Wednesday, March 04, 2015


She shivered.  It was a little too cold for her comfort especially without clothing.  She tried to stay out of her head.  She practiced her meditation techniques, focused on her breathing. The concrete floor of the garage radiated coldness. She had a thin yoga mat under her knees, this she was allowed. Her hands lightly rested on her knees. She kept being pulled from her breathing to the cold metal around her neck.  She would retune her mind and breathing each time it happened. He had explained that this bit of discomfort helped her transition from her day alone to her night with him. 

He arrived home every day between 5 and 6pm so the most she had to wait was an hour.  He always called her if the wait would be longer than an hour.  She followed all his commands because this is what she wanted. After a life of stress and accountability, this release from responsibility gave her the mental clarity she needed.  Now she had only one duty.  Him. 

Her days were busy with the management of his home.  She competed the tasks that kept the place neat and comfortable and organized. She prepared menus according to his likes and needs which he would approve or send back to her for revision. The skills of her past career also gave her the capability of helping him with his business affairs. She replied to his emails using the title “executive assistant”. Throughout the day she would receive text messages from him clarifying his desires, giving her additional instructions or just to say hello.  Usually twice a day he would video chat with her.  Sometimes it was to inspect her tasks and other times it was because he wanted to inspect her body.  There were security cameras around the house.  He made it no secret that he watched her and sometimes he would tell her to perform sex acts on herself while he watched from these grainy cameras.  On some occasions he would replay these videos for her on the projection screen, having her pay close attention to the way her body moved.  She had his dog for company, a long legged Weimeraner that followed her from room to room. 

She had the option of having two days off a week, these were during the hours of his work, usually 8am to 5pm. On these day she could leave the house and meet with friends and family or take care of personal business.  These were the days she used to renew her driver’s license, celebrate birthdays with friends or see the dentist.  She didn't always take advantage of both days off. She truly enjoyed the solitude of the life she was leading as his slave. 

Early on they both recognized that they had something out of the ordinary. They worked in the same field and knew each other professionally but worked for different companies.  She would see him at conferences where, at the end of the day they often ended up sitting side by side in the hotel bar at the end of the day.   She had never met a man capable of ignoring her womanly good looks while still making her feel highly desirable. Before meeting him she was used to the attendees of these male dominated conferences all vying her a chance in her hotel bed. He made it clear that he was not going to compete, but he would take her to bed. He pulled out her chair and took her hand and led her to his room guiding her with his palm in the small of her back.  In his room he sat in the big chair in the corner with the lights of the city glittering around him and nodded to the wine on the desk. She poured two glasses and delivered one to him.  She sat lightly on the bed and he shook his head.  She stood and looked around the room. His eyes traveled to the floor at his feet.  From that moment on she craved him. This went on for a couple of years.  They never spoke away from the events. After that first time she made sure that she was at every industry conference.

For two years they met at these conferences, approximately 8 times a year. On those 15 encounters she allowed him to do things to her, and she did things that she never imagined doing, ever. Each weekend with him was two nights of pure pleasure, cruelty and happiness for her. For the other 700 days of those two years she longed for his touch.  She took that time to read about bondage, discipline, sadism, submission, spanking, anal training, masochism, medical play, and more.  She joined online forums, quietly lurking while she attempted to understand what it was that she felt for this man.  At the end of a conference on July 16th, 2013 in Philadelphia he asked her to meet him for breakfast in the hotel restaurant.  They had never shared a meal outside of a hotel room.  He told her what she had wanted to hear for a long while.  He would like her to become his slave. 

He had done the research before handing her a slave contract. He had done an extensive back ground check on her, he knew everything about her and had for a long time. He was well aware of her internet searches and research.  Before he brought up becoming her Master he was able to relocate to a city not far from where she lived since his corporation had offices all over the United States.  He set up the household with her in mind. He took his responsibility toward her very seriously. 

 The creak of the garage door opener brought her back to her senses as it always did.  His headlights glared in her face.  She stayed on the floor inside the doorway to the house until her came to her side, his jacket slung over his shoulder and placed his hand on her head, petting her. She lowered her face to his foot and kissed the leather of his shoe. He leaned over the tugged on the collar around her neck and pulled her to his arms, hugging her cold body.  She involuntarily shivered. “It won’t be winter much longer.” Their relationship was full of brutality and passion.

She followed him into the bedroom and undressed him. As his work clothes came off, his cock lengthened, almost instinctual. Before bringing his jeans to him she waiting patiently at his feet.  He looked down at her pale naked body, her breasts soft and round and only a little pendulous for a 40 year old. He sat on the edge of the bed and reached forward and grasped her nipples and pulled them away from her body and twisted.  She gasped but kept her body still. His cock twitched at her gasp and her eyes darted from her knees to his dick.  He released one tit and it bounced against her body as he slapped her face.  At the slap and tit bounced his cock twitched again but this time she did not let her eyes avert. The view of her stretched tit bouncing back into shape was so appealing he spent the next few minutes tugging and twisting and releasing her large breasts, eliciting a gasp from her each time. Her body was hot and her breath was becoming ragged.  She could not see it but his cock was thick and hard standing up from his lap. Finally, with both tits firmly gripped he pulled harder and harder until, with a squeal, she was lifted from her kneeling position and he released her right tit and guided her head to his lap. He dug his finger into the corner of her mouth prying her mouth wide and thrusting his cock into her wet mouth, jabbing it quickly in and out. His finger kept her from being able to close and suck or to swallow the saliva that oozed and dripped.  He commanded her to put her hand on the drool covered shaft and he pushed her head to his balls and she stroked him while lapping at his balls. He laid back onto the bed while she suckled and slide her tongue against the wrinkly flesh of his balls. Periodically his hand would grip her hair and pull her face onto his shaft for a thrust or two then push her face back to his balls.  She knew his body perfectly so when he was about to cum she raised her mouth to the head and sucked the cum into her throat as he ejaculated. He pulled her next to him and kissed her lips before she got up to gather his clothing. 

