Thursday, August 13, 2015


She was 47 years old, her husband of 20 years was 50.  She read in one of her women’s magazines that she was at her sexual peak.  She thought about this a lot.  She believed it because every day she woke up horny and throughout the day she had difficulty pushing the dirty thoughts from her mind.  She fantasized as she drove to work, she visualized the Starbucks barrista naked, she imaged her coworkers hitting on her, she thought about quickies during lunch breaks.  She had gotten into the habit of masturbating while she drove in the car, her Bluetooth hooked up to the Audible app on her phone.  The Actors voices, recounting erotic stories, could be faintly heard by other drivers as she sat at red lights, one hand buried up under her wool suit skirt. 

At home her hunger was insatiable and her husband tried to satisfy her desires.  Sometimes felt bad for him because as he worked from home, her demands cut into his work time and he ended up having to work late into the night.  Every morning she woke up wet with need and turned to her husband and gently guided his head under the covers. While she got ready for work, sliding on stockings, heels tight pencil skirts and clingy blouses made her feel even more need and she called him away from his desk.  Some days she begged for him to deliver her lunch at work, just so she could have lunch time release.  After dinner and a glass of wine she ached to be filled and seduced him at the dining room table. He had been taking Viagra like a daily vitamin since she reached this sexual peak. 

On their anniversary she brought home a dildo and asked her husband to facilitate double penetration. The cock was 10 inches and dark in skin tone.  She knelt, doggie style, in front of him and pushed her wide ass into the air. He noticed she had the red satin panties and bra he had bought her for the previous anniversary, He looked down at the most recent anniversary gift in his hand.  He was very hard. He pulled the panties down but left them bunched around her thighs. He knew she liked this feeling of being restricted by pulled down panties.  He thought about her getting fucked by a stranger in a public place, skirt up, and panties down, and he wondered if she was thinking the same thing. Her ass cheeks were alabaster and smooth and the crevice of her ass was a glorious landscape he ached to explore. He dragged on finger down her ass crack barely parting the fatty flesh. She arched and pushed against him.  She widened her stance and with her curved back, her thick cunt lips were visible and slightly parted.  He dragged his finger down lower and pressed into her folds and found her ready and damp. He dipped two fingers into her with little resistance.  He raised the black dildo and pressed its thick head to her slickness and began to push.  Her lips drew in and he found resistance.  Watching, so closely, her flesh stretch for another cock, rubber or not, made him ache.  His free hand clasped his shaft and began to slowly stroke himself. He pulled the dildo back and saw that her juices clung to the end of the rubber cock.  He repeated his movement, pushing the thick head into her slickness and it started to enter.  Her folds stretched around it, her skin taunt and she let out a guttural moan. He wanted her filled.  She wanted to be filled.  He pulled it out and back in until all ten inches had disappeared into her body.  His mouth was agape as he saw the dildo’s wrinkly balls pressed up against her swollen cunt.  He never remembered being this turned on.  She rocked pushing back, spurring him on.  She wanted it hard and fast. He began pistoning the dildo into her sopping hole as she was making grunting animal-like noises.  Her animal side had taken over.  He raised up on one foot and aimed his cock for her asshole.  He leaned his body over her thrashing body, pinning her to still her and pushed his hips into her, gliding his cock, wet with his own desire, into her snug cavity.  It squeezed around him, pinching his dick in a way that made his head spin.  He had never fucked such tightness.  She was both unyielding and completely accessible. She reached between her legs and grasped the base of the dildo and began rocking it in and out of her drenched hole.  She began her wail again and he felt her inside spasm and the rubber dick moving in the adjacent void.  Her tightening milked him and he emptied into her asshole at the moment that he felt a torrent of her juices erupt onto his thigh and foot planted onto the bed underneath her heaving body.

