Saturday, August 02, 2014


He heard the click of the door lock.  His skin tightened as if a breeze had just blow through his apartment.  It was summer and all the windows were closed but as he sat at the desk he felt a shiver down his spine.  She was coming to him.  He loved this.  He closed the laptop and stood in time to greet her in the doorway.  She had her bag over one shoulder, her grey tank top was damp under her chest. Her skin glowed with recent exertion.  "How was the gym?" he asked as she tossed her bag onto the chair.  Her face lit up with a big grin at his question.  He knew what that meant.  "He was there? Did you talk to him?" he asked.   He followed her into his bed room and she raised her arms over her head and he stepped behind her and grabbed the hem of her tank and begin pulling it over her head.  When the shirt came off she turned toward him and said in a purr "yesssss." She faced him in her sports bra, tiny work out shorts and knee high striped tube socks.  He loved when she took on the 1970's work out look. It seems so slutty.  She raised her arms over her head again and he asked "well? Do you think he is interested?" He leaned in and dragged his tongue down her chest and tasted the salt of her glistening skin.  His fingers found the hem of her sports bra and pulled it up, revealing the underside of her breasts, so pale compared the the tan of her athletic skin. He paused and kissed her pale under-breast. His cock flexed as he felt her soft roundness against his lips.  He was hard since he heard her key in the lock.
"He is definitely interested babe." she answered.  He moved to kiss her other breast and pulled up the stretchy bra fabric at the same time as he imagined the strangers full lips kissing her breasts. In his mind he saw the strangers mouth open and with bared white teeth and take her nipple between them.  He moaned.
Once topless she settled on the edge of his bed and took off her sneakers and wiggled out of the skimpy too small shorts.  Her ass was divine in them, the bottom curve revealed each time she bent to grab a weight off the floor.  She wore only her panties and knee highs now. She reached up and grabbed the hair elastic, and released her ponytail and a cascade of long blonde hair over her shoulders and down her back.  She leaned back on her elbows and lifted her feet onto the edge of the bed and spread her legs wide.  In the crotch of her baby blue panties he saw a dark wet spot. His hand instinctively moved to his crotch and he grabbed his aching dick. He felt his heart rate increases and he throbbed.
"Strip" she commanded. And he quickly dropped his jeans and peeled off his tee shirt.  He was naked now, she didn't like him wearing underwear.
"Floor"  she directed.  And he quickly laid face up, parallel to the bed. She leaned over and watched him from the edge of the bed.  Once he was on the floor she told him to start stroking. He clutched his cock in his palm and looked up. She leaned on her side.   He noticed her soft round breasts were laying together against his comforter.  His hand became a blur on his cock.  In a panting breath he pleaded "Please tell me..."
She told him to keep stroking but warned "don't cum, ok baby?"  He haphazardly nodded, looking desperately up at her.  "Well..." she continued "I found out that he was very receptive to the idea of fucking me." She grinned sweetly at him. He gasped and  his hand moved desperately up and down his cock.
 She giggled at his frenzy then she let one foot dangle off the bed and played with his balls with her toes. His eyes rolled back into his head, his hand moved even more rapidly on his cock.  He croked out a "pplleaseeeee".
She smiled attentively at him and said, "of course baby, I do these things for both ofus, not just for my own pleasure, but for yours too!"  She stood over him, one cotton sock clad foot on each side of his chest and began rolling her panties down her thighs.  He saw her puffy wet fucked lips and he felt his balls tighten.  She stepped out of her panties and hovered her pussy over his face and he looked up into it's glistening folds and panted out another "pppleasseeee".  She lowered herself slowly, finally planting her crotch over his face and he felt her weight settle and he reached his tongue into her and closed his eyes....