His plate was set on the table and hers was on the floor. She was prevented from using her hands so she always cut her food into small pieces while she prepared the plates.  He had her positioned so that her ass was in the air facing him and he stared intently as she lowered her face to take bites. Occasionally before he finished eating he would rise from the table and come to her to grip her ass, spank her or slip a finger in. He loved her ass. If he got up from the table before he was finished she was quite pleased, knowing that her behavior pleased and enticed him. If after dinner, instead of retiring to his study for a few hours to finish up work, he grabbed the leash from where it hung by the French doors to the yard and clipped it to her collar, she was elated because she knew that he wanted her so badly that he was willing to deviant from his routine.

On this night he went directly to the hook and grabbed the leash.  He clipped it to her collar and led her to the backdoor.  His dog darted out into the yard without a leash.  He led her to a grassy patch and told her to tinkle.  He dropped down and crouched behind her and told her once more to tinkle.  He leaned sideways and he and the dog watched as she released a stream of piss onto the grass. He led her back into the house, in the light she saw the tent in the front of his pants.  He went to the kitchen and brought her a damp paper towel and she wiped herself and he took it and threw it into the trash.  Then he led her toward the door to the basement.

 He had a padded leather bench and positioned her face down.  Her head was lifted into a padded cushion that her chin rested on and her forehead was pulled back with a padded strap.  Her mouth could not fully close and her head was perpendicular to her body.  Her legs were spread and knees strapped to either side of the bench. Both her asshole and pussy were presented this way.  Her tits hung on either side of the bench which narrowed at her chest for this reason. Her hands her often left free so that she could reach back and spread herself or use her hands on his cock. The whole apparatus raised and lowered smoothly with a floor pedal. This was only one piece of equipment he kept in his basement.

She felt something cold against her pussy, then pushed in.  It was slippery with lube of some sort.  It went into her hole and she heard a click and knew immediately that it was a speculum.  He loved to open her wide. Once her felt her pussy stretched he came to her head and she used her hands to open his jeans and pull out his cock. He pressed it to her lips and she began sucking the head as he slowly spoke.

“You’re a dirty little breeding bitch. I saw the way you ate your food, winking your hole at me, arching your back, showing your willingness to be mounted.  I saw when you flexed and tightened your cunt when you squatted in the yard.  Are you in heat?”

He pushed his cock deep into her throat as she attempted to answer him with a yes Sir.  All she managed was to groan and blow spit bubbles around the shaft and struggle to nod. He held his cock deep in her throat until she convulsed and he slipped his slime covered cock out of her mouth as a stream of stomach bile dripped down onto the floor.  He pushed back into her mouth and pumped in and out, the only sound was her grunts, his balls against her chin and the squishy wetness.  When he pulled his heavy thickened shaft from her mouth her replaced it with a mouth spreader.  He loved to use apparatus’ to open her wide. He touched the pedal on the floor and the bench lowered slightly.  He grabbed her hand and guided it to her ass, she gripped her cheek and spread her ass.  He rested his wet dick against her crevice and slipped his thumb into the tight puckered hole.  This was his favorite place to ejaculate and he used her ass often. It was well trained to accept him.  He used his other hand to begin smacking the cheeks. He reddened one cheek then he focused on the other cheek until it matched in redness.  It provoked him to see the reddening cheeks and feel her clinching with each smack of her ass.  His cock oozed a puddle of pre-cum onto the crack of her ass.  He leaned his body back and pushed into her tightest hole. 

She cleaned up then waited for him in bed as he locked up the house. He pulled back the covers and sat next to her on the bed. He lightly dragged his fingertips along her arms and worked his way to her chest and down her belly.  Her nipples tensed and her body responded immediately to his touch. As he caressed her skin he asked her the questions that he asked her every night.  This was when he wanted totally honesty.  “What worked for you today?  What didn't work for you today?”  She told him about her difficulty with the cold in the garage. He told her that he had already ordered a heated dog bed for her to wait on.  He saw her smile in the moonlit room.  She told him that she enjoyed the humiliation of being treated like a dog.  He laughed and said “I know”.  She listened as he told her that he didn't like the salad dressing she had made but very much liked how open and willing her asshole had become.  She told him that she had been working hard training. He said “I know, at work I have been watching you, on camera, use the plugs.  She moaned softly.  He called her an exhibitionist slut as his hand slipped between her thighs.  She opened her legs and closed her eyes as his expert fingers started to bring her pleasure. “Is there anything else you need to tell me or ask me?” he said and one finger, then two slipped into her and then twisted.  “Yes”, she replied gasping.  “I love you.”  


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