midnight.  Ellie and I had just polished off a bottle of champagne and toasted "To hot young studs!" right before the doorbell rang. I had told her all about Jakes oral skills and the attractiveness of his cock.  When he came in I introduced them and he was polite and attentive.  I didn't need to explain what I wanted from him. He looked at me occasional and I just gave him a nod and he understood.  I asked Ellie what she wanted first and whether or not she wanted privacy.  I explained I would really like to watch but would respect her wishes.  She turned to Jake and asked him if he wanted to be alone and he looked at me and said "no offense to you Ellie but I want Mia here."  The decision was made.   I asked Jake if he was ready and he said yes and I glanced down as his bulging pants.  He said, "that happened in the theater when I saw your text."
I settled in a chair and watched a Jake approached her and took her hands in his.  He asked her if she would like to cum first like Ms.Mia does?  She glanced down nervously and said to me, you know it's been 12 years since I have been with Marc?  I said "Fuck Marc... or rather.. don't fuck Marc, fuck Jake!"  We all laughed and I refilled her glass and brought it to her.  After chugging the glass she asked if she could 'see it?".  Jake immediately began removing his pants and stood, his bottom half naked in the center of the livingroom with his perfect 7+ inch (from this angle I was starting to think he was closer to 8") reaching out toward Ellie.  She said two words "Oh god!"  Jake looked at me and asked if it was ok? I said yes, it was ok.  I asked Ellie if she wanted it inside her and with glassy eyes she nodded.  I scooted next to her on the couch and gave her a peck on the cheek before telling her to "slip her pants off".

Saturday, August 02, 2014


He heard the click of the door lock.  His skin tightened as if a breeze had just blow through his apartment.  It was summer and all the windows were closed but as he sat at the desk he felt a shiver down his spine.  She was coming to him.  He loved this.  He closed the laptop and stood in time to greet her in the doorway.  She had her bag over one shoulder, her grey tank top was damp under her chest. Her skin glowed with recent exertion.  "How was the gym?" he asked as she tossed her bag onto the chair.  Her face lit up with a big grin at his question.  He knew what that meant.  "He was there? Did you talk to him?" he asked.   He followed her into his bed room and she raised her arms over her head and he stepped behind her and grabbed the hem of her tank and begin pulling it over her head.  When the shirt came off she turned toward him and said in a purr "yesssss." She faced him in her sports bra, tiny work out shorts and knee high striped tube socks.  He loved when she took on the 1970's work out look. It seems so slutty.  She raised her arms over her head again and he asked "well? Do you think he is interested?" He leaned in and dragged his tongue down her chest and tasted the salt of her glistening skin.  His fingers found the hem of her sports bra and pulled it up, revealing the underside of her breasts, so pale compared the the tan of her athletic skin. He paused and kissed her pale under-breast. His cock flexed as he felt her soft roundness against his lips.  He was hard since he heard her key in the lock.
"He is definitely interested babe." she answered.  He moved to kiss her other breast and pulled up the stretchy bra fabric at the same time as he imagined the strangers full lips kissing her breasts. In his mind he saw the strangers mouth open and with bared white teeth and take her nipple between them.  He moaned.
Once topless she settled on the edge of his bed and took off her sneakers and wiggled out of the skimpy too small shorts.  Her ass was divine in them, the bottom curve revealed each time she bent to grab a weight off the floor.  She wore only her panties and knee highs now. She reached up and grabbed the hair elastic, and released her ponytail and a cascade of long blonde hair over her shoulders and down her back.  She leaned back on her elbows and lifted her feet onto the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide.  In the crotch of her baby blue panties he saw a dark wet spot. His hand instinctively moved to his crotch and he grabbed his aching dick. He felt his heart rate increases and he throbbed.
"Strip" she commanded. And he quickly dropped his jeans and peeled off his tee shirt.  He was naked now, she didn't like him wearing underwear.
"Floor"  she directed.  And he quickly laid face up, parallel to the bed. She leaned over and watched him from the edge of the bed.  Once he was on the floor she told him to start stroking. He clutched his cock in his palm and looked up. She leaned on her side.   He noticed her soft round breasts were laying together against his comforter.  His hand became a blur on his cock.  In a panting breath he pleaded "Please tell me..."
She told him to keep stroking but warned "don't cum, ok baby?"  He haphazardly nodded, looking desperately up at her.  "Well..." she continued "I found out that he was very receptive to the idea of fucking me." She grinned sweetly at him. He gasped and  his hand moved desperately up and down his cock.
 She giggled at his frenzy then she let one foot dangle off the bed and played with his balls with her toes. His eyes rolled back into his head, his hand moved even more rapidly on his cock.  He croked out a "pplleaseeeee".
She smiled attentively at him and said, "of course baby, I do these things for both ofus, not just for my own pleasure, but for yours too!"  She stood over him, one cotton sock clad foot on each side of his chest and began rolling her panties down her thighs.  He saw her puffy wet fucked lips and he felt his balls tighten.  She stepped out of her panties and hovered her pussy over his face and he looked up into it's glistening folds and panted out another "pppleasseeee".  She lowered herself slowly, finally planting her crotch over his face and he felt her weight settle and he reached his tongue into her and closed his eyes....

