Tuesday, December 15, 2015


"But girlfriends share everything!" she exclaimed. 
I rolled my eyes. 
"Keri, not boyfriends!"

Keri was the wild woman of our friends group. I was the laid back non-judgmental type, therefore I was lucky enough to hear all the torrid particulars of her escapades. She confessed every small detail to me, out of earshot of our other friends.  I was supposed to listen supportively or even be slightly titillated by her revelations. I was often aroused by her admissions but tried hard to seem disinterested. The truth was that I loved her stories and secretly longed to be the one who was completely uninhibited. It wasn’t that I was a prude or anything like that, I had my fun, but it was nothing like what Keri experienced.  Lately every time we were together she would bring up this new boyfriend she was dating.  She called him The Fucker more often then she used his name.  Out with our girlfriends she and I would wander off to the bathroom or up to the bar together and she would say something like “Damn I can barely walk.” To which I was supposed to feign concern and ask, “Why Keri? What happened?”  Then she would begin telling me about the previous night’s session with The Fucker. 
He didn't get his nickname because he was a bad guy or anything but instead, she swore that he was the best fuck she ever had, and Keri had a lot of fucks. 
“So last night we came to pick me up,” she began “and as soon as I got into the car he reached across the seat and gripped my mound in his palm and said, ' I couldn’t stop thinking about your pussy all day.  I don’t want to wait, I need you here.'  And I…” 
  I interrupted, “Wait, didn't he pick you up at work?”
Keri nodded proudly at me, grinning.  I arched my brow and urged her storytelling forward with a raise of my chin.  
“So the feeling of his hand cupping me there, though the fabric of my pants... I swear I could feel his calluses, it made me instantly needy and...” 
  I interrupted again “When aren’t you horny? I swear!” 
She continued “Good point. So we both started looking around, and the only think I could come up with is the stairwell of the parking garage.”
 I interrupted again “Ew Keri, they smell like piss!”
She clarified for me, “No no, this one is nice, carpeted and stuff, it has doors to the main building on each floor.  It has potted plants and you have to use a key card for each floor.  Anyhow, so in we went, opting to just utilize the steps right at the ground floor where he picked me up. In no time my pants were around my ankles, I was bent forward up the steps and he was behind me with one hand on the railing, drilling me deep. His rhythm was speeding up and was doing that dipping thing with his hips and his dick was going up tapping my insides, right in that spot! I was thinking, I am going to explode and make a puddle on this carpet… then, the door opened.”
 I nodded. 
As Keri rambled I was thinking about The Fucker and his amazing cock hitting me right up in The Spot.  Keri paused for a second and looked into my face. No doubt she could read my expression perfectly. Then she continued on with her story. 
“I started to raise up and tried to glance back at who had just come in but The Fucker grabbed my ponytail and said, 'no, I am not done'.  He just kept fucking me, now even deeper and harder like he liked being watched! I heard a male voice clear his throat behind me and The Fucker thrust even harder before telling the guy, 'one sec bro'. I hated when he talked like that but shit he fucked so well that I forgave him.  So I feel his body tremble and then, I swear, it felt like his dick grew an inch inside me. He let go of my pony tail, but at this point I didn’t want to look who it was, I was, like out of my body or something, and he slides his palm across my ass cheek and rests his thumb on my asshole, I felt a gob of spit dribble down my crack and...”
“Geezus Keri, it could have been your boss or whatever!” my eyes widened but my panties dampened thinking about getting bred like a bitch in public view. 
Keri just smirked at me, “So he pushes his thumb into my ass and I feel him twist his hand so that his thumb is rubbing his dick as he thrusts.  That’s it, I erupt and juices pour down my leg.  I can’t help but start making noises as I cum and ... “
“Noooo Keri, not the grunting, not the pig noises!” I exclaimed laughing. 
She smiled and took a sip of her cocktail before going on with the story.  I could see she was enjoying drawing this out and "bothering" me. 
  “Well, they aren’t exactly like, pig noises, I told you that’s just what one guy said.  Anyhow, The Fucker started swearing, that's when I know he is close, he said 'You fucking cum gobbling slut, goddamn, your cunt is going to…' and he was practically yelling when he said 'turn around and eat my load!'  And I spun around, still in my work blouse but my pants were wet around my ankles and locked my lips onto his dick, slurped down a thick hot load. At the exact moment I felt the first spray of jizz, my eyes looked up to see the guy who works at the smoothie shop in lobby of the building. I get a smoothie from him practically every day! “
She continued "And The Fucker empties in my mouth and I open wide and show him the cum on my tongue.” 
“What the hell Keri?! The smoothie guy is watching and you decide now is the perfect time to pull out the porno moves?”
Keri laughed at me and said “Girl, every time is the perfect time to pull out the porno moves!”
She went back to sipping her drink and turned her body away from me and rested her elbow on the bar.  I stepped back, wrinkled my forehead and I shook my head at her, but she wasn't looking at me anymore.  I disn't want to ask but I was dying to know what happened next.  I was quiet for about five minutes then I gave up, leaned toward her and said, “I am going to pee.” Once I was out of earshot I said "Tease."
 I was wet with need.  I was horny as hell and was thinking about being fucked deep while the smoothie guy watched.  Once in the stall I fingered my pussy and rubbed my throbbing clit.  In passing I thought I can’t remember the last time I came. The orgasm came quickly but brought little relief.  I needed a Fucker in my life. 

I stepped out of the stall to find Keri leaning on the bathroom wall waiting for me.  I thought, oh god, what did she hear?  Her arms were crossed and she was smiling, “So, how bout it? Do you want to help me fuck him?”  

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