Thursday, September 18, 2014


Jake was young but I forgave him his youth because he was eager in the most enduring way. Normally young men like him were, frankly, just too much work.  Eagerness can easily lead to needy.  I do not deal with needy. But he had a certain instinctual respectfulness in regards to my time.  When I said no, or that I was busy, he might ask about the event, out of curiosity but he never got sulky, jealous or whiny. His patience was rewarded.  Finally one day I woke up and had a need.  I glanced down at my phone and saw a text from him and replied.  I figured he would do nicely.
Jake was masculine and  handsome but a little soft still. My sexual intuition lead me to believe he had a certain, specific craving but on this morning I just wanted to cum.  He passed all the tests.  He crawled between my legs and closed his eyes and indulged me.  He did not watch me with expectant eyes and he was not racing toward the goal.  He was patient and controlled.  In his body language I saw bliss.  I needed to not worry about him, I closed my eyes and enjoyed his skills.  I knew from our many conversations that he had been indoctrinated by an older woman. That morning I wanted to thank her. Unlike many men Jake's age, he did not insistently grind himself into my leg, constantly reminding me of his own need.  He steadied him and his body lay motionless.  His arousal was only evident in his labored breathing.  When he felt my body rise and fall with pleasure, he did not pull back and start to unzip himself. He instead stayed patiently between my legs and nibbled and licked at my juices knowing a woman is never quite finished at that point.  He methodically worked his way back into the folds, letting my waves diminish then slowly brought them back and was rewarded with the second, always more powerful orgasm.  I was beyond pleased.
As a reward I walked to the chest and brought out my vac-u-lock harness and six inch light purple dildo.  He looked at me with adoration. My instincts were correct again. I told him I wanted his jeans down to his knees and I wanted him kneeling over the end of the bed.  Without much ceremony I lubed up my toy as Jake reached back and opened his cheeks for me.  I was amused. Here was a boy who knew what he really wanted.  Giving a guy an anal fucking is quite easy for me, once I strap that cock it's a part of me and I love to fuck.  It wasn't that I was actually falling for this kid but I was growing more and more fond of him while he arched his back and repeatedly thanked me.  When I buried deep and ground into him he looked back at me and asked if he could touch himself.  At this point I had completely ignored his cock.  When I realized that I giggled, then I said, "yes Jake, show me how much you love my cock in your ass."  Then he asked if he should lay a towel down, because he didn't want to stain my comforter. He was really starting to grow on me.
Finally he let out a guttural groan and pushed back and milked the cum onto the towel between his legs.  I slide out and stood watching him as a shiver rocked his back and thighs.  Finally he stood and turned toward me and I saw his cock for the first time.  It was better then average. It was smooth as many young men's cocks are, with tight shaved balls.  His head was fat though and the girth was substantial.  It was about 7 inches and curved up slightly. And It did not soften.  I asked him about that and he said, "no ma'am, it's good to go all the time." Basically Jake had the perfect cock for a regular fuck fest.  The funny thing is that he didn't seem to realize any of it.  He didn't realize that he had a good cock for maintenance fucking.  He didn't realize that his oral skills were way above average.  He didn't realize his personality was a nice balance of want without all the ugly need.
After battering my clit with the strap on, I decided I needed his mouth one more time.  He seemed very aware of the sensitivity issues that sometimes arise after a morning session such as this,  his mouth was soft, hot and gentle.  His appreciation of me radiated from his cunt worshiping lips.  I even broke one of my own rules and tip him off, (on our first session!) on how to make my orgasms extra juicy.  Jake lapped up my juices with a grin on his face.
For a few days my mind kept wandering to him.  A part of me wanted more but I am so dead set against growing attached that I refused to respond to his texts.
Friday I was busy cleaning my house and getting things in order for a visit from, Ellie, old college girlfriend.  Over the years we had both gone our separate ways but we decided to reconnect. Friday night we stayed up late into the night drinking wine and finally feel asleep. In the middle of the night she woke me up with a kiss.  In college there was a lot of passion between the two of us but now, I didn't mix sex and love. I loved Ellie but did not want to fuck her. She cried to me, telling me the details of her sexless marriage, the ways she tried to seduce her husband with sexy outfits and vacations to romantic locations to no avail.  That is when it all clicked together.  This is how i could have more Jake in my life without growing too attached.
The next night I texted Jake and replied instantly then left a group of friends at the movie theater.  I told him I had a friend I wanted him to meet.  He got very quiet on the phone so I asked him" what is it Jake."  He said "Mia, I will if you really want me to but I don't want it to be a man."  I laughed out loud and told him, "Not this time darlin'.
He arrived at my house just after midnight.  Ellie and I had just polished off a bottle of champagne and toasted "To hot young studs!" right before the doorbell rang. I had told her all about Jakes oral skills and the attractiveness of his cock.  When he came in I introduced them and he was polite and attentive.  I didn't need to explain what I wanted from him. He looked at me occasional and I just gave him a nod and he understood.  I asked Ellie what she wanted first and whether or not she wanted privacy.  I explained I would really like to watch but would respect her wishes.  She turned to Jake and asked him if he wanted to be alone and he looked at me and said "no offense to you Ellie but I want Mia here."  The decision was made.   I asked Jake if he was ready and he said yes and I glanced down as his bulging pants.  He said, "that happened in the theater when I saw your text."
I settled in a chair and watched a Jake approached her and took her hands in his.  He asked her if she would like to cum first like Ms.Mia does?  She glanced down nervously and said to me, you know it's been 12 years since I have been with Marc?  I said "Fuck Marc... or rather.. don't fuck Marc, fuck Jake!"  We all laughed and I refilled her glass and brought it to her.  After chugging the glass she asked if she could 'see it?".  Jake immediately began removing his pants and stood, his bottom half naked in the center of the livingroom with his perfect 7+ inch (from this angle I was starting to think he was closer to 8") reaching out toward Ellie.  She said two words "Oh god!"  Jake looked at me and asked if it was ok? I said yes, it was ok.  I asked Ellie if she wanted it inside her and with glassy eyes she nodded.  I scooted next to her on the couch and gave her a peck on the cheek before telling her to "slip her pants off".

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