Sunday, July 20, 2014


     From the very beginning she was clear in what she wanted and expected.  She was an independent woman and had left behind societies expectations 15 years earlier when she signed the divorce papers.  She went into the traditional relationship with a positive hopeful attitude but within months the new husband demonstrated a desire to control her through a mixture of intimidation and other traditions of marriage.  She planned a perfect and careful extradition of the financial and emotional bonds and found herself once again free within a year.  She watched her girlfriends struggle with all the limits on their freedoms and their easy way of compromising their dreams for their partners.  She didn't judge them harshly for this, she felt sad for them and they all admired her autonomy.
     So when she met Johnny she laid it all on the table, as she always did, with every man she was interested in dating.  He was much more accepting then most of the men she met.  She was almost eager to accept her terms.  This of course made her wary because desperate men were not attractive to her in the least.  She kept him at arms length for months.  He did not give up or was he needy and clingy.  He announced his intentions but gave her space.  They grew close, like friends, both of them sharing parts of their lives in conversations.  He did not hold back. Even though she was someone aloof about him becoming her lover, he was the opposite, proclaiming his love and passion in grand romantic gestures.  She remained distant but amused by his declarations of love.  Eventually she told him she would give him a chance, just one date to see if it might work out.  He was overjoyed.  Finally, she invited him over.

Johnny entered her front door and was greeted by her.  She was dressed in a tight black skirt and fishnets and black fuck me pumps.  Her crisp white blouse stretched across her ample breasts and edges of a light pink lace bra peeked out from the edge of her cleavage.  She had her long blonde hair in soft loose curls down her shoulders.  Johnny felt embarrassed because he was dressed causally in jeans and a tee-shirt.  He did not know what to expect from this date and chose to go with the unassuming casual wear.  He started to make excuses about his clothing and she approached him and brushed her fingertip along his lips effectively hushing him.  He stood there quiet and let the full effect of what she was wearing wash over him.  Her round softness was both concealed and revealed in her overly tight skirt.  The blouse, in its simplicity, screamed sexuality in the way it fit her.  Her strong legs, behind the fishnets caressed her muscular frame and when his eyes traveled down and followed her petite feet disappearing into the patent leather of her shoes he almost gasped out loud.  She was the most lovely female creature he had ever seen. It wasn't great traditional beauty but the total package of who he knew and the overwhelming confidence that radiated from her body. He felt light-headed and about to burst with joy.
     She finally spoke "Your clothing doesn't matter because I don't require it."
He was completely sober but felt as though he had been drinking.
 "This is how I want it to be between us, and it will never change.  You will not be my boyfriend in the traditional sense ever.  I don't want to hear you talk like that is a goal of yours.  You must be satisfied with what I give you and expect nothing more.  Know that I am doing my best to consider your desires but really I only want one thing from you.  Surrender."
He reached back and gripped the arm rest of the couch.  His hands were hot and his mind was swimming.  He had a painfully hard swelling in his pants, pinched by his tight jeans.  He braced himself and closed his mouth.  Had he been panting?
She lowered her voice to a deep quiet almost rumble. "This is all I want, from you."
He was not the surrendering type.  He was quite the opposite.  He was in control. In his work situation, in his family, in his business dealings.  He was the rock that everyone leaned on and counted on to make things happen. This surrender she is asking for was not something he had considered before.  Or was it? Wasn't that what their relationship had always been, the phone calls were on her terms, the skyping was on her terms, the friendship was on her terms. He had never once been allowed to determine the actions within this relationship.  He looked at her once again and he knew immediately what he wanted.
He took a deep breath, steadied himself and found his voice.  With a bold and expectant tone he said "Yes.  This is what I have always wanted from you, I want to surrender it all. Everything is now yours."

Her usually somber face turned light and bright.  Her happiness shone through and was contagious.  Johnny also got a wide smile on his face and finally she said "well... Good!" and turned to the corner of the room where there was a bar.  She opened a wine bottle and grabbed two glasses when Johnny came forward and said, "allow me?"  She stepped away and sat on the sofa and he brought her a glass of ruby wine.  She toasted "to us" and he said "to you" and she agreed "yes to me!".  He slipped to the floor at her feet and they gazed at each other as they sipped and finally she said "lets play!"  She slipped back into the sofa cushion and crossed her legs, her patent pump dangling off her toe. "You have been sporting that hard on for quite a while now, so we might as well start where we always will.  Johnny, when your with me, unless I say otherwise, I want you completely naked. I have emptied a drawer in the bureau in the hallway for you.  You can put your car keys, wallet, shoes and clothes in there every time you visit.  Please do this before greeting me.  I will give you a key to the door so if i require you to arrive at whatever hour, you can come in without disturbing me.  You will never arrive without my request."  He nodded his head and stood up and left the room.  When he returned completely naked, she had not moved but her glass was empty.  He went to the bar to grab the bottle and leaned forward smiling at her while refilling her glass.  She uncrossed her legs and placed one on the cushion beside her, letting her knees open and giving him a view up the inside of her thighs, along the fishnets stockings and the dark crevice between her legs.  His rock hard cock flexed in appreciation.
Her voice broke his fascination with the space between her thighs.  "You're well appointed." She said as she glanced at his throbbing cock.  "I hope" she continued "its always this attentive."  She raised and eye brow.
"I can assure you, Mia, this is not a one time thing.  I think you are the most lovely creature that walked the earth and my enchantment with you will not diminish.  You are everything I want in this world. I want to surrender to you."
She smiled and reached out for his hand and guided him to his knees at her feet, "Very good, then how about you make me cum."

xo mia