This became their standard husband and wife love making ritual.  During one occasion, he pulled the dildo out of her pussy with a wet sucking noise and buried his face into her swollen, hot, well fucked hole.  He feasted on the meaty flesh and tenderly kissed her raw lips, tasting his own juices as they dribbled down along her taint.  He discovered that their mingled flavors and her thick used cunt in his mouth instantly returned his desire and without thinking he came again, into the sheets as he humped his hips in the rhythm of his sucking mouth. She smiled at him. “I want it honey. I want it for real.”  He was spent but he looked up at her and he said “I want it too.”

Sunday, August 02, 2015


"It's embarrassing." he said, turning his face away from me.  I laughed out loud and took a sip from my straw.  "Mmmmm, this place has excellent margaritas."
"I told ya" he replied.
"Ok, I'm here, just tell me."  I looked directly in his eyes and cocked a brow waiting.
He began his story, hesitating after every few words. His face was beet red and his leg was rocking against the bar stool. When he finished I laughed again.  "Fucking panties?  She broke up with you over fucking panties!?"
Rick was a regular guy, he was ruggedly handsome but thin and wiry. We worked together but didn't really get too personal usually.  He had been in a committed, hetero, seemingly boring relationship since I first met him.  This was our first time letting our guard down with each other. He was sad and more than distracted at work earlier and I had offered to grab a drink with him.  
He nodded. "Fucking panties!" I leaned in and gave him a hug.
"You don't think it's weird, you don't think I'm weird?" he asked.
I raised my face after another deep suck on the straw, pulling the last few drops of the delicious drink into my mouth.  I shook my head no.
"Look Rick, I don't know if you know this about me but I am a very kinky girl."  I sang the last three words.
He finished the sentence "The kind you don't take home to mother?"
"Exactly." I confirmed.

Some boyfriends play in a band during their free time, others have time consuming hobbies, some surf porn but Rick always insisted on doing him and his girlfriend's laundry.  He always did it while she was not home or late at night while she was sleeping.  Sometimes he woke up really early and did it while she was still sleeping.  He enjoyed doing laundry.  One morning she woke up early and found Rick in the laundry room, he was sitting on the warm dryer.  He was naked except for a pair of her dirty panties, he had his feet propped on the wall opposite the dryer and he was masturbating.  Specifically he was rubbing the silky panty fabric against his asshole with one hand and was tugging on his cock which was dangling out the side of the elastic leg hole with the other.  I didn't find out the specifics until later when I insisted on he reenact the scene.
Rick enjoyed sexual relationships with women but this masturbation ritual was his ultimate release. Or he thought it was his ultimate release until he realized that with the right, (kinky) woman he could have both. Rick began at an early age, using his mothers panties first.  At college he couldn't sit on the dryer but stole panties from the basement laundry room, trying to grab a pair out of a recently started washer before they got too wet, and headed to a dorm room shower stall. He liked the dirty panties the best but found that the wet soapy ones he stole in college worked out well too.
As we talked about his fetish I grew more and more eager, gesticulating with my hands and my voice rising and falling in excitement.  After the third margarita I asked him to come home with me. Once there I slipped off my jeans so he could see my panties. They were lacy and cherry red with ribbons across the ass giving you a glimpse of my substantial ass cleavage.
"You've been wearing them all day?" He questioned. I nodded and smiled.  He reached down and re-positioned himself.  I grinned at him.  I paraded around the house, giving him a quick tour and shaking my ass, teasing him along the way.  I ended the tour in the laundry room.  My dryer did not face a wall, but a sink, and I pointed out, the perfect distance for a tall man to place his feet against while sitting on the dryer.  I reached over and turned it on. It began humming its rotating tune. Rick groaned.  I giggled.  I slipped my ass up onto the counter next to the sink, pressing my thighs tight, then opening them.  I dragged a finger up my thigh and across the crotch of my panties.
"Oh god" he croaked.
"Want 'em?" I teased.
"Oh yes, fuck yeah... you are so hot, I swear, did i die and go to heaven?"
"Corny!" I giggled again.
"I don't mean to be" he explained,"but honestly, before tonight I have never even told anyone about what I like, and here I am, totally accepted, but more than that, I am sharing this with someone! I am so excited right now Mia, you have no idea."
I began wiggling the panties down my thighs.  "How about you show me